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J9 Digital Theory: blockchain + dao3: decentralized Internet world

Time : 23/04/2022 Author : ail9pj Click : + -
        However, technological equality may not be real equality, and sometimes even greater inequality. Everyone's quality is completely different. There is no doubt that some professionals are more suitable for Web3, although Web3 is constantly breaking the circle to attract more forms of professionals. Before this, the Web3 industry has experienced many entrepreneurial waves. Blockchain is a technology, Dao is a system, and Web3 is a culture. Decentralization is the spirit of Web3 and the core of the Internet. In terms of system, the centralized Internet is increasingly criticized by people. Whether it is twitter, Weibo or Facebook, there are disadvantages of centralized companies, such as browsing users' privacy at will, taking private data as their own, and killing big data.
        These problems are determined by the genes embedded in the bones of web2 Internet companies, and it is difficult for them to solve them by themselves or blindly through regulation. Dao is a decentralized organizational form, which can be understood as a "decentralized company". It is an economic system built on the blockchain. People with the same ideas and consensus can form a Dao. People may not need blockchain to form consensus. In the Internet world, when people strongly identify with a video or article, even if it is deleted by the centralized organization, people will spontaneously store and reprint it and keep it on the network. Such behavior actually coincides with the thought of Dao and the culture of Web3.
        However, human spontaneous consensus is fragile. Without the guarantee of technology + system + culture, these consensus may exist for one night or one time, but it is still partial, one-sided and transient. People need blockchain + Dao + Web3 to record and guarantee the behaviors and consensus we cherish. The inherent thinking still lingers in people's minds, but the world is changing with certainty. People "flock" to this track from the Internet, finance, art and other industries, integrate blockchain technology into products, put the thinking of Dao into the company, and connect Web3 culture into the digital society. The content of this article is only for information sharing, and does not promote and endorse any business and investment activities. Please strictly abide by the laws and regulations of your region and do not participate in any illegal financial activities. Return to Sohu to see more.
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