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LinkedIn emphasizes the high demand for blockchain professionals in Brazil

Time : 22/09/2021 Author : gcf7xy Click : + -
        A recent LinkedIn study listed Brazil as one of the ten countries with the largest demand for blockchain talents in the world. From the perspective of Latin America, except Brazil, only Mexico appears in the ranking. Therefore, LinkedIn is a company with a large amount of labor market data from various fields, including cryptocurrency and blockchain. In recent days, LinkedIn and the cryptocurrency exchange OKx have jointly released a global study entitled "insights from talents in the global blockchain industry". In the surveys prepared by these companies, LinkedIn's own data were used between January 2019 and June 2022.
        These data attempts to collect information from 10 industries such as blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency. In this way, it is concluded that Brazil is one of the ten countries with the largest number of job vacancies, and is looking for talents with blockchain and cryptocurrency experience, especially between 2020 and 2021. In Latin America, only Brazil and Mexico showed such demand in the study, which indicates that people interested in finding jobs in this industry in these two countries can find good opportunities. The data from LinkedIn research subsequently supported the growth of this industry in Brazil, because the demand for blockchain talents increased by 518% in 2021 alone.
        In this way, it is obvious that in this South American country, this industry is doing a lot of business, and it only needs fewer talents than Spain and Canada. LinkedIn research divides the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries into multiple industries, highlighting the 10 most popular positions in each field. For example, in the financial category, cryptocurrency traders are the most sought after talents of the company, followed by "traders" and "foreign exchange traders". In the category of engineers, software engineers are sought after in the first place.
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