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Blockchain meets copyright protection

Time : 25/12/2021 Author : vm19bz Click : + -
        The traditional way of copyright protection is to apply for copyright registration and judicial appraisal. In the field of digital copyright, copyright protection needs to be combined with digital technology. Using blockchain for copyright protection is a very effective method. First, we should distinguish three different nodes in the copyright protection blockchain, that is, three different roles: copyright business related parties, judicial service third parties and other trusted third parties. On August 18, 2017, the copyright blockchain alliance was officially established under the guidance of China Anti infringement and counterfeiting Innovation Strategic Alliance (caasa). According to different businesses, different sub chains are generated on the blockchain, such as new media chain, music chain, video chain, design chain, etc., to build a copyright blockchain network.
        The blockchain can be trusted to store certificates. The time service center gives the time, signs and records the CA identity in the blockchain, and can prove ownership immediately after creation. During the creation process, the blockchain can save every version, process and step you make to the blockchain in time. The records of the original process will be strong evidence. This original version record can be checked on these trusted blockchains, which is a process of creating and confirming rights. The copyright of blockchain is to provide a DNA written on the blockchain for the works of copyright owners. Copyright users can authorize electronic contracts through electronic signatures and smart contracts, and authorize copyright transactions through trusted storage systems.
        The licensing problems of copyright mainly lie in the following: first, no copyright authorizer can be found; second, no fake license can be bought. Third, duplicate authorization. These can be minimized by smart contracts. Copyright protection is mainly online and offline. Offline infringement is mainly human evidence. Online big data monitoring technology can be used for forensics. Through the crawler technology, the whole network can be compared with crawlers. If the similarity reaches a certain level, it will be saved on the blockchain. We can monitor e-commerce platforms, video platforms, image platforms and we media platforms. Evidence collection methods include webpage evidence collection, video evidence collection, photo evidence collection and video evidence collection. All evidence collection results will be transmitted to the blockchain of the Internet court in the first time, and rapid rights protection will be realized on the basis of these evidences.
        The development of blockchain technology is becoming mature step by step. Both copyright protection and online businesses have the shadow of blockchain. It is worth mentioning that the development of the blockchain platform in the blockchain field for many years is obvious to all. We believe that all blockchain enterprises will continue to contribute to the blockchain field and help the development of blockchain technology!.
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