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The three most popular scams! It is shocking that many people are still being cheated

Time : 09/02/2022 Author : vwehyx Click : + -
        Let's take the social e-commerce model as an example. In recent years, you must have a friend around you who asked you to follow him to do social e-commerce and easily earn more than ten thousand a month. Such as gathering, daily Taobao, future market, peanut diary, etc. The mode of such social e-commerce is very simple. You pay 399, 499, 1299 or even more money, buy a gift bag, become a platform member, and get the qualification to sell platform goods and share. Second, after you have the entrepreneurial qualification, you will continue to develop offline. It is also selling gift bags, because selling a gift bag can earn 60-200 yuan. In the early days, the daily Taobao, the future bazaar, the gathering, and the Daling family were all in this mode. In particular, the team leader at the head mainly earned the head fee.
        a. Self purchase to save money: your superiors, including the team leader, depend on the consumption of team members in addition to the income from gift bags. So they must keep encouraging you to spend on the platform, and the more commission they get. The main mode is to check all kinds of general tutorials on Baidu, and then make ppt of famous cases that have never been done by yourself, and explain the trend of short video delivery to you. In general courses, you can get at most one electronic version of PPT or video. These videos are likely to be bought from other channels for 99. The reason why some of your works can be praised and commented is that they spent more than 10 yuan to find a brush channel to order them for you.
        1. Pit fees: whether it is selling shop pits or selling live broadcast pits, the first-line online Red pits range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and some of the first online Red pits can even receive millions. 2. List brushing fee: in Kwai, the anchor will broadcast the list and dump the list at the specified time every day! Generally, only the top 3 or the top 5 with the most gifts will have such opportunities. 3. Commission fee: no anchor is willing to do it in the way of pure Commission, because the anchor himself may not be able to ensure that the recommended products can be sold. First of all, it must be recognized that blockchain technology has a significant impact on people's livelihood, finance, science and technology and other fields. Otherwise, the national level will not easily call for learning and development.
        Many cheaters confuse concepts and fabricate various projects. With the slogans of "industry outlet" and "national support", a large number of ordinary people were deceived to join the platform and buy virtual coins!. In May 2018, the Shenzhen police reported a kind of tea coin called "Pu silver coin". A company selling tea started a blockchain and cheated 3000 people, 300 million yuan, with a maximum personal loss of 3 million yuan. In August 2019, the Pudong internet police reported that the virtual pet bitpig platform had been put on file for investigation by the police. The platform claims that raising virtual pigs can make money, and bitdogs are similar. In fact, all the projects are empty shell games, which deceive players to enter, pull up the value of the virtual currency, let players earn some money during the period and taste the sweetness, release the upgrade announcement at the appropriate time, and harvest all.
        Only when we continuously improve our personal cognition, discrimination and decision-making ability can we seize the opportunity or make the right choice.
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