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Blockchain mechanism,Charity bills are all on the chain, and Zhejiang uses the blockchain to upgrade the public welfare supervision mechanism

Time : 25/05/2022 Author : k90tsi Click : + -
        On February 27, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance and ant financial took the lead in launching blockchain donation of electronic bills. The first batch of five public welfare organizations in Zhejiang Province responded positively, including the Charity Federation of Zhejiang Province, women's and children's fund, youth development foundation, smile tomorrow charity foundation and love cause foundation, and completed the ecological closed-loop of the donation chain, circulation process and information traceability of related projects. At present, social caring people can directly generate real name donation electronic bills after completing donations through Alipay and other online methods, and check and verify them in the "zheliban" app at any time. Charity organizations no longer need to manually issue bills and mail them to users, which greatly improves the efficiency of issuing and delivering donation bills.
        How the public welfare foundation handles the donations from caring people has always been a concern of donors. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the demand for issuing donation bills in Zhejiang Province increased sharply, but the traditional way of issuing bills was slow, cumbersome and inefficient, and it was impossible to supervise the donation immediately. The reporter went to Alipay to search for love donation, select the corresponding public welfare project, click "donate again", and after the payment is completed, the payment success page will display "apply for donation bill", that is, issue the relevant invoice. "Through the bill chain, Zhejiang Province has realized that every donation must be issued, and the bills and the income of public welfare institutions correspond one by one. The flow of funds and bills are integrated into one, opening up the whole flow of donations, greatly improving efficiency, while ensuring the authenticity and credibility of each donation expenditure, and enhancing the trust of donors.
        ”Ye Shibao, director of the electronic bill center of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of finance, told the reporter that in the next step, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of finance will cooperate with the tax authorities to donate electronic bills based on the blockchain, innovate the tax deduction mechanism, and realize the rapid deduction of enterprise and personal income tax after donations. Since the provincial blockchain electronic bill platform was established in June last year in conjunction with ant blockchain, by the end of 2019, 507 medical institutions and 74 public hospitals in Zhejiang Province had realized the reimbursement of electronic bills in different places in the province, reducing 100 million bills and saving more than 30 million bills printing costs. On February 10, the charity donation traceability platform "shanxun", developed and supported by Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd. and operated by China xiongan group digital city company, was officially launched.
        In order to better pool the strength of all parties and solve the problems such as unmatched information on the supply side and demand side of epidemic prevention materials and lagging information update, on February 5, the public service platform for epidemic prevention materials information jointly developed by ant blockchain and citydo group was launched on Alipay, with blockchain technology as the front line to solve the urgent problem of unsynchronized material supply information. Search Alipay for "new crown materials" and you can see it. Some users have also seen this information.
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