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The popularity of the digital collection market has not decreased, and the Metaphone platform has opened a new marketing mode

Time : 19/03/2022 Author : fa9vwh Click : + -
        Many young trendsetters flocked to it, and it sold out in a second. Several mobile phones were robbed at the same time, and digital collections were frequently searched. More and more people paid attention to this field. In order to better meet the needs of the market, Metaphone data collection has developed a system tool, that is, the SaaS platform system of Metaphone data collection. The system software is a digital collection e-commerce system that is ready to use in the metakina blockchain asset small program mall system. It uses blockchain technology to cast and sell the new mode of the technical integration data mall system on the chain to carry out software development. The most important aspect is that we only do special tools, Rather than a service platform.
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