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The chaos of the virtual currency market really makes the blockchain technology bear the "black pot"!,!

Time : 16/09/2021 Author : 5mecw6 Click : + -
        The falling price of bitcoin makes it appear on the headlines again. So far, many people still think that bitcoin is a scam. They believe that bitcoin cannot maintain such a high value without the continuous inflow of funds, and the so-called workload standard is also a lie. If the currency value cannot be higher than the cost of digging, the existing computing power will be rapidly reduced, and the reduction of computing power will deepen the panic of the market, the currency value will further fall, and everything will enter a vicious circle. This foam will burst like other Ponzi schemes. At present, there are thousands of digital currencies in the market. On July 6, 2017, the financing amount of ICO has reached more than 776 million US dollars.
        More than 80 ICO projects have been completed since 2017. At present, the ICO project with the highest return rate is stratis, with a return rate of 763 times, while the most successful is Ethereum, with a return rate of 689 times. However, most of the ICO projects at the present stage are based on the principle of borrowing, which simply reorganizes the advantages or characteristics of several mainstream blockchains, such as bitcoin, Ethereum and ripple coin, and then comes out for financing. So many people say that blockchain is a scam. All information is a double-edged sword. Big data is not only a kind of wealth, but also a burden for computing nodes. At present, there is no mature and reliable solution to deal with this problem.
        There are two most obvious effects: evolution and the practice of trumpeting products. Blockchain has been successfully applied to cryptocurrency, but this technology has not been popularized and popularized. In 2017, we saw a certain evolution in this aspect, because blockchain platforms such as hypeledgerfabric announced that they could be applied to the new version of enterprises at this stage, and Ethereum also made progress in making these solutions meet the requirements of enterprises in terms of performance and scale. Many people like to compare blockchain with the Internet. With the continuous development of the Internet, the familiar Web application layer is also undergoing the following phase changes.
        Web1.0: features: portal mode, that is, the client mainly gets data from the server. Web2.0: the feature is UGC mode, that is, the client generates more data and pushes it to the server. Next step Web3.0: predict the features, peer-to-peer mode, that is, the client's ability set and "Discourse" weight continue to improve. The server can actively get data from the client, further moving towards a peer-to-peer information interaction mode. The blockchain technology can be said to be the best choice for carrying the peer-to-peer business model. The characteristics of blockchain are distributed open information and non tamperability. The technology of blockchain is the core technology with the most potential to subvert the tide after the information and Internet technologies.
        At present, the discussions and concerns triggered by blockchain in the world have been constantly heating up. Central bank regulatory departments and mainstream financial institutions in various countries have also participated in the research of blockchain, and are actively promoting the actual implementation of this technology.
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