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The post-90s executives of the chain circle were exposed to have misappropriated 300 million stolen money to short bitcoin, and the company responded that the information was not true

Time : 21/11/2021 Author : jo043w Click : + -
        On April 6, Gao Ziyang, a post-90s senior executive of Chengdu Lianan technology, was exposed as "misappropriating the illegal digital currency discovered by the police to short the bitcoin position", and has been detained by the police. On April 7, Chengdu Lianan responded that the information was not true and was contacting the legal affairs department. The reporter tried to contact Gao Ziyang on wechat, but could not be reached by the time of press release. Recently, we media reported that there was a wonderful event in the coin circle. The CMO of a blockchain security company in Chengdu misappropriated the digital currency assets temporarily stored by the police to short bitcoin, with a loss of up to 300 million. The incident began in November 2020 when the tokenbetter digital currency exchange was involved in pyramid schemes and was investigated by the economic investigation. Xiong Bingbing, the main person in charge, was criminally detained.
        The illegal digital assets worth nearly 300 million were seized. Because of their special content, they were temporarily stored by the police and kept by a blockchain security company in Chengdu. Recently, when the economic investigation went to the company to settle accounts, it was found that nearly 300 million digital assets were missing. After investigation, this fund was illegally appropriated by Gao, the CMO of the company, taking advantage of his position. It is reported that Mr. Gao misappropriated digital assets to carry out high-risk contracts to open leverage to short bitcoin and all his positions were sold out. In the explosion, the company and Gao are highly coincident with Chengdu Lianan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chengdu Lianan") and the company's CMO Gao Ziyang. On April 7, the reporter asked Chengdu Lianan for confirmation on this matter, and the company's media responded to the receiver, "the company's external statement is a false report, and we are contacting the legal affairs (handling).
        As for whether General Manager Gao is detained, I am not sure. I can't contact these things of the company for the time being. " The reporter turned to contact Yang Xia, founder and CEO of Chengdu Lianan by phone. After stating her intention, the other party hung up the phone and could not dial again. The reporter inquired by SMS, but no reply has been received as of the press release. The reporter tried to contact Gao Ziyang on wechat. As of the time of press release, he could not contact the other party. The reporter noticed that on the evening of April 7, on the official website of Chengdu Lianan, only CEO Yang Xia and CTO Guo Wensheng were left in the founder team, and Gao Ziyang was no longer listed. Gao Ziyang, aged 27, holds a bachelor's degree from Compton, Madrid and a master's degree in law from Guangxi University.
        Since 2012, he has been in contact with blockchain technology, initiated the Spanish bitcoin forum, participated in the investment incubation management of several projects, and is a member of the unitedlabs investment alliance. At the same time, he is one of the three co founders of Chengdu Lianan and the only post-90s generation in the founder team. In November 2020, Gao Ziyang was selected as the "co founder and CMO of chain security technology" in the list of Hurun under 30s entrepreneurial leaders in the technology industry in 2020. Chengdu Lianan is a well-known blockchain company in the chain circle. It has developed an automatic formal verification tool for blockchain codes, providing "military level" security verification for chain codes. The founder of the company is Yang Xia, a professor of Chengdu University of Electronic Science and technology.
        Before that, Yang Xia spoke highly of Gao Ziyang. In 2019, when the cover news reporter interviewed Yang Xia in Chengdu Lianan company, Yang Xia told the reporter that "Gao Ziyang has become rich and free, and entrepreneurship comes from his pursuit of ideals and his interest in the blockchain industry.". According to an insider of Chengdu Lianan, Gao Ziyang was engaged in the sales of mining machines before he arrived at the company. The mine agent recommended by Gao Ziyang told the reporter that Gao Ziyang has opened several mines in Sichuan and Yunnan through cooperation with some mine owners. "We are mainly engaged in the sale of mining machines, the custody of mining machines and the maintenance of mining machines. When reliable mines are mainly sold in mines, we will also help sell them.
        ”Introduction of the agent. However, for a period of time, the sales performance of the mine operated by Gao Ziyang seemed to be unsatisfactory. In March 2020, the reporter asked about the operation of the mine, and the agent replied that because the currency price fell at that time, the customer took a wait-and-see attitude towards "mining", which had a great impact on the company's performance. "Everyone's sales performance is not ideal.". At the beginning of January 2021, the reporter contacted Gao Ziyang to ask for a visit to his mine, but was refused on the ground that "it is in the dry season, and the mines in Sichuan are basically not running much", and failed to go to the field to verify. According to an insider who has had a long business relationship with chain security technology, Gao is responsible for many businesses in the company, including security audit, foreign cooperation, and even interviewing new people.
        The above insider disclosed that his impression of Gao was: busy. "I think he's busy anyway, but I don't know what he's busy with. I contacted him several times to make an appointment to meet him, but he didn't go when it was time. It's hard to see him once, and I feel that he is absent-minded and preoccupied.". After the news broke, many people in the circle said that they were "quite shocked". In their view, the founders behind Lian'an all have the glory of famous schools, and the government has also supported many resources. "Mr. Yang estimated that the employment was not good.". The reporter found that the shareholder lineup behind Chengdu Lianan is bright. According to the relevant data of tianyancha, Yang Xia, Guo Wensheng and Gao Ziyang are their individual shareholders. Lenovo (Beijing), Shanghai Fosun and Ningbo Pangu are the 4, 5 and 6 shareholders of the company, holding nearly 5% of the shares respectively.
        Lianan also has local state-owned capital in Chengdu. Chengdu Chuangxin Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is the ninth largest shareholder of Chengdu Lianan, holding 4.37%. According to public information, Chengdu Chuangxin Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is a company jointly established by Chengdu Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Sichuan state owned assets management and Investment Co., Ltd.
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