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Changes in US stocks, blockchain stocks fell collectively, and bitcoin fell sharply

Time : 12/11/2021 Author : qi2d6r Click : + -
        On August 19, the blockchain stocks of glonghui fell sharply, marathon digital fell by more than 12%, riotblockchain and coinbase fell by 9%. Due to the sudden sell-off of cryptocurrencies in early trading in Europe, bitcoin fell 8.86% to 21374.26 USD / piece. Crypto market analyst Simon Peters said that since the release of the minutes of the July meeting of the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, the US stock market has dropped. The key point is that the Federal Reserve may not complete the interest rate hike before the inflation eases comprehensively, nor provide guidance for future interest rate hikes. Due to the close correlation between US stocks and cryptocurrencies in recent months, he suspected that this had penetrated the cryptocurrency market, which was the reason for the sell-off.
        The liquidation of long positions in the bitcoin perpetual futures market may also exacerbate this trend.
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