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The first NFT + gamefi meta universe game in China was launched to open a new mode of "earning while playing"!

Time : 11/04/2022 Author : h1wq7y Click : + -
        As the core technical feature of the blockchain, decentralization has been continuously explored in recent years and has become the cornerstone of many future industries, such as Web3, metauniverse, and current NFT / digital collections; From the virtual world of the movie "the number one player" to the virtual NPC of "the out of control player", every seemingly wild scene hides our imagination of the future world; If you also have a unique understanding of the metauniverse, you may as well knock on the door of the new world together. "Firmament universe" is a virtual future world created by firmament star chain based on Web3.0. It has an advanced virtual economic system and is closely connected with the upcoming metauniverse.
        In the firmament universe, every player is both a participant and a creator. Players follow the mode of "earning while playing". By investing time in the firmament universe, they can earn real assets with real value. Most of the members of the "firmament universe" team come from the first-line Internet manufacturers, and have a profound understanding and experience of the Internet and the Web 3.0 world. "Firmament universe" is determined to create a real meta universe world and promote the innovation and breakthrough of domestic Web3.0 development. In the age of cosmic navigation, the ever-increasing demand for energy, materials, food and other resources has promoted an unprecedented wave of interstellar colonization. On this day, the first batch of interstellar citizens embarked on the journey of hellip, with the mission of providing development resources for the Star Alliance and transforming the colonial star environment& hellip;。
        Star Alliance has prepared a land reclamation gift package for the members of the yuan plan, which contains three kinds of basic equipment. It is the first step of production resources and supporting the large-scale construction of the universe. In the firmament universe, each player can obtain a virtual firmament citizenship, and each firmament citizen will obtain a small area as a personal base, where citizens can mine resources, jointly build the firmament universe, and become a shuttle flying freely in the meta universe world. The resource equipment in the firmament is output in units of hours. The types of resources output are different according to the equipment. When the resources output by the equipment reach the capacity limit, the equipment will stop output, and the output can be continued only after the resources are manually collected.
        Equipment in the game can use gain items to improve production efficiency. Equipment using gain items will increase output efficiency accordingly.
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