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How to open an account for investing in digital currency? What software is used to invest in digital currency?

Time : 05/04/2022 Author : r3aiyq Click : + -
        At present, there are many apps that can open accounts for digital currency transactions. The following series will take the coin exchange as an example to tell you how to open accounts for digital currency transactions?. 2. Click to jump to the login / registration page. If you have not registered, please click "register" below and enter your email address and password as required. After carefully reading the coin security service terms, check and click the [registration] button. 4. After the image verification is passed, the system will automatically send the verification email to the registered mailbox. Please log in to the mailbox to check the verification email and enter the verification code. After passing, you can complete the registration. 6. The authorized person shall contact the wire. The certificate of equity structure of the institution - note Please provide a clear scanning copy of this document, and require the company to seal (if there is no seal, replace it with the signature of the authorized person), and require the signature of the sole director (shareholder) or at least two directors (shareholders), and require disclosure to the natural person level.
        For the disclosed natural persons, please also provide their identity information. 8. The identity cards or passports of the actual controller and the largest shareholder must be provided; Please provide the identity cards or passports of other shareholders or directors as far as possible. (Chinese must provide ID cards; people of other nationalities must provide passports; the validity of ID cards or passports must be more than 6 months). 9. ID card or passport of the authorized person (Chinese must provide ID card; other nationalities must provide passport; the validity of ID card or passport must be more than 6 months). 12. Screenshot of the company information searched by the above query link (the screenshot shall include the query date, and the date and time displayed in the lower right corner of the computer can be used; overseas registered companies are required; domestic registered companies may not be filled in) *.
        14. Resolution of the board of directors (the company's signature and signature are required; institutions with Singapore and Hong Kong nationalities need to pay special attention to the content of the resolution, please refer to the template. Foreign registered companies are required, and domestic registered companies may not fill in) *. As we all know, on social media, investors may often see a lot of hype about an investment strategy, which promises to obtain huge returns from unknown digital currencies. Others exaggerate how the price of bitcoin will rise. Sadly, there are some dishonest investors in the digital currency market, and billions of funds have been lost by Ponzi scheme and delisting scheme, Therefore, investors must be careful of scams when investing in digital currencies.
        The above is how to open an account for investing in digital currency? What software is used to invest in digital currency? For more information about digital currency account opening and sharing, please pay attention to other related articles of script home!.
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