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Transnational blockchain investment, professional "leek harvesting team" cheated you of your money

Time : 10/03/2022 Author : v7brnh Click : + -
        "Blockchain virtual digital currency allows you to make a lot of money while lying down." "high end new financial products, senior stock analysts, professional traders" & hellip& hellip; Are you excited to hear such a high-yield investment? However, at the same time, you may not be far away from the scam & hellip& hellip; Not long ago, the procuratorate of Huai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone in Jiangsu Province indicted Wang and other 26 suspect to the court for suspected fraud. In August 2019, Gu Meiling was inexplicably pulled into the wechat group of "Shulong private equity fans". The group has been sending all kinds of stock trading information. There is also a senior stock analyst who regularly pushes the link between the live broadcast room and teaches stock speculation courses every day.
        Gu Meiling herself also speculates in the stock market and is very interested in the information about the stock market within the group. "Teacher Shu long" explained the stock knowledge in the live broadcast room, and also warned everyone that the stock market is not good at present, so they should be cautious in investment. After gaining the trust of everyone, the concept of blockchain virtual currency that can make a lot of money is introduced in a timely manner, and it is recommended that you download and install the "Crystal International" app. From time to time, some people in the group sent out pictures of investment profits. Gu Meiling was a little moved and wanted to invest. A netizen named "Hongru" in the group took the initiative to add Gu Meiling to exchange investment information with each other. Hongru told Gu Meiling that "teacher Shu long" was very powerful, and that he could make profits quickly by following the teacher's operation. After Gu Meiling downloaded and registered the app, she found that crystal international was an international trading platform, and its interface operation and profit model were similar to those of stocks, so she decided to deposit tens of thousands of yuan.
        There are five kinds of virtual currencies in the app platform. Gu Meiling made several hundred dollars when she bought the blockchain virtual currency for the first time. Following "teacher Shu long", Gu Meiling continued to invest in the platform. Unfortunately, it was not long before almost all the funds were lost. "I have heard of blockchain, and it has been mentioned in TV news. The teacher has recommended listed stocks before, and some stocks have indeed risen. I feel that the teacher knows stocks very well, so I firmly believe that I will follow the teacher to invest in blockchain virtual currency.". "The basic salary is 4000 yuan, the monthly income is tens of thousands of yuan, the package includes food and accommodation, and the Commission is included. There are five days off and two days off a week, and the work is eight hours a day. There are also group construction and tourism.". In July 2019, Xia Ming was very excited to see such recruitment information, and then contacted the recruitment company.
        The other party told him that he worked in Cambodia and was mainly responsible for the operation of small commodity trade between Cambodia and China. The company was responsible for handling visas and reimbursement of airline tickets. On July 26, Xia Ming bought Zhang Fei's ticket to Hong Kong and then transferred to Cambodia. After getting off the plane, Xia Ming found that there were about ten people with him and they were taken to a residential building in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The working place is on the seventh floor. There are three working groups with seven or eight people in each group. "When I arrived, I felt that my work was irregular. I heard the work situation and work tasks introduced by the team leader. I knew that these stock recommendation were deceptive, but I wanted to make money, so I stayed." Xia Ming and his entourage are mostly "post-95", with low education and no stable income.
        Facing the high commission of 3% to 5% of the transfer amount promised by the group leader, Xia Ming chose to stay. "XX shares are bull stocks today! Pay attention!" "Mr. Shu long, it's amazing. I made a little more money from the stocks I bought with you." "I made a lot of money with Mr. Shu long" & hellip& hellip; Xia Ming and more than 20 other people officially started their "work". Each person recruited from China was assigned three or four Cambodian mobile phone cards. The team leader and team members were assigned the task of maintaining micro signals. The so-called "maintenance number" is to maintain the activity of wechat, add friends among members, forward messages, play small games and browse news with wechat, and avoid abnormal wechat display accounts logged in abroad.
        Each team member is required to set up 150 wechat groups (called "bottom groups" internally). The team leader will pull all kinds of people into the group. The vast majority of accounts in the wechat group are ordinary investors' accounts pretended by the team members, and a few are real wechat users (called "customers" internally). The team leader uses "teacher Shu long" and the team leader uses "assistant number", fictitious the identity of senior stock analyst Shu long, and the team members trumpet "teacher Shu long". If someone adds the wechat of "teacher Shu long", these customers will be marked as high-quality customers, and the team leader will usually pull the high-quality customers into another group. The team leader will specially remind the team members not to send repeated messages when hyping the teacher number, so as not to let people see the flaws.
        If there are repeated messages sent to see whether they can be withdrawn, those that cannot be withdrawn will be displayed on the screen with other messages; If the message that should have been sent by the "teacher number" is sent by the team members using the small number, and it is seen that it is "entrusted", the group will be dissolved. After a day or two of hype, the "Shulong teacher" will send the live room link in the group. At this time, customers will blindly trust the professional ability of "Shulong teacher" in stock. "Shu long" began to introduce the stock market in the live broadcast room, launch the "blockchain" digital currency transaction, teach the use of the "Crystal International" app, and lure the victims to register and recharge. "Change the place with one shot" is a common trick of the fraud gang.
        At the end of September 2019, the fraud group was transferred to Mongolia as a whole and planned to use the same means to conduct "blockchain" fraud. However, the criminal gang did not "keep a number" in Mongolia for several days, which was easy to be captured by the Mongolian police on October 29, 2019. So far, a major transnational fraud case has surfaced. The Ministry of public security instructed the Public Security Department of Jiangsu Province to have jurisdiction over the case. The Public Security Department of Jiangsu Province handed over more than 90 suspect to the Public Security Bureau of Huai'an City for investigation. During the investigation, it was found that this was an organized, disciplined, hierarchical and divided criminal gang. The Huaian Development Zone procuratorate found through examination that from July to the end of September 2019, the "water king" and "Dongge" (on the run) had set up various false investment platforms and set up multiple agents. Among them, "Viagra" rented a site in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as an agent of the "Crystal International" platform, purchased wechat, mobile phones, computers and other tools used in the crime, and paid basic salary and high commission Unified arrangement of travel, accommodation and other means, recruitment of a large number of personnel in China to Cambodia, and use the backstage control of "Crystal International" platform to carry out fraud.
        After recruitment by "Viagra", Wang Ping and Qi fan (on the run) as the group leader of the "Crystal International" platform code named "Tiger Leap group", sun Qing as the group leader of the "Mingbei group" and Hu Li as the group leader of the "Qitian group" were respectively responsible for the daily management of the group and the payment of salary Commission. All of them set the fraud dens in a building in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. According to the background data of the "Crystal International" platform, during the operation of the platform in Cambodia, the "Tiger Leap group" managed by the defendant Wang Ping defrauded 69 victims of US $1.24 million, equivalent to RMB 8.62 million; The "Mingbei group" managed by the defendant sun Qing defrauded the victim of 310000 US dollars, equivalent to 2.17 million yuan; The "Qi Tian Group" managed by the defendant Hu Li defrauded 25 victims of US $110000, equivalent to RMB 760000.
        It was not until the public security organ called Gu Meiling to assist in the investigation that Gu Meiling realized that she had been cheated. In addition to herself, "teacher Shu long", assistant and other shareholders in the wechat group were almost all liars. Blockchain is a new way of data management based on cryptography. The emergence of blockchain was indeed accompanied by bitcoin and currency speculation. The "Crystal International" is not a real blockchain at all. Its backstage is manipulated by the fraud group, and the index of rise and fall is manually operated. Blockchain is only a technical means, and it does not create value. Investors should be vigilant and not be confused by exaggerated profit returns. They must bear in mind that high returns have high risks and investment should be cautious.
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