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Our province released the first 10 typical blockchain application cases

Time : 14/06/2022 Author : gxa1z0 Click : + -
        In order to promote the application and innovation of blockchain technology and deeply empower the digital transformation and upgrading, in April this year, the Provincial Department of industry and information technology organized the collection of typical application cases of the provincial blockchain, focusing on government services, intelligent manufacturing, digital agriculture, financial services, medical health, electronic storage, logistics trade, food and drug supervision, smart education, cultural tourism and other related fields, Collect typical cases with demonstration effect and promotion value that make use of blockchain technology to deeply enable industrial application and achieve remarkable results. After voluntary application by relevant units, review and recommendation by various localities and centralized review by experts, the "grain warehouse receipt pledge platform based on blockchain + Internet of things", "intelligent trade union platform based on blockchain", "Xinjiang intelligent water blockchain platform" of Henan ZHONGDUN Yunan Information Technology Co., Ltd. and the "financial asset transaction information system" of Zhongyuan financial asset trading center Co., Ltd. were finally established, Zhengzhou Xinda advanced technology research institute "blockchain based digital economic dispute intelligent legal mediation platform" & lsquo; makerone & rsquo; digital art platform ", Henan Zhongshi Xinke Cultural Industry Co., Ltd." Henan blockchain digital collection platform ", Henan Ziyun cloud computing Co., Ltd." blockchain based food and drug traceability and anti-counterfeiting typical application ", Zhengzhou Huatai United Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. "Yellow River cloud cable industrial Internet of things platform" and Bank of China Limited Puyang branch "Puyang medical insurance & lsquo; blockchain + medical supply chain financing & rsquo; project" were selected.
        Next, the provincial industry and information Huating will give priority to recommending typical cases of provincial blockchain applications to participate in the selection of relevant national demonstration projects and promote them throughout the province. (reporter Wei Jing).
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