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Taifeng culture "fengchain art tree" obtained the record number of blockchain information service of the National Network Information Office

Time : 22/10/2021 Author : lr0zc7 Click : + -
        On March 4, 2022, the state Internet Information Office released the list of the seventh batch of domestic blockchain information services. The "fengchain art tree" of Jiangsu fengchain Digital Technology Co., Ltd. under Taifeng culture successfully passed the filing review of the Internet information office. From the list of seven batches of domestic blockchain information service names and filing numbers released since the official implementation of the regulations on the management of blockchain information services in 2019, it can be seen that Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, JD, China Unicom, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Everbright Bank, Huawei, Sun Yat sen University and other famous enterprises and universities have obtained projects for filing, and blockchain technology is widely used in various industries.
        The "fengchain art tree" under Taifeng culture is committed to using the technical characteristics such as the decentralization and uniqueness of the blockchain to realize the authentication and traceability of works of art and digital copyright, effectively improve the current pain points and problems in the art market, and position itself in the strategic thinking of "science and technology + culture" to provide system solutions and application mode innovation for the digital transformation and upgrading of the cultural industry. As an important scientific and technological support under Taifeng culture, Jiangsu fengchain Digital Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on scientific and Technological Development and independent innovation, is committed to the research and development of art blockchain copyright technology and Internet operation, applies blockchain technology to enable cultural and artistic creation, and explores various forms of blockchain enabling applications for art and cultural creation in different forms and stages, Continue to explore the Internet mode of domestic and global art and culture markets.
        This time, "fengchain Yishu" has passed the review of the national network information office by virtue of its excellent R & D technology and innovative thinking, and obtained the domestic blockchain information service record number, which has strengthened the determination and power of Taifeng's cultural innovation and development and technology empowerment. "Fengchain Yishu" will also adhere to the technology enabled entity, link the world with science and technology, and commit to the modern inheritance and development of excellent traditional culture.
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