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Tianfu on the chain · application innovation, Sichuan Province's first blockchain vocational skills competition results conference and the development of the digital economy industry on the chain

Time : 20/04/2022 Author : feb5ia Click : + -
        Original title: Tianfu on the chain & middot; Application Innovation: the first Sichuan blockchain vocational skills competition results conference and the Digital Economy Industry Development Summit Forum on the chain were held in Dujiangyan City!. Chain Tianfu, application innovation. On December 24, the results conference of the first blockchain vocational skills competition in Sichuan Province and the Development Summit Forum of digital economy industry on the chain were held in Dujiangyan City. This summit is hosted by Sichuan Provincial Department of economy and information technology, Sichuan Provincial Department of human resources and social security, Sichuan Provincial Federation of trade unions and Dujiangyan Municipal People's government. It aims to further accelerate the training of Sichuan blockchain application talents, explore Sichuan blockchain industry professionals and excellent projects, accelerate the incubation of outstanding projects in the blockchain industry, and promote the landing of the blockchain industry and the development of the digital economy industry.
        More than 90 guests, experts, scholars and representatives of the participating teams, including Chen Wentao, full-time deputy director of the information technology office of Sichuan Province, Huang Xiaoli, second level inspector of the Sichuan Federation of trade unions, Liu Jinxia, second level inspector of the Chengdu Federation of trade unions, Yang Yong, member of the Standing Committee of the Dujiangyan municipal Party committee and Secretary of the political and legal committee, and Zhou Jun, vice mayor of the Dujiangyan municipal government, attended the on-site activities, and more than 1000 people watched them online. A total of 82 teams participated in the competition. Through fierce competition in the preliminary, semi-final and final competitions, a total of 1 team first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes and 10 excellent application prizes were determined. "Based on our personal theoretical achievements, we will evaluate the winners of each competition. Among them, the gold medal winners will apply for & lsquo; Sichuan Provincial skilled worker & rsquo; and & lsquo; Sichuan Provincial May Day Labor Medal & rsquo; according to the procedures;.
        At the same time, in order to commend all units for their attention and active cooperation in the event, four outstanding units were awarded with & lsquo; Organization Award & rsquo;, Issue & lsquo; Outstanding contribution award & rsquo The relevant responsible person of the Sichuan Federation of trade unions introduced. A number of innovative and landing excellent blockchain application achievements emerged in the competition. At the event site, the first prize winning team and the second prize winning team conducted project roadshows respectively, sharing the innovative application practice of blockchain in state-owned asset traceability, trusted digital copyright infrastructure construction, Party building platform and smart community construction, providing new ideas for the blockchain enabled industry.
        It is reported that the application fields of the competition cover supply chain management, financial services, government services, product traceability, social welfare, urban governance and other fields. The competition also triggered the exploration of blockchain technology applications in many industries, excavated a series of application scenarios, and perfected the blockchain ecological alliance. "In the next step, we will continue to promote the implementation of excellent projects, strengthen talent cultivation, create a training base for events, and further help the construction of blockchain talents and industrial development." Said the relevant person in charge of the organizing committee. Liu Dacheng, vice president of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, was specially invited to give an online keynote speech entitled "ecological transformation of industrial Internet in the digital era", to analyze the ecological transformation of the new generation of industrial Internet and the significance of building the digital industrial Internet platform for cost reduction and efficiency increase.
        Yu Ao, associate professor of Sichuan University, delivered a keynote speech on "digitalization of industrial chain and innovative development of county economy". The celebrities talked together and gave inspiration to the participating teams. "The competition has provided us with a platform for display and exchange, and further stimulated everyone's enthusiasm for learning. It is hoped that more people will invest in the construction of the blockchain industry in the future, and more excellent industrial projects will be incubated and landed to serve the regional economic development." Said Hu Zhiyu, the representative of the first prize winning team, the public house Butler blockchain innovation team. As the first professional skills competition focusing on blockchain professional skills and focusing on blockchain theoretical knowledge and technical practice, the successful holding of the competition will provide essential guarantee for Sichuan Province to create a blockchain industry innovation ecology.
        Taking the blockchain vocational skills competition as an opportunity, Sichuan Province will also promote education through competition, promote learning through teaching, and strengthen the transformation and application of competition standards. "We will build Sichuan into a key town for talent training and capacity building of national blockchain technology development. We will also integrate excellent project resources, carry out project transformation in combination with provincial scenarios, build a digital innovation ecology of Sichuan characteristic blockchain industry, and create a highland of blockchain industry." Said the relevant responsible person of Sichuan Provincial Department of economy and information technology. During the event, Sichuan blockchain Industry Association and Dujiangyan platform construction enterprises held the launching ceremony of the "chain Tianfu (Dujiangyan)" service platform. Dujiangyan will be the first batch of districts and counties to build a regional characteristic platform and explore typical applications of industrial digital transformation.
        Sichuan Dujiangyan Bureau of economy, technology and information technology, Sichuan blockchain Industry Association and Dujiangyan blockchain scene innovation laboratory jointly signed the blockchain application talent training plan. The three parties will carry out high-quality and standardized blockchain application talent training. The launching ceremony of btsi cultural and tourism blockchain trusted service organization alliance was also held at the event site. The first batch of member units including Chengdu Dujiangyan cultural and Tourism Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Provincial Tourism Planning and Design Institute and Sichuan Kaiyuan Guan Technology Co., Ltd. will jointly promote the digital transformation of the whole tourism industry and promote the organic integration of regional tourism resources and industrial integration. The Dujiangyan blockchain scene innovation laboratory also released the Chengdu / Dujiangyan blockchain industry and application scene investment cooperation project opportunities in 2022.
        In recent years, Dujiangyan City has adhered to the concept of ecological priority and green development, and has taken the lead in exploring a high-quality development path for tourism cities. The application scenarios of new technologies are of great significance to the future urban development. Next, Dujiangyan will actively seize the new track of "digital economy", accelerate the digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and win the new future of urban development with new technologies, new formats and new scenes.
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