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I think the smart contract is a bit reliable after spending 6 million to play blockchain games

Time : 21/06/2022 Author : ulpow6 Click : + -
        In order to prove that I have experienced enough DAPP / smart contracts, I can skip the first half of this article. In the second half, I will talk about some ideas on the characteristics of smart contract / decentralized application. OK, let's go. On Monday, I wanted to see how many eth I had lost in playing blockchain games in the past three months, so I asked @ crawler to help me climb the two main accounts. The results are as follows:. The total is 1219.39eth. According to the price of 4900 yuan today (referring to March 6, 2018), it is almost 6 million yuan. In addition, there are piles of erc721 digital assets such as wallcryptostreet and ethernumbers, so I won't repeat them.
        It can be said that I have experienced the slightly popular DAPP. What can be poked here. More than 3000 interactions with smart contracts in more than two months. As a gamer who has been playing online games for 20 years since Xiaoao Jianghu mud, I would like to talk about some opinions on smart contracts / decentralized applications or blockchain games from the perspective of a user. First of all, the vast majority of decentralized applications are built based on smart contracts on Ethereum. At present, blockchain games account for the vast majority of them. Currently, most popular decentralized applications will open their own contracts.
        When the game development team tells me their game play and future plans, I can immediately go to the smart contract for verification. It is no exaggeration to say that I can even go directly to the smart contract to find the answer regardless of what the development team tells me. For example, in cryptokitties, the team said that there would be only 45000 cats in generation 0 (gen0), so we can check this number in the smart contract. As shown below. This feature may not be useful for some teams that have strong credit endorsement. But it's really useful for a small team that is unknown. Because players don't need to trust the team, they just need to trust the smart contract.
        Similarly, in the past, some lottery organizations ran away once the lottery winner won the grand prize. Through smart contracts, once you win a prize, the bonus will be paid automatically, which can prevent this from happening. Lottery users also do not need to evaluate the credit of lottery institutions, as long as they check the correctness of the smart contract. Those who have played online games must have experienced the pain of changing rules and rapid depreciation of props in the game. For example, the legend of Jin Yong's Heroes online started with a series of three immortal swords that could sweep the world. Later, everyone must have wild ball boxing. Another example is that the level limit of world of Warcraft is constantly raised, and equipment is constantly updated. As long as you don't play for a period of time, it's difficult to keep up.
        In the smart contract, the rules can be directly fixed, or the creator can not modify the game data. At this time, users are interacting with the logic of smart contracts rather than with the products created by developers. And this logic is not controlled by anyone. For example, the developers of cryptopunks, after generating 10000 avatars, will completely hand over the transaction to the market. The team has no right to modify the content or price of these avatars. Of course, developers can also give themselves the right to tamper with data in smart contracts. However, as long as it is open source, users can also see it. Since all the data on the blockchain can be queried, anyone can query all the data interacting through the smart contract.
        This allows everyone to obtain the same information as the development team and other players through a simple search. The following figure is the transaction record of cryptokitties smart contract. Here, we can clearly see how much money the game developers have made, how many transactions have taken place, which players have participated, and what each player is doing. Here we can see that one player has just executed the instruction of "breeding" and seven players have just executed the instruction of "sales". Through the analysis of the player's secret key address, we can even get a clearer user portrait. Including the player's wallet balance, what games he played, how much he invested in each game, and who he had eth contacts with, etc.
        This information can help us make better decisions. Due to the openness and transparency of the blockchain, it is almost difficult to operate in a dark box. The blockchain itself can be said to directly discretize the continuous time in the time dimension, and there are uncertain waiting time and congestion, so it is difficult to form timely interaction between players. (summarized by he Peng). Because gas is consumed every time an instruction is sent, and the current eth price still makes the gas cost relatively high. A battle on Ethereum often costs 10 yuan. Although many other chains claim to have cheaper solutions, these solutions are still under development.
        At present, Ethereum's virtual machine and its popular programming language solidity have become the most mature development environment in many public chains. But compared with other popular languages, it is still very immature. Even in the official manual, there are many pits to be filled. Blockchain is not a panacea, and smart contract is not the master key to solve all the current centralization problems. However, the application of smart contracts in some aspects has improved some existing problems and created many new models. As a player, I also experienced many unique and novel feelings. It is hoped that smart contract and blockchain, as a good technology, can be gradually improved and complement each other with centralized technology.
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