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Chaozhou builds a "party building and rule of law blockchain" to help enterprises develop!

Time : 10/06/2022 Author : e53n12 Click : + -
        "Lawyer, I saw a photo on the Internet and wanted to use it as a publicity picture of the enterprise. How can I do it without involving infringement?" Recently, a small and medium-sized enterprise operator in Chaozhou City raised a question to Guangdong senzheng law firm. "First of all, you must obtain the authorization of the copyright owner before you can use it. Then, you need a lawyer to help you write the license agreement for authorized use to avoid possible copyright disputes." The lawyer of the firm patiently explained the legal funds involved for the operator and gave relevant opinions. This is the epitome of Chaozhou lawyers' active linkage with service enterprises. "In the past two years, the legal awareness of enterprises has been generally improved. If there is any problem, we will consult the lawyer first.
        ”Zheng Yichao, a lawyer of Guangdong Zhenghui law firm, told the reporter. Build a platform for multi-party linkage to help optimize the business environment. In recent years, Chaozhou City has jointly promoted the building of a "party building and rule of law blockchain" in the form of "two new" organizations in the lawyer industry and Party organizations in private enterprises. Party member lawyers are the main force of this action. They are no longer just providing advice when encountering problems, but in the form of "branches + law firms + enterprises", actively carrying out legal lectures, conducting legal examination, special training, providing legal consultation and other forms, so as to extend legal services to all aspects of private enterprises and provide strong legal services and legal protection for economic and social development.
        "Since the launch of the activity in 2020, the Law Institute has promoted party building and business, combining party building with business work. Party member lawyers have taken the lead in playing a pioneering and exemplary role, leading non Party member lawyers to actively participate in it." Said Xu Xianghui, principal of Guangdong Zhenghui law firm and Secretary of the Party branch. "In fact, many enterprises in Chaozhou have developed from small family workshops." Feng Qiwen, Secretary of the first party branch of Chaozhou law industry and head of Guangdong Daoqi law firm, told the reporter that there are still a number of enterprise operators with relatively weak legal awareness, which is particularly prominent in intellectual property rights, employment system and contract drafting.
        "Many problems are caused by the attribution of responsibilities, and the root cause is the nonstandard enterprise system and contracts. It is more necessary for both enterprises and workers to be able to read and perform contracts well, so that both parties can learn to use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests.". In view of the large number of small, medium and micro enterprises in Chaozhou, and guided by the needs of enterprises, Chaozhou lawyers first started from the concept. In the process of serving enterprises, they focused on improving the legal awareness of enterprise operators and the risk prevention and control awareness of enterprises when facing legal problems. "The first thing to do is to change the inherent thinking of the actual operators of enterprises, let them operate enterprises under the framework of the rule of law, and let entrepreneurs think like & lsquo; legal people & rsquo;. This is the premise for the healthy and long-term development of enterprises.
        ”Chen Shaojie, partner of Guangdong Chuangu law firm and member of the first party branch of the city's lawyer industry, told this reporter. The lawyers of the law firm will also regularly carry out risk assessment of "rule of law physical examination" for the enterprises with Party building. "In the & lsquo; legal examination & rsquo;, we found that many small enterprises and factories have the problem of disordered accounts, and the transfer of funds into and out of public accounts and private accounts are mixed, which is very unfavorable to the operation of enterprises." Introduction by Feng Qiwen. After learning about this situation, the lawyer focused on reviewing the employment contract and external sales contract of the enterprise, clarified the ownership of financial responsibility and other issues for the enterprise, helped the enterprise plan its internal system, and improved the legitimacy and standardization of its operation.
        Do a few practical things, warm the hearts of the people and gather strength. With the arrival of the tide of returning to work, the demand of enterprises for legal services has further expanded. Party building pairing allows lawyers to go deeper into enterprises and provide legal guidance and suggestions for enterprises on practical issues such as resumption of work and production, wage payment, epidemic isolation and protection, and enterprise personnel management.
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