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Who is Satoshi Nakamoto who created bitcoin? His identity has become a mystery, and he holds millions of bitcoins

Time : 18/07/2022 Author : yzuv2a Click : + -
        On January 8, 2021, the price of bitcoin exceeded 40000 US dollars. That is to say, if you own a bitcoin, you can exchange it for almost 260000 RMB. You should know that when bitcoin was first introduced ten years ago, the price was only a few cents. In just ten years, bitcoin has risen hundreds of thousands of times and created countless rich people. The development of bitcoin in the past decade has also been quite tortuous. At the beginning, many countries thought that bitcoin was a fraud. In recent years, more people have discussed whether bitcoin can be circulated as a currency and the problems of bitcoin as a financial currency. In short, whether experts look at bitcoin or not, bitcoin has become a rare resource. Under the pandemic, a large amount of money abandoned gold and poured into the bitcoin market, which also made many people become rich overnight. What is bitcoin? I'm sure most people don't understand, so I'll tell you in the simplest way.
        Speaking of bitcoin, we have to mention Satoshi Nakamoto. He first proposed to launch bitcoin as a virtual currency in 2008, and successfully excavated the first bitcoin in 2009. In 2008, the world experienced the financial crisis, so Satoshi Nakamoto proposed to invent an electronic currency. This currency is not issued by the country, but is issued and circulated by computer algorithms. Theoretically, as long as you have a computer, you can participate in the manufacture of bitcoin. Nakamoto is a genius of encryption algorithm. After integrating the technology of his predecessors, he launched the electronic currency system bitcoin. If you want to obtain a bitcoin, you must download specific software and use the computing power of the computer to solve the mathematical problems provided by the algorithm. When the problem is solved, the system will reward a certain number of bitcoins.
        In short, the blockchain system of bitcoin gives the computer a test paper. The computer needs to solve these problems with its own computing power. When these problems are solved, a certain amount of bitcoin can be obtained. Since the number of bitcoin mining pools is fixed (21 million), the number of bitcoins will become smaller and smaller with the continuous mining. At the beginning, the reward of the blockchain was 50 bitcoins each time. After the output of 10.5 million bitcoins, that is, accounting for 50% of the total number of bitcoins, the reward was halved to 25. When the total amount reached 15.75 million (half of 10.5 million), the reward was halved again. With this kind of push, the total number of bitcoins will never exceed 21 million.
        That is to say, as long as the computing power of the computer is contributed to solve the problems arising from the blockchain, bitcoin can be mined. However, the problems arising from the blockchain are not difficult, but a large number of calculations are required. Under high-intensity calculations, the CPU of the computer is easily scrapped. Therefore, before the mining machine came out, everyone chose to use the graphics card to mine. Even though the computing power of the graphics card could not be compared with that of the CPU, the computing power required for mining bitcoin was not large. It was only necessary to carry out simple basic calculations. That is why the price of the graphics card increased significantly five years ago. Bitcoin has soared hundreds of thousands of times since no one wants to give it away for free. This must be said to be a legend. Compared with bitcoin, its founder Satoshi Nakamoto is even more legendary. So far, who Satoshi Nakamoto is is is still a mystery.
        After bitcoin was on the right track in 2011, bitcoin wrote in an email: "I have moved to other things". Since then, there has been no news of Nakamoto, and he has completely disappeared from the Internet. Satoshi Nakamoto is a senior cryptography geek. Any information he publishes and even his communication with anyone has been encrypted, and he has never disclosed his personal information. On the forum, he left his birthday on April 5, 1975. However, it should not be possible that this day is also meaningful in history, because on April 5, 1933, US President Roosevelt issued a decree stipulating that it is illegal for all US citizens to hold gold.
        After Nakamoto's disappearance, a large number of netizens and hackers were curious. Because his own account has millions of bitcoins. As early as 2014, the value of these coins had exceeded US $1 billion. If the current price of US $30000 is calculated, Nakamoto's bitcoin assets will be as high as US $30 billion. However, no one knows who Nakamoto is, and it is likely that he is a team. In 2008, the blockchain algorithm he created was too precise to be completed by one person. He once claimed on the forum that he was a 43 year old Japanese man. When he announced bitcoin in 2008, he announced it through his registered website. The server used in the registration of the official bitcoin website was indeed in Japan. However, Nakamoto's English is too fluent, and he has never used Japanese.
        For so many years, netizens have never given up looking for Nakamoto Cong. as early as 2013, it was revealed that wangyuexinyi, who has made outstanding contributions in the field of mathematics, is Nakamoto Cong. however, this was soon proved to be false news, because wangyuexinyi is only proficient in mathematics and does not understand programming or cryptography at all. Since then, there have been many reports that Nakamoto Cong has been found, but they are undoubtedly false and can not withstand scrutiny and can not produce strong evidence. However, under the questioning of many netizens, Craig could not justify himself, and his evidence could not prove his identity. Therefore, Craig finally had to withdraw his remarks, but also gained the nickname "Australia Nakamoto cong".
        Today, the price of bitcoin is around us $30000, and even today, Satoshi Nakamoto has not spoken out. Perhaps for him, it is the biggest surprise that bitcoin can develop into what it is now. If he appears, it is bound to cause unnecessary troubles and disputes. It is better to be a rich man quietly. Return to Sohu to see more.
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