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The first batch of video Defense Review Meeting of five special projects such as blockchain officially declared in 2022 will be held soon

Time : 27/10/2021 Author : iq5u0x Click : + -
        Notice of the industrial development promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology on convening the 2022 video Defense Review Meeting (the first batch) of key special projects such as the national key research and development plan "energy storage and smart grid technology". According to the annual work arrangement of the national key research and development plan, five key projects, including "energy storage and smart grid technology", "Cyberspace Security Governance", "rare earth new materials", "blockchain" and "intelligent robot", will carry out the video Defense Review of the 2022 annual application projects from August 12 to 19. 1. The video defense review shall follow the principles of combined project review and budget review, and the budget review shall be conducted simultaneously when the project review is organized.
        The review experts will review the project research content, objective setting and technical route, task decomposition and schedule arrangement, R & D team and work basis, expected results and risk analysis, project budget arrangement and other aspects in combination with the declaration (including budget declaration), defense PPT and other materials submitted by the applicant and the defense of the applicant. 2. The review experts will preview the project declaration (including budget declaration) in advance, and the questions raised by the experts will be anonymously fed back to the applicant through the national science and technology management information system one day before the defense review meeting. 3. This defense is conducted by video review. Each project leader shall participate in the defense in the video review and defense conference room set up by the science and Technology Department (Committee, bureau) (hereinafter referred to as the local science and Technology Department) of the province (District, city) where the project application unit is located or the city specifically designated in the state plan (hereinafter referred to as the local science and Technology Department) and some recommended units.
        The specific defense time of each application project and the location of the defense conference room will be notified separately. 1. In principle, the project leader shall participate in the defense in person. In principle, the number of participants in the defense of each project shall not exceed 3. They must be project participants and shall not sit in on other projects; If the person in charge of the project application cannot participate in the defense, the project team member can be entrusted to take the place. Please issue the certificate of the leading application unit of the project and seal it, and send the scanned copy to the mailbox of each special contact 2 days before the defense. 2. The defense shall be conducted in strict accordance with the time sequence arranged by the project review. The respondent is requested to arrive at the designated defense point in advance. If the respondent fails to participate in the defense on time, it shall be deemed as giving up the review automatically.
        3. The defense time of the project shall be controlled at 45 minutes (30 minutes for the young scientist project), including 15 minutes for the project applicant's report and 30 minutes for the expert's question and answer (15 minutes for the young scientist project). The respondent is requested to strictly abide by the defense time and answer the questions of the review experts in a concise and concise manner. In case of timeout, it will automatically switch to the next item for defense. 4. The person in charge of project application shall contact the video review business contact person of the defense point in advance to implement the defense matters, and the relevant contact information shall be notified to each application unit separately. Ppt documents of reporting materials shall be provided for all defense projects. Each project leader is requested to send the electronic version of the PPT document to the video review business contact at the defense point (the file name is named by the name of the project declaration leader + the project number).
        5. In order to effectively implement the opinions on Further Strengthening the construction of scientific research integrity (Ting Zi [2018] No. 23), and in combination with the relevant requirements of the Ministry of science and technology on the construction of scientific research integrity, the video review follows the principle of fairness and impartiality. The project applicant shall not contact the relevant experts through various ways and channels to conduct activities that interfere with the review or may affect the fairness of the review, such as asking for help or lobbying. If verified, the project (subject) undertaking qualification will be cancelled, the national science and technology plan project application qualification for a certain period of time will be cancelled, and it will be included in the database of serious breach of scientific research integrity and accepted the corresponding party and government discipline treatment. (Note: if there is a need for relevant scientific and technological policy training, national project application, scientific and technological achievements evaluation, expert research, etc., you can pay attention to sending a private letter to us.
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