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Multi party uses blockchain technology to launch the "epidemic" gathering number

Time : 22/12/2021 Author : 4nico1 Click : + -
        Around the Spring Festival in 2020, a sudden new coronal pneumonia broke out in Wuhan and spread rapidly across the country. According to the official website of the National Health Commission, as of 24:00 on February 4, a total of 24324 confirmed cases had been reported in 31 provinces and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, including 23260 suspected cases, 490 dead cases, 37 confirmed cases in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, 1 death, 173 overseas confirmed cases and 1 death. In the face of the epidemic, Golden Finance warmly reminds you that life is priceless when you live, wear and wash. To protect yourself in the face of the epidemic is to be responsible for your family and society.
        With such a huge number, when will the specific drug for pneumonia arrive? In the face of COVID-19, people from all walks of life are united and demonstrate their great country feelings with great love and perseverance. This is a tough battle between scientific research and the epidemic. As a blockchain media, in addition to reporting industry news, we are also thinking about what we can do for the epidemic. Can we use blockchain technology to trace the source of the virus? Can we use blockchain technology to track suspected infected people? Can we use blockchain technology to contribute to the development of pneumonia vaccine? A few days ago, Golden Finance and economics combined with the vivid practice of the government, universities and enterprises to outline a general attack advance map of blockchain technology. It is understood that in order to fully respond to the epidemic, the Nansha district epidemic prevention and control coordination system was officially put into operation on February 2.
        The system is based on the "Nansha City brain" and uses information technology such as blockchain to collect and integrate all kinds of epidemic prevention information such as people who are focused on the epidemic situation, the latest epidemic data, and resource scheduling, so as to open up the "data chimney" of all departments and strive to create a unified epidemic prevention and control command center. The data of Guangzhou city has been connected vertically, and the data of the district's internal affairs and Statistics Bureau, political and Legal Commission, Laisui Bureau, health and Health Bureau and other departments have been connected in real-time horizontally, so as to realize cross departmental and multi-source data connection. At present, 210 items and more than 270000 pieces of data have been collected. The data of new cases and accumulated cases in Nansha are updated in real time. The distribution of confirmed cases, suspected cases, positive test personnel and other key populations of the epidemic in nine towns and streets in the region is also accurately presented. The recent contact, health status and medical information of key personnel can be queried.
        At the same time, it also provides various data analysis means such as trend statistics and thermal maps to present the epidemic development trend, hospital beds, epidemic prevention and control materials, high-speed roads and other information. The situation of various epidemic prevention and control data is clear at a glance, which provides strong support for the macro command and decision-making of the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Nansha District. It is worth mentioning that as enterprises in Nansha District of Guangzhou resume work one after another, Nansha District will also use the enterprise resumption management function module of the system to guide enterprises to make various prevention and control preparations and strengthen personnel prevention and control. It is reported that this system will rely on the blockchain technology to guide enterprises to fill in epidemic prevention information quickly through the mobile web page. With the help of the technology's non tamperability and other characteristics, it will ensure that enterprises fill in the information truthfully and promote the epidemic prevention work to achieve information management.
        Earlier, the Guangdong Internet industry Party committee said that it would use blockchain and other technologies to provide epidemic prevention and control information and data services for the masses. On January 31, the Party committee of the Internet industry of Guangdong Province released the article "giving full play to the role of Party organizations and Party members, and uniting to win the fight against epidemic prevention and control". The article mentioned that the party organizations of information service enterprises should use big data, blockchain and other technical means to provide comprehensive, accurate and objective epidemic prevention and control information and data services for decision-making institutions and the masses of Internet users in a timely manner. Blockchain originated from Nakamoto's bitcoin. As the underlying technology of bitcoin, it is essentially a decentralized database. Blockchain is a technical solution to collectively maintain a reliable database through decentralized trust.
        Blockchain technology is a technical solution that does not rely on a third party and uses its own distributed nodes to store, verify, transfer and exchange network data. Blockchain technology is considered to be the most subversive technological innovation since the invention of the Internet. It relies on cryptography and mathematically ingenious distributed algorithms. On the Internet where trust cannot be established, participants can reach a consensus without the intervention of any third-party center, and solve the problem of reliable transmission of trust and value at a very low cost. At present, the country has upgraded the blockchain technology to the strategic level of core technology breakthrough. In order to ensure that the school's epidemic prevention and control measures can be implemented in detail and accurately grasp the epidemic prevention and control information, the school organized a capable force to develop the "Nanjing Audit University epidemic prevention and control information collection blockchain system". The system adopts many characteristics of the blockchain, such as "distributed", "decentralized", "tamper proof" and "transparency", so as to make the data authentic and reliable, which is conducive to data tracing and full life cycle management, It also helps to provide accurate data support and technical support for all decisions and deployment of school epidemic prevention and control.
        Zheshang Bank and Ruikang pharmaceutical jointly provide customers with more comprehensive supply chain financial services through the blockchain medical and health service platform. On February 3, the head office of Zheshang Bank, in conjunction with all operating institutions and approval departments in the bank, took the initiative to increase the group's supply chain financing quota of 700 million yuan for Ruikang pharmaceutical, which was specially used to support the financing needs of the local subsidiaries of Ruikang Pharmaceutical Group in epidemic prevention and control. In addition, Zheshang Bank continued to promote in-depth cooperation with Ruikang pharmaceutical. Through the new blockchain medical and health service platform, Zheshang Bank provided more comprehensive and targeted supply chain financial services for Ruikang pharmaceutical's upstream enterprises and downstream hospitals, pharmacies and other customers, and helped pharmaceutical distribution enterprises to invest in the anti epidemic and disaster relief work faster and more efficiently.
        Qulian technology, together with Fosun Group and xiongan group, jointly launched the "charity donation management traceability platform". Quchain technology has jointly launched the "charity donation management traceability platform" with Fosun Group, xiong'an group and other well-known enterprises. Through the alliance blockchain network, it invites major donor institutions and foundations to link the data, improves information transparency and public trust with the blockchain technology characteristics, traces and manages the donated materials and donated funds of various enterprise teams, and optimizes the material distribution process. In view of charity donation and the three major problems in the fight against the epidemic, "it is difficult to voice demand, it is difficult to make donations in place, and it is difficult for the masses to believe", the platform will provide a reliable and efficient solution for the whole link, so that the demander can have a convenient and fast demand release platform, the donor can successfully complete the material donation, and the masses can see and believe the whole process of donation.
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