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Alphabet and Samsung are the most active investors. Tencent occupies a single place in the list. Is blockchain the future?

Time : 30/11/2021 Author : hmnf8s Click : + -
        BlackRock (also known as BlackRock group), one of the world's largest asset management companies, ranked second with a turnover of US $1170.7 million, and only ranked second in the three rounds of financing of cryptocurrency startup circle, cryptocurrency exchange FTX and digital asset platform anchorage digital. It can be seen that its investment amount is huge. Samsung has made agreement investment through its diversified investment department, samsungnext, which focuses on cultivating start-ups in emerging fields such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and metaworld. Tencent, a Chinese social networking and gaming giant, also invested US $224.5 million in four rounds of different corporate financing in this blockchain investment list. These companies are Oxalis, Ethernet, showcon and immutable in Australia.
        Web 1.0 began to allow people to read and connect information. Web2.0 is the iteration of social media, which promotes the close contact between people in the new era. Web3.0 is widely considered as a decentralized Internet driven by blockchain technology, in which cryptocurrency and irreplaceable token (NFT) are the underlying infrastructure. According to a survey of 6472 Asia Pacific start-ups conducted by the four major accounting firms and the international banking company HSBC, blockchain is becoming the most popular industry for large-scale start-ups in the Asia Pacific region, and more than one quarter of them are related to blockchain. Return to Sohu to see more.
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