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Comments on the operation of the board of directors of aerospace information in the half year of 2022

Time : 26/09/2021 Author : ta0u97 Click : + -
        According to the "14th five year plan" strategic plan and the needs of business development, in order to further strengthen industrial coordination, improve the control mode and serve business development, the company has optimized and adjusted the structure of the industrial business department, integrated the original golden tax and financial industry business department into the new Golden Tax industry business department, formed three business departments of the golden tax industry, the smart industry and the Internet information industry, and refined and improved the business division of each industrial business department, Strengthen the current organization management and control mode, and adjust the organization and management responsibilities of functional departments and professional support institutions accordingly. The company will adjust the organizational structure and service industry development to adapt to the changes of macro policies and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the company.
        After the adjustment, the new golden tax business department is responsible for the company's anti-counterfeiting tax control business and enterprise financial and tax service business, the smart business department is responsible for the company's smart business, and the wechat business department is responsible for the company's wechat business. Anti counterfeiting tax control business: the company is the main undertaker of the national "Golden Tax Project", mainly engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of anti-counterfeiting tax control system. The business mainly involves the sales of special equipment for anti-counterfeiting tax control system and tax ukey, enterprise anti-counterfeiting tax control system service, electronic tax bureau system and other Bureau software and hardware sales and related information services, This business mainly provides anti-counterfeiting tax control systems and services that meet the requirements in accordance with the relevant policies of the tax bureau, and provides information systems that meet the standards in accordance with the information construction specifications of the tax bureau.
        Enterprise finance and tax service business: as a leading enterprise in the field of tax informatization in China, the company mainly includes key customer solutions, cloud tax ecology, training business, enterprise finance and tax services, financial services, credit reporting services, financial technology business, etc. The industry takes ticket, finance and tax as its core, providing "housekeeping" services for enterprise tax and financial management. In order to meet the different needs of different enterprises at various stages of development, it provides users with comprehensive information services such as finance, taxation, finance and credit investigation in the whole life cycle, and has a leading position in the national market. Smart business: the company's smart industry involves smart public security, smart food and agriculture, smart city supervision, smart transportation, smart finance and other fields, providing users with information technology and services.
        In the field of public security, it has undertaken major public security informatization projects such as the national population basic information database, the national ID card remote acceptance, loss reporting and loss finding system, and the construction of the national entry-exit information management system. A series of self-service customs clearance products have been applied to the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and many ports. In the field of transportation, blockchain technology innovation is applied to multimodal transport, railway logistics, ocean transportation, etc. In the field of grain and market supervision, it has undertaken the construction of grain supervision platforms in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and nearly 4000 smart grain depots. In the financial field, we will help the government manage taxes through information. The newly created vaccine traceability and supervision platform has also been launched in Tianjin, Yunnan, Tibet and other provinces and autonomous regions.
        In the field of e-government, it has undertaken to build a number of provincial government integration platforms and comprehensive government self-service halls to open up the "last kilometer" of government services. Wechat business: as a key enterprise of national safe and reliable computer information system integration and a large-scale first-class enterprise of information system integration and service, the company has the first-class qualification of information system integration and service, the first-class qualification of classified information system integration, and the first-class qualification of special project design of building intelligent system. It is an important participant in the safe and reliable construction of the national network information industry, It has many successful cases of safe and reliable e-mail projects in various ministries and provinces. At present, the company's network information industry covers independent, safe and reliable computer network information system consulting, design, system integration, core software and hardware, operation and maintenance services and other businesses.
        The company mainly adopts the business model of "operation + service + product". That is, based on the provision of products and services to various users, we will carry out in-depth continuous operation based on products or services. In terms of product production, the company has established production plants in Zhuozhou and other places in Hebei Province, and unified deployment and management throughout the country, supplemented by scientific production management means to ensure product quality. In terms of sales service operation, the company has a nationwide sales service system, with nearly 100 subsidiaries in all provinces and cities to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of services. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to serving the national strategy and the national economy and the people's livelihood, and undertaken the national "Golden Tax", "golden card" and "Golden Shield" and other key projects.
        After more than 20 years of development, the company has won the recognition and good reputation of the government, enterprises and other customers by virtue of its excellent products, efficient services and good reputation. In terms of market share, product sales, service operation, and overall business performance, it is in the leading position in the industry. 2、 Discussion and analysis of business situation. In the first half of 2022, under the correct leadership of the board of directors, the company, centering on the development strategy and business plan objectives, and on the premise of implementing the prevention and control measures at all levels, actively promoted the implementation of various business work, implemented and promoted the transformation and upgrading. In the first half of the year, the company overcame the adverse effects of relevant policy changes and social prevention and control, and realized an operating income of 9198.2811 million yuan during the reporting period, an increase of 0.11% over the same period of last year; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 291632800 yuan, a decrease of 19.30% over the same period of last year.
        As of June 30, 2022, the total assets of the company were 22422679400 yuan, a decrease of 1.67% over the end of the previous year; The net assets attributable to the shareholders of the listed company were 13363757400 yuan, an increase of 0.10% over the end of the previous year. In the field of enterprise digitalization, facing large enterprises, relying on years of accumulation in the field of Finance and taxation informatization, we will accelerate the transformation from "controlling tax by tickets" to "managing tax by numbers", focusing on the digital needs of all electric invoices, all tax management, electronic files, financial sharing, integrated application of industry, finance and taxation, intelligent tax risk control, data mining and governance, and build and form the professional service ability of "invoice, finance and taxation files" of group customers.
        At present, it has provided more than 20000 group enterprises with solutions for value-added tax invoice issuance management and tax management, covering more than 200 industry benchmark and leading enterprises, and successfully expanded the application sub field of financial electronic bills. For small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, the largest third-party electronic invoice platform and invoice hosting service center in China have been built, and the transformation to comprehensive cloud service has been successfully completed. The business of small and medium-sized enterprises has been extended to the integrated fields of "invoice, finance, tax, file, finance and information". Focusing on the automation scene of enterprise financial accounting, it cuts into and extends to the fields of enterprise supply chain coordination and travel cost control management, provides comprehensive paperless office solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, realizes the digital information flow transmission of all nodes and the full scene closed-loop of paperless office application, and helps enterprises' digital transformation and the development of China's "carbon peak and carbon neutral" industry.
        Aixinnuo enterprise service platform has been applied and promoted in 36 provinces and cities across the country. It is expected to cover more than 5 million enterprises throughout the year, and build a national leading industrial Internet Ecological platform that serves the digital needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the field of digital government, we implemented a major innovation project of "double chain" analysis based on the new tax field. With invoice and other tax data as the core, we integrated industrial and commercial, judicial, patent and other data information, analyzed and classified the attributes of relevant industrial chain nodes, created a unique "industrial chain supply chain analysis system with invoice data as the core" of aerospace information, and built a new double chain dynamic database in the field of Taxation, which improved the data, real-time, visualization Fine management ability.
        Serving the national grain security strategy, it was approved as the "national grain industry (artificial intelligence storage equipment and service) technology innovation center", with "intelligent equipment - equipment Internet - equipment service brain" as the main technology and product direction, to ensure the national grain quantity and quality safety. In the first half of the year, new projects such as the Jiangsu Provincial Emergency Material Reserve Management cloud platform were launched to implement the important instructions of the state leaders on "storing grain in technology" with practical actions, and help the grain industry reserve supervision, green grain storage, grain loss reduction, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Serve the strategy of network power, implement the innovation project of trusted data exchange, deepen the application of trusted data exchange technology and products in the E-government intranet, strive to create a new generation of trusted data exchange technology and product system, and accelerate the construction of a digital government image network laboratory with multiple experimental service capabilities.
        In the first half of the year, we completed the acceptance of several major information and innovation projects in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Sichuan, Xinjiang and relevant regions of Henan, and consolidated the leading position of aerospace information in the field of network trusted data exchange. It has served the construction of digital government, completed the construction task of the "tax network trusted identity system" project of the State Administration of taxation as planned, and has been successfully launched in Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai and other pilot areas. The project can provide "three financial" and "five cross" authentication services for users of various tax systems, and realize "registration in one place, mutual recognition in different places, one-time authentication, and all network access". It is the network trusted identity system with the largest application scale, the most authentication methods and the widest authentication channels in China, and is of great significance to the construction of the national network trusted identity system.
        Serve the development of digital economy, independently develop a blockchain core technology platform with industry-leading level, and jointly build the "Silk Road cloud chain" blockchain platform for bulk cargo trade and transportation with China Merchants ship 601872), and upgrade and transform the industrial chain through strong alliance. Serving the construction of Hainan free trade port, focusing on self-control and information security, giving full play to the advantages of the central enterprise platform of aerospace information and the complete technical capabilities of the whole industry chain of "consulting + integration + products + services", focusing on core business groups such as "smart taxation, port customs clearance, social governance and grain storage emergency", implementing major regulatory projects in digital Hainan and the new tax field, Help Hainan free trade port realize "six freedoms and conveniences".
        Serving the national information security, hundreds of information innovation projects undertaken have been successfully completed and accepted. In the first half of the year, nearly 100 industrial information and innovation projects were won, with a total amount of nearly 2 billion yuan. The transformation to "integration + product + service" was accelerated, and a "4 + 3 + n" core information and innovation product system was formed. It was selected into the list of suppliers of the crypto machine project of the regulatory data collection platform of the SASAC, and became one of the three suppliers designated by the SASAC. It has been deployed and implemented in ten central enterprises and local SASAC. Local government password applications have been implemented in Chongqing Police cloud, Chongqing state-owned enterprises, Ningbo Xinchuang cloud, Anhui government cloud, etc. In addition, dozens of projects under implementation in the field of aerospace information internationalization business have performed normally as planned, actively serving the government governance capacity building of "one country, two systems". They have been selected as "the fifth Hong Kong government high-quality consulting technology professional service project", and become one of the Hong Kong government information technology professional service and qualification suppliers in the next four years (four in the world).
        Completed the bidding of three projects including the Legal Aid Department of Hong Kong, and actively followed up the follow-up defense matters, which has a greater possibility of winning the bid. Uganda's electronic invoice system, which is being implemented, has been extended to enterprise applications, and 20000 terminal sales agreements have been signed. The overseas shipment volume of tax POS machines has increased by more than 200% year on year. Focusing on cipher, blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence, it has broken through many core technologies such as heterogeneous relay cross chain protocol, high-speed cipher cloud service and text intelligent processing. It has formed dozens of independent intellectual property achievements around a series of cipher centered information security, digital software engineering, data full life cycle Security Governance and application, digital government and enterprise digital business center.
        Focusing on serving national security and the development of the digital economy, it has formed a universal "security base" that can adapt to various security needs of the government and enterprises in the digital transformation, and can be widely used in various security scenarios of the government and enterprises. Aerospace information has been rated as the benchmark "science and technology reform demonstration enterprise" by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council for two consecutive years. Important progress has been made in such measures as post dividend incentive and employee stock ownership of subsidiaries. The company studied and formed the reform plan of "science and technology reform demonstration action" (2022-2025), formulated 55 tasks in five categories, and defined the follow-up work objectives. Focusing on the management system of "cadres can go up and down, employees can go in and out, and income can be increased and reduced", we will fully implement the contractual management of the tenure system of the members of the management level. Through the "unveiling the leader" and "horse racing system", we will accurately link the construction of the professional and technical level system with major innovation projects, and accelerate the improvement of the technical breakthrough, technical management and talent training ability of scientific and technological innovation talents in the actual battle.
        Establish the "two general" system of major innovation projects, set the strategic objectives, technical objectives and economic objectives of the project, define the "milestone" nodes of the annual tasks, and ensure the implementation and effectiveness of the project. We will lead, train and test teams with major projects, and further hone the three teams of management, technology and marketing in the "real battle" to further stimulate potential, improve quality and create value. Major changes in the company's operating conditions during the reporting period, and events that have a significant impact on the company's operating conditions and are expected to have a significant impact in the future during the reporting period III. possible risks. The company's main businesses are concentrated in the gold tax, financial technology and financial and tax services, smart and Internet information industries. From the perspective of the industry development status and the company's relevant business characteristics, the main development risks are as follows:.
        In recent years, in order to reduce the burden of enterprises, the state has issued a series of policies, resulting in the change of the original policy dividend environment, which has greatly changed the information security, payment methods and equipment use in the financial payment field and the design and implementation of related projects in the smart field, and the market competition is constantly intensifying. At present, the company's various businesses are highly dependent on national policies. The gold tax industry is mainly based on tax policies, providing information solutions for relevant government departments, providing industrial solutions for financial and other large enterprises, and providing products and services for enterprise customers under the guidance of government or industrial policies. In the financial technology, intelligence and Internet information industries, the company also mainly organizes product R & D and production or designs relevant solutions according to industrial policies.
        On the one hand, the change of the policy has affected the development of the existing business and product sales of the enterprise, and the gross profit rate of the product has gradually decreased. On the other hand, higher requirements are put forward for the quality of products and services provided by the company. The company needs to increase investment in product research and development and market development to maintain market occupancy. To this end, the company will actively implement various national policies and regulations based on brand advantages and technology accumulation, timely adjust according to relevant industrial trends and policy changes, and promote innovative development through optimizing business structure to cope with the adverse effects brought by policy changes. With the issuance of the guiding opinions on further promoting the implementation of electronic ordinary invoice for value added tax and other documents, electronic invoice has been comprehensively promoted. At present, there are more than 100 providers of electronic invoice Invoicing platform, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.
        At present, the industries involved by the company are in a full market competition environment. In the development of similar businesses, the company is facing competition from other manufacturers or service providers of similar products at home and abroad, and the market competition is increasingly fierce. At the same time, under the guidance of the "tax reduction and fee reduction" policy, the financial and tax services and other businesses provided to enterprises will face higher regulatory requirements and stricter supervision. In order to accelerate the implementation of the "Internet + tax" action plan, the entry threshold of tax control equipment is also getting lower and lower. U-Key is basically free, and there are many product suppliers. It has gradually developed into a trend of multiple competition. In addition, the company's market position needs to be strengthened in the financial technology, intelligence and Internet information industries. Compared with its competitors with a large market share, there is still a gap in product form, system integration, operation management, etc.
        With the rapid development of emerging technologies such as 5g and AI, the integration of Finance and science and technology continues to deepen, and the application of emerging technologies is becoming more and more popular. The relevant industries where the company currently operates are facing great opportunities and challenges brought by industrial changes, and the relevant businesses of the company are facing the risk of losing profitability due to changes in business models. In the tax industry, the company's relevant tax control products have been continuously carried out according to the needs of users
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