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Chain game player moon hare held a blockchain game theme lecture at Shanghai University of Technology

Time : 02/11/2021 Author : dpkwt9 Click : + -
        At the invitation of the school of publishing, printing and design art of Shanghai University of technology, on the afternoon of September 18, Yue Yetu, the founder of the chain game player, attended the activity of "national first-class undergraduate construction industry experts into the classroom" and held a theme lecture on "copyright chain makes game assets flow" for the graduate and undergraduate students of the University's publishing profession. Moon hare said that in the game, accounts, props, equipment and so on belong to the game assets. All the playing methods of the game are based on the issuance, transaction and use of the game assets. From the perspective of digital economy and game assets, both stand-alone games and online games belong to traditional games, with five disadvantages.
        First, the ownership relationship of game assets is not clear. At present, there is no game asset confirmation link in the Games operated in the market, and the ownership of game assets often causes disputes. Second, the rights of users' game assets are incomplete. Although the game assets obtained by users through paying money and time can be used and transferred under normal circumstances, the actual control of the game assets is held by the game developers and operators. Once the user's game account is closed or the game stops operating, the user will lose all the game assets under his name. Therefore, users have incomplete rights to their own game assets. Third, the real amount of game assets is not transparent.
        Game developers and operators will not release the real issuance and sales data of game assets, and the game will become an unlimited money printer. Fourth, the final value of game assets tends to zero. With the end of the game life cycle, the value of the game assets purchased by users will eventually tend to zero. The game has become a bottomless pit for many players to spend money. Fifth, the application scenario of game assets is simplified. Users often play multiple games at the same time or successively, and they have game assets in each game. However, these game asset application scenarios are limited to this game and cannot be traded and used across games and scenarios. Moon hare said that blockchain games are short for chain games.
        Chain game is a complete new game category after stand-alone games and online games. It can effectively solve the pain point problem of traditional games in game assets and represents the future development direction of the game industry. She said that not all games developed based on blockchain technology can be called chain games. Only games that meet the following characteristics are chain games. First, the game assets are confirmed by blockchain. Game assets can only be publicly issued after they are confirmed by the authority, which ensures the authenticity, legality and compliance of game assets. Game assets must be chained. Second, blockchain of game asset issuance. In traditional games, game assets and games are integrated, and game assets are an inseparable part of games.
        However, the game assets are distributed based on a centralized database, and the number of issues is not public, opaque, and easy to tamper with. In the chain game, game assets and games are relatively independent. Game developers and operators must issue game assets on the game blockchain in a legal and compliant manner, and the circulation is open and transparent. Third, the game asset transaction is blockchain. After the user completes the game asset transaction, in the traditional game, the game software modifies the game asset information in the central database; In the chain game, the game software changes the ownership relationship of game assets on the game blockchain. The transaction information of game assets is also recorded on the game blockchain, and the transaction process is authentic.
        Fourth, blockchain of user game assets. In traditional games, users enjoy the right of incomplete game assets. In the chain game, the game asset certificate is stored on the blockchain, and the user holds the game asset certificate, which means that the ownership of the game asset belongs to the user, and the user has the ownership, disposal and use rights of the game asset under his name. Completing the game asset transaction means changing the game asset certificate and completing the game asset transfer. That month, the hare said, "it is precisely based on the above characteristics that the chain tour can perfectly realize the cross game and cross scene transaction flow and use of game assets, and the value of game assets will be fully guaranteed and will never return to zero." after that, the classroom immediately became lively, and the students said that the chain tour was too magical.
        Yue Yetu proposed that from the time dimension of the development of the game industry, if the single game is 1.0 and the online game is 2.0, then the chain game is 3.0. Different from traditional games, the game assets of chain games need to be confirmed and stored on the chain, which means that new standards need to be established for the confirmation and storage of game assets. First, the principle of confirming the rights of game assets is legality and compliance, that is to follow the existing laws and regulations and avoid excessive financialization. Second, the game assets are held in name, which is completely different from the anonymous holding of the original assets of the blockchain. Therefore, it is also necessary to establish relevant technical standards for the online storage of game assets.
        Third, the game assets are stored in the blockchain, which not only ensures that the legitimate rights and interests of users are not infringed, but also ensures that the game can be managed and controlled. Therefore, the blockchain that stores game assets must be developed and operated domestically. At present, the copyright chain led by the Beijing Copyright Bureau and the balance chain of the Beijing Internet court have formed a collaborative mechanism. It is the only domestic blockchain system jointly participated and operated by the administrative and judicial departments. It has strong social credibility and is the best platform for blockchain games. It can develop a game chain based on the copyright chain and become the main chain of the blockchain game industry. On September 7, at the China International Service Trade Fair, chain game players signed a formal contract with the copyright chain to become a strategic partner in the blockchain game field.
        Chain game players will actively participate in the formulation of blockchain game standards under the guidance of relevant departments, and will take the lead in launching chain games that meet this standard. Moon hare explained that the game blockchain is referred to as the game chain and is the trusted infrastructure of the game industry. Game developers and operators complete the confirmation, issuance and transaction of game assets on the game chain, and the game assets are stored on the game chain. The game chain is a public infrastructure. As long as each game has an open interface, it can communicate with the game assets on the game chain. Between any game, as long as the game asset exchange rules are set, the assets of other games can be allowed to enter the game scene.
        The month hare explains how the chain travel based on the copyright chain controls the asset risk from two aspects. First, the game assets are credible. Game assets are certified by authoritative institutions and issued with trusted digital copyright certificates. Secondly, the issuance of game assets is credible. The chain travel asset issuance plan can only be issued after being reviewed by relevant departments. Therefore, the distribution scale of game assets is scientific and reasonable, and open and transparent. Therefore, the copyright chain can well eliminate the phenomenon of cutting leeks from the source. Yue hare replied that every game asset based on the copyright chain is confirmed by the authority, and a unique asset confirmation certificate is issued for each game asset. Game assets without a confirmation certificate are illegal assets.
        All game assets are registered, and one game asset corresponds to a unique asset certificate. The game asset transaction and the game asset certificate transfer are an inseparable part of a complete transaction process. Only payment can not be completed without the certificate transfer. This solves the problem of "double flower" of game assets. The transfer of the game asset certificate needs to be confirmed by both parties. Therefore, the transaction mode based on the asset certificate is safe. Although the lecture is short, it is rich in content and has been praised by all the students. This activity was presided over by Professor Shi Yongqin of Shanghai University of technology. Xuan Hongliang, founder of copyright chain, made wonderful comments on the lecture content of the moon hare.
        It is reported that chain game players will establish cooperation with many famous universities across the country to hold blockchain game theme lectures. Return to Sohu to see more.
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