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Profitable blockchain,Chenxin technology made a net profit of 65.5 million yuan in January and September, and the blockchain business developed well or became a performance explosion point

Time : 16/01/2022 Author : b47n2c Click : + -
        On the evening of October 28, Chenxin Technology (Stock Code: 002447. SZ) released the third quarter report of 2018. In the first nine months of this year, Chenxin technology realized a revenue of 214 million yuan and a net profit of 65.5 million yuan attributable to the shareholders of the listed company, a slight decrease over the same period. According to Chenxin technology, this is mainly because chess and card games are controlled by the industry and new games are affected by the suspension of the release of game version numbers by the press and publication administration, resulting in a decline in game sales; At the same time, the company has ceased to engage in marine treasure breeding business since October 2017, and there was no revenue from marine treasure breeding business in 2018; In addition, the depreciation of some assets also affects the company's current net profit to a certain extent.
        According to the data, Chenxin technology is mainly engaged in Internet games and E-sports business through its wholly-owned subsidiary Haoxin Internet, including the development, issuance, operation and promotion of Internet games. Haoxin Internet has its own traffic entrance, integrating online game distribution and offline Event Hosting. With the core concept of "E-sports big culture +" business of "online games & mdash; offline events & mdash; media live broadcast", it delicately operates high-quality game products and finally realizes the realization of traffic. In 2018, Chenxin technology formulated three strategies of "E-sports + Ar / VR + blockchain". In the original game distribution business, focus on the development of related business based on blockchain & mdash& mdash; "Jingdou cloud" gradually infiltrates the blockchain technology into all relevant business layouts, creating a "Jingdou cloud blockchain ecosystem" with "Jingdou cloud" as the brand, hardware products as the skeleton, polyma points as the blood, and upper level related blockchain applications as the content. It launched the world's first blockchain E-sports Intelligent Entertainment terminal & mdash& mdash; Jingdou cloud builds a blockchain DAPP service platform based on the blockchain.
        During the reporting period, the sales of EBS E-sports broadcasting system and Jingdou cloud equipment increased, contributing to stable profits. During the reporting period, while maintaining the original business structure of "self research + agent issuance", Chenxin technology vigorously developed sports, strong competition, leisure competition and chess and card intelligent sports games. More than 10 mobile competitive games such as "fire of war alliance", "dream football manager", "dunknation3x3" and "endless guard" were recognized by players. On the premise of ensuring the stable development of domestic business, the company actively expanded the overseas market. The agent game dunknation3x3 has been widely spread among users in North America by virtue of its excellent quality. Once it was launched, it won the first place in the app store sports list and the top 10 in the free game list.
        At the same time, the company accelerated the cooperation in the layout of H5 games, further improving the integrity of the company's category layout in the game industry. From the perspective of industry development, after the introduction of the "total amount control" policy, the game sector has seen a general decline. At present, the PE of key companies in the game industry has dropped to about 13-14 times in 2018, which is lower than the average level of the international market. Since April 2018, the cryptocurrency market has entered a bear market. In the following few months, it has not come out. The global policy has also become stricter, and the development of most blockchain enterprises has slowed down. However, from the perspective of development prospects, the application of blockchain technology is still a new and broad market.
        According to Gartner's prediction, by 2025, blockchain technology will create a commercial value of up to $176 billion in many industries led by the manufacturing industry; From the policy perspective, the Ministry of industry and information technology has successively issued a number of supporting policies on blockchain this year. Not long ago, the Internet Information Office officially released the regulations on the management of blockchain information services (Draft for comments), vigorously promoting the landing and application of blockchain technology. The market and policy dividends are superimposed, and the application prospect of blockchain is promising. Chenxin technology took the lead in realizing the landing application of "blockchain + Games" in China. Its hardware product "Jingdou cloud" has been iterated for several times since its launch at the beginning of the year, and the market performance is excellent. The current Jingdou cloud hardware product line includes a series of blockchain smart home products such as Jingdou cloud 2.0 block chain E-sports accelerated routing and Jingdou cloud lite and monster that will be launched soon.
        Jingdou cloud strives to carry the Jingdou cloud blockchain platform and applications upward through routing home intelligent gateways, and extend downward to a series of derivative services realized by intelligent hardware, including home appliances, smart homes, health big data, etc., to establish blockchain nodes based on families and truly realize a consensus and point-to-point competitive cloud node network. Analysts believe that the recession of the market and the tightening of policies have forced relevant enterprises to re plan the development direction and route. With the gradual improvement of the blockchain policy in China, the overall industry market will become more standardized. In the next two to three years, users' acceptance of blockchain applications will be greatly improved.
        Under this premise, some blockchain blockbuster applications may be launched. At present, the bottom technology service providers should be the first to benefit; Like Chenxin technology, enterprises with traffic advantages, sharing scene advantages and blockchain technology advantages are expected to give priority to stand out in blockchain applications, enjoy the dividends brought by industry development, and boost performance and development expectations.
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