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How to invest in novice blockchain? What are the application fields of blockchain?

Time : 29/11/2021 Author : 1zo87y Click : + -
        Today, I'm going to popularize the use of blockchain in the application field of blockchain. After reading this tweet, you can go home and blow about blockchain with your parents! All right, let's get to the point. When it comes to the application field of blockchain, it goes without saying that everyone should think of the financial service field, such as the familiar Huobi trading platform. With its advantages of being tamper proof, open and transparent, it can be said that the blockchain has filled the gap in the traditional financial industry, which also makes the blockchain develop rapidly in the field of financial services. First, it is because of the advantages of the decentralized nature of the blockchain. In traditional financial institutions, such as banks, if they want to transfer a sum of money to Xiaohei, they need to pass the confirmation of the central institution bank before transferring the money to Xiaohei. However, in the blockchain network, the money can be transferred to Xiaohei without passing through the bank, which not only improves the transaction efficiency, but also saves the transaction cost to a certain extent.
        In addition, due to the openness and transparency of the blockchain, financial institutions applying the blockchain are more trustworthy. In real-life financial services, users' funds are often not so safe, and some P2P platforms fail and run away from time to time. The financial service platform based on the blockchain can guarantee the users and the platform to get credit in mechanism because the operation of the whole system is open and transparent. Moreover, some encryption technologies in the blockchain can effectively guarantee the security of financial institution users. For example, multi signature technology can prevent fraud and repeated payment. Moreover, users can also view their real fund pool anytime and anywhere, and any fund will not disappear and become invisible.
        In addition to financial services, blockchain has also gradually grown up in the supply chain field. Supply chain is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, but with the economic globalization, the supply chain is also complex, and upstream and downstream enterprises are often scattered around the world, which brings great challenges to supply chain management. 90% of the parts of a Boeing aircraft are manufactured by outsourcing suppliers, which are distributed all over the world, which leads to the opacity of the supply chain. It is very difficult for enterprises to track the specific suppliers of a part. If the open and transparent blockchain technology is applied to the supply chain management, it not only ensures the reliability of the upstream and downstream information of the supply chain, but also can efficiently and accurately trace the source of product parts.
        When the logistics, capital flow and information flow of goods are recorded on the blockchain, the enterprise can also easily find the upstream enterprises that produce unqualified parts. If you start a new Lenovo notebook computer and find that the screen of the computer is spent after you get it, you will find Lenovo after-sales service. Lenovo after-sales service will not only get unqualified computers, but also get a large number of unqualified products. At this time, you will find that the manufacturers of the screen are distributed all over the world, and it is difficult to find the manufacturers of this batch of products. What will happen to the supply chain with blockchain? After sales, Lenovo can easily find Xiaohei, the manufacturer of the laptop screen components, on the blockchain. Later, it was found that a batch of unqualified screens had come from this manufacturer, and Lenovo can pull this manufacturer into the blacklist.
        In the education industry, student identity authentication, academic certification, personal files, academic experience and educational resources can all closely fit with the blockchain. For example, important information such as students' personal files, scores and academic degrees can be placed on the blockchain to prevent information loss and malicious tampering. In this way, recruitment enterprises can truly and reliably obtain students' personal files, and effectively avoid problems such as falsification of academic degrees. In addition, the blockchain can directly establish the connection between users and educational resources, and users can directly access some learning videos on the chain to realize the point-to-point connection between consumers and resources, without the need for a centralized platform, thus reducing the user's expenses.
        In recent years, the copyright issue of music, pictures and literary works has gradually become a hot issue in society. The copyright issue of the cultural and entertainment industry has been facing problems such as difficulty in ascertaining rights, serious piracy and poor publicity. If the blockchain technology is applied to the copyright issue, what effect will it produce?. Take a song as an example. If the original author applied for the copyright of the song, but the centralized organization has the defects of unsafe storage, non openness and transparency, and easy to be driven by interests, the copyright may be tampered with by others, which may damage the rights and interests of the song creator. If the digital information and copyright information of the song are recorded on the blockchain, The occurrence of malicious tampering of copyright information can be well avoided.
        In fact, not only that, blockchain has begun to emerge in all walks of life. It's coming, it's coming, it's coming along the network cable. Do you see it?.
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