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Is blockchain a national strategy,Qiming star sub forum was successfully held

Time : 30/11/2021 Author : lrd8fv Click : + -
        Recently, under the guidance of the state Internet Information Office, sponsored by the national Internet Emergency Response Center (CNCERT / CC) and organized by Qiming star 002439) group, the "2022 19th China Network Security annual conference – infrastructure operation sub forum under the new digital computing pattern" came to a successful conclusion. This forum focuses on new issues, new ideas and new trends of digital infrastructure construction, covering data security, computing security, infrastructure and safe operation. It has conducted in-depth exchanges from multiple perspectives such as technology, application, integration and innovation, further promoted the development of the computing industry, and played a positive role in improving the level of network security in China.
        At the meeting, Yan Hanbing, director of the operation Department of the national Internet Emergency Response Center, said that the implementation of the national strategic project "digital computing in the East and digital computing in the west" will promote mode, capability and technological innovation and escort the benign development of the digital economy. Han Zhihui, senior engineer of the national Internet Emergency Response Center, pointed out that the digital computing infrastructure industry chain can be divided into the upper, middle and lower reaches, of which the upper reaches include hardware suppliers; The midstream includes operators, cloud manufacturers, etc; The downstream includes users and government departments. At present, upstream and downstream products and manufacturers of digital computing infrastructure will face network security threats, including extortion software, source code leakage, data security, supply chain security, cloud security and apt attacks.
        If we want to solve these security risks in actual work, we still face challenges such as overall design, empowerment, operation, talent and evaluation. Li Wei, deputy director of the cloud computing and big data Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of information and communications, said that the connotation of the computing network is a new ICT infrastructure with deep integration of "computing as the center and network as the foundation". Its evolution route will also go through three stages: first, the local integration of computing resources around the cloud platform will be realized, and the rudiment of computing services will appear; The second is to realize the scheduling of computing resources across regions and service providers through the computing network; Third, the operation system of computing network resources is perfect, and the computing power transaction facing both the supply and demand sides forms a closed loop.
        In the future, the computing power network will drive the ubiquitous transmission of data, become the cornerstone of the development and planning of computing power, and create new social business and application models. Qiu Qin, deputy manager of China Mobile 600941) information security management and operation center, believes that in terms of network security, operators have the advantage of "connection + computing power + capability", and can rely on the unique network bearing and traffic control capabilities of operators to pack key network components into isolated environments, and improve the overall security level of isolated environments through trust management of access users or nodes. At the same time, she pointed out that in view of the security risks faced by all levels of the computing network, it is necessary to establish corresponding basic security mechanisms, including four dimensions of infrastructure security, scheduling security, operation service security and data security, which run through all stages of the development of the computing network from ubiquitous collaboration to endogenous.
        Guo Chunmei, vice president of Qiming star group, proposed that security is a key and necessary link in the development of the computing network. It not only has the external output of security capabilities, but also needs to strengthen the internal security self-building of the computing network system. The output of security capability mainly revolves around the digital infrastructure level, the trusted circulation level of computing power, the trusted circulation level of data, etc; The built-in security capability mainly needs to be built around the integration of heterogeneous computing power, the atomization of dict security and the coordination of the management, control and data aspects of the computing network system. In the future, the security development of the computing network will be jointly driven by compliance, actual combat, events and risks. Wu Qianhong, vice president of the school of Cyberspace Security of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, said that at present, blockchain technology has become a strategic highland of global science and technology, and is also the focus of national innovation strategy. Its core technology research includes four major parts: system architecture, security and privacy, regulatory governance and system application.
        As a highly trusted technology, the blockchain can provide tamper proof, resource tracing, value exchange and other capabilities of data after being deployed to the bottom layer of digital computing, and play the role of trusted data exchange, heterogeneous resource value exchange, privacy collaborative computing and so on. Wang Chao, vice president of technology of the data security business department of Qiming star group, said that the new characteristics and demands of data security decide that the protection of data cannot be protected at the same time as the traditional security. Under the background of the circulation of data elements, data security is no longer a single point technology. It is necessary to integrate security capabilities and measures into the scene, systematically build data security capabilities, and achieve full chain and all-round protection.
        In the future, data security must not be a tool or a group of tools, but on the basis of opening up the nine full life cycles of collection, transmission, storage and transaction, change the original security management form based on compliance and accumulation of facilities, and form a scenario based overall solution for data property rights, sharing, circulation, use and privacy protection. The purpose of this forum is to help explore a new path for the development of data security and computing power security from a broader and more diversified framework, and actively promote the construction of a security system for digital information infrastructure. Under the digital background, the biggest challenge faced by security is that the supply is difficult to meet the demand. As the supplier, Qiming Star Group will continue to innovate the way of technology transfer value, rely on its core technology advantages and rich experience accumulation in the field of computing network security, fully integrate ecological resources, effectively help the national "digital East and digital West" project, and provide security for the development of the national digital economy.
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