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Forbes 2021 "blockchain 50" list: ant, Baidu, Tencent, etc

Time : 16/10/2021 Author : j41hul Click : + -
        On February 2, local time, Forbes magazine of the United States selected the top 50 global blockchain companies of "blockchain 50" in 2021, which is the third consecutive year. Chinese companies on the list are listed in alphabetical order: ant group, Baidu, Bi'An, CCB, ICBC, Ping An and Tencent. Among the 50 companies this year, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Citigroup, MasterCard and other companies listed last year fell out of the list, and 21 new companies such as ICBC were replaced. The companies that have been on the list for three consecutive years include ant group, Cargill, coinbase, American Depository and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), IBM, ing, JPMorgan, Microsoft, Samsung, signature Bank (local bank of New York, USA), VMware and Wal Mart.
        Ant group - developed more than 50 blockchain applications on its own blockchain platform "ant chain". A famous example is the open alliance chain, which was launched in 2020, enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to use their blockchain technology and smart contracts to reduce costs. At present, more than 6000 users have written 100000 smart contracts and facilitated 400 million transactions. Baidu - its Du Xiaoman financial has launched more than 20 blockchain solutions. Among them, "Tianping chain" is the infrastructure used by China's three "Internet courts" to handle copyright and e-commerce disputes through virtual litigation without presence. So far, the Beijing Internet court has received more than 35 million electronic evidences.
        Bitcoin - the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange lists 184 token assets and supports nearly 100 blockchains. Last year, the total trading volume reached US $2 trillion. In July, it launched the bitcoin Visa debit card, which can automatically convert users' encrypted assets into local currency and will be accepted by 70 million merchants worldwide. China Construction Bank - this huge bank has established the "bctrade2.0 blockchain trade finance platform", in which 75 financial institutions can quickly identify risky borrowers and provide lower interest rates for borrowers with stronger willingness. At present, the platform has provided loans worth 134 billion US dollars to 5800 users including manufacturers and trading companies.
        Importantly, the platform has eliminated swift, which is a necessary intermediary for inter-bank messaging before the blockchain. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China - the world's largest bank now has 30 blockchain applications that allow customers to track everything from medical care to charitable donations. Ping An of China - this insurance and financial services giant has more than 30 blockchain applications, including the supply chain project of Tianjin port and the financing platform in Guangdong Province, both of which are operated through its financial technology subsidiary oneconnect. Tencent - Shenzhen tax authorities issued about 10 million invoices using the provided blockchain technology.
        Wechat bank founded by Tencent has built the open-source blockchain underlying platform fiscobcos, which has been used by more than 2000 enterprises, including the blockchain identity system weidentity. Weidentity has helped handle more than 17 million cross-border customs clearance between the mainland and Macao. Another blockchain application, wesign, can shorten the arbitration processing time and be used to record evidence in Chinese courts. Kakao - the dominant chat tool in South Korea, with 52 million users. Its digital wallet and its own cryptocurrency Klay are used for in app payment. At present, 370000 certified users have applied, of which 10% use it every day.
        LVMH - mainly uses blockchain to crack down on counterfeit goods. The platform has registered nearly 10 million luxury goods, including LV, Bulgari, Prada, Cartier and other brands. NBA - using its partner dapper's blockchain, it sells a digital star card called "moments". This collection ensures that there are more than ten thousand "moments" in the chain, one of which is LeBron & middot; The transaction price of LeBron James is $100000. Techmahindra - the Technology Department of this Indian car company launched a blockchain based harassment phone and spam SMS screening application in July 2019, with more than 500 million users.
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