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Baas, what is it?

Time : 22/05/2022 Author : w20if8 Click : + -
        Backend as a service is a cloud service that provides back-end storage, computing and other support for web, Internet of things or mobile applications. It is also the earliest meaning of baas. In general, an application is divided into two parts, the front end and the back end. The front end is an application interface that users can see and operate, and it is displayed in the form of web pages or apps, such as the document we see now. The latter end provides data storage, logic calculation, security protection and other functions through API (application programming interfaces).
        The back-end covers servers, networks, databases, firewalls, business procedures and other aspects, so generally speaking, the development time and human investment account for most of the whole. Baas services can provide ready-made back-end services to all in a multi tenant manner, saving manpower and capital costs, and bringing great efficiency improvement and value. This is also the reason why baas services can be recognized and adopted by more and more enterprises or individuals in recent years. The first is vertical type, which is oriented to specific scenes. The well-known ones are: rongyun oriented IM message scenario, and Agora oriented audio and video communication scenario. The second type is matrix type, with different products serving multiple scenarios.
        The well-known ones are: leancloud mainly focuses on game scenarios, and supports IM and some custom storage; Aurora mainly focuses on message push scenarios, and also supports IM, SMS and other functions. The third type is general-purpose, providing a high degree of customization and application ecology, which can meet most scenarios of enterprise applications. Well known: Qinglin cloud has a variety of ready-made applications in the application market for users to use, and a highly customized API editor to support personalized scenarios. In foreign countries, it is more, led by firebase, a baas service provider based on real-time database acquired by Google. The business model of baas service is usually pay by usage. This method, which is different from subscription purchase of SAAS and other services, greatly reduces the decision-making cost and use cost of enterprises. It is a mutually beneficial model.
        Baas and serverless are sometimes mentioned at the same time. Many people think they are the same kind, but they are not. Baas includes serverless, which is a server free alternative to traditional servers. Developers still need to write their own code to implement business logic, operate databases, and do a good job in authority security, which only saves operation and maintenance and distributed parts. However, baas not only has the characteristics of no server, but also provides many mature business logic APIs, storage, security and other functions, which can be used by developers. Therefore, baas is a higher-level service. Blockchain as a service is a service that can provide customers with building blockchain applications under various business scenarios.
        Baas service providers provide fast blockchain deployment capabilities and rich business contract templates, reducing users' blockchain investment costs and lowering the threshold of use, so that users do not need to understand the deep details of the blockchain and can also use the blockchain technology. The development of blockchain involves many points, such as cryptography, distribution, network communication, trusted algorithm, etc., so the cost of self-development is very high. Using baas services, you can quickly have the blockchain capability, which is of great value to some users. Reference [entry]: baas (blockchainasaservice), "blockchain as a service" refers to the blockchain open platform that embeds the blockchain framework into the cloud computing platform, utilizes the deployment and management advantages of the cloud service infrastructure, provides convenient and high-performance blockchain ecological environment and ecological supporting services for developers, and supports the business development and operation support of developers.
        Generally, a complete set of baas solutions includes four main links: device access, access control, service monitoring and blockchain platform. Bank as a service is a service that banks open their own capabilities to third parties. Big data as a service is a service that some suppliers provide big data capabilities. In general, big data computing requires more computing resources, algorithms and other support, and the development threshold is high. Baas service providers have experienced experience in relevant fields and can provide high-quality professional services.
        There are relatively few big data as a service. Because users who need the service generally have relevant capabilities and have potential problems such as data privacy and security, they usually appear in consultation mode. Battery as a service is a service proposed by the electric vehicle industry that can quickly replace batteries for vehicles. This mode was proposed by Weilai automobile. Weilai's power station can replace the car's nearly exhausted battery with a full battery within a few minutes, which solves the power anxiety problem of electric vehicles and is very innovative.
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