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It was demolished but not completely. The reconstruction right of BOC capsule tower is under auction

Time : 08/02/2022 Author : 3blwg2 Click : + -
        In April this year, the Bank of China capsule tower in Tokyo was demolished due to its long-term disrepair and high maintenance cost, which caused the construction industry to lament. However, in just four months, it was reversed& mdash; The BOC capsule tower will soon be revived in both the real space and the virtual world, because Kurokawa studio is auctioning the right to rebuild the building. Tokyo based kkaa and Japanese investment company Laetoli are selling the right to rebuild the silver capsule tower in the classic building on opensea, a market based on irreplaceable token (NFT) technology.
        There are two ongoing NFT sales projects. One allows the winning bidder to rebuild the Zhongyin capsule tower in Heichuan anywhere in the world, and the other is a digital version in the meta universe. NFT or irreplaceable currencies are digital certificates that can be assigned to the authenticity and ownership of physical and digital assets. Similar to cryptocurrency transactions, each token is separately cast on the blockchain and allows the purchase, sale and collection of relevant assets. Everyone is familiar with the history of this landmark building. The Zhongyin capsule tower was built in 1972 as part of Japan's metabolic movement. There are 140 prefabricated micro capsule houses. These unit modules are fixed on two concrete towers with bolts.
        According to kkaa, the sale of its reconstruction rights is in line with the adaptive metabolic theory initiated and advocated by Kurokawa. "The main idea of metabolism architecture is to rethink society, use architecture as a tool for potential changes, and speculate on how architecture changes, grows and develops. If the metabolism theory enters the digital space, it can continue to develop and reflect the current and future society.". Laetoli, kkaa's partner in this project, runs a company called kabukix. The company exists to preserve Japanese culture and architecture for future generations in real and virtual space. "We hope that this auction can ensure that this historical masterpiece can be rebuilt in some part of the world by those who attach importance to the concept of metabolism and can optimize its design to improve society," said director Kataoka Yoshiko.
        ”。 In order to hold the auction, the international architecture studio BDP created an accurate digital model of the tower. Kkaa and Laetoli reviewed this model for the project to ensure the feasibility of rebuilding the building in real space. BDP's London studio completed the building, structure and service model of the tower on Autodesk's Revit software using the file content and drawings provided by kkaa. The studio also uses Autodesk's bim360 collaboration software, which enables them to view and modify models online in two studios in Tokyo and the United Kingdom. After the sale, BDP's CAD data and models will be provided to the successful bidder, so that they can build the Zhongyin capsule tower in the real space and the meta universe.
        For the buyer of the construction right of the virtual world, the design right is not restricted, which means that the buyer can change the design of the tower in the virtual space, and has full creative freedom in its color, size and function. The team said: "at first, our position was that we would not restrict the recreational activities of the purchasers on the buildings, unless the recreational activities would damage the reputation of kkaa and BOC capsule towers. The purchasers can change the number of capsules or towers, but in the final analysis, the entertainment venues must be built according to the building regulations of each country.". Kkaa added that although the real space and virtual world rights are only auctioned once, the buyer can rent or sell them to others, which means that the Bank of China capsule tower can be built for many times.
        Some capsules of the original tower are also protected by residents and protection organizations, including the Bank of China capsule tower A606 project, which is repairing and modifying the capsules numbered A606. The team plans to transform one of the pods into a "mobile capsule" and expresses that it will respect the "Heichuan & lsquo; concept of building in motion & rsquo; and adaptability". In addition, gluon, a Japanese digital consulting company, is also trying to save the Bank of China capsule tower in the digital space. The company is combining laser scanning data with 20000 photos to complete the augmented reality model of the building. Gluon's digital model team said: "we are using 3D data to preserve the famous Zhongyin capsule tower to preserve the public memory with cultural value. The goal is to accurately record its complex shape through 3D measurement technology and pass on the value of the buildings designed by Kurokawa to future generations.
        ”。 "In addition to the three-dimensional records of complex shapes and structures that cannot be recorded by plane photos and drawings, the transformation trajectory of residents in their lives and the appearance of buildings have changed over time. We have recorded them as they are, so as to accurately grasp the shape of buildings and leave them as digital archives for future generations.".
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