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"Does China have a timetable for reunification?"? Reply from the Chinese ambassador to the United States! Russia enters a state of emergency... US stocks fall, blockchain falls

Time : 20/01/2022 Author : iv9so2 Click : + -
        On Friday, local time, the three major indexes of the US stock market opened low and went low. As of the press release, the Dow index fell 0.88%, the NASDAQ index fell 2.04%, and the S & P 500 index fell 1.34%. Cryptocurrencies were generally weak, and bitcoin fell sharply. Ethereum fell by nearly 10.00% in the day and is now at US $1695.39/piece. In terms of international news, according to sources on the 18th, the US government is ready to provide Ukraine with about 800 million US dollars of additional military support, which may be announced as early as the 19th local time. On the 19th local time, the acting governor of Ryazan Oblast of Russia announced that a state of emergency was implemented in ryazansky district because the forest fire in the ryazansky District of the oblast had spread to 26 hectares.
        In addition, Chinese ambassador to the United States Qin Gang recently gave a joint interview to the mainstream media of the United States in Washington. The associated press, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, the new Yorker, etc. took turns to sharply ask Ambassador Qin: the situation in the Taiwan Strait has suddenly escalated. Will China's reunification process be accelerated? How does China respond to the "yes"? Some Sino US cooperation has been suspended. When will it be restarted& hellip;& hellip; Qin Gang answered these questions. On the 19th local time, the acting governor of Ryazan Oblast of Russia announced that a state of emergency was implemented in ryazansky district because the forest fire in the ryazansky District of the oblast had spread to 26 hectares. This is also the third area in liangzan state that has entered a state of emergency due to forest fire.
        Earlier, the state's klepikovsky and Spassky districts had entered a state of emergency due to forest fires. According to AFP, on August 19, local time, UN Secretary General Antonio middot; During his visit to Odessa port in Ukraine, Guterres called on not to cut off the connection between the zaborore nuclear power station and the Ukrainian power grid. The Ukrainian National Nuclear Power Company announced on social media on the 19th that the Russian army plans to stop the units working at the zaborore nuclear power station in the near future and disconnect them from the lines that supply power to Ukraine's energy system. An official of the Russian Ministry of Defense said on the 18th that if the negative situation related to the shelling of the nuclear power station in Ukraine continues to develop, the "cold storage" of units 5 and 6 will be studied, which will lead to the interruption of the operation of the zaborore nuclear power station.
        Zaborore nuclear power station is the largest nuclear power station in Ukraine and one of the largest nuclear power stations in Europe. The nuclear power station has six unit reactors. In the past month, there has been continuous artillery fire in the zaborore nuclear power station area, and Russia and Ukraine have accused each other of launching attacks. The Ukrainian side accused the Russian army of "deliberately" attacking the facilities of the zhaborze nuclear power station, which was "nuclear blackmail" against the Ukrainian side. On the other hand, the Russian side said that the Uzbek side planned to provoke at the zaborore nuclear power station during Guterres's visit to Ukraine, thereby accusing the Russian side of creating a man-made disaster in this region. According to Ukrainian line time, Nikolayev city was attacked by Russian S-300 missiles. Three Russian missiles hit the Black Sea State University and nearby areas, injuring one person.
        This is the second time that the Black Sea National University has been attacked. The report also said that on the morning of 19 September, the city of Kramatorsk was attacked by Russian rockets. The technical and Design College of Kramatorsk and the state machinery manufacturing College of Donbas were damaged in the attack. According to preliminary information, there were no casualties. According to an informed source on the 18th, the US government is ready to provide Ukraine with about US $800 million in additional military support, which may be announced as early as the 19th local time. It is understood that US President Biden will use the "presidential appropriation authority" to provide security for this military support. Under this appropriation privilege, the president of the United States may authorize the transfer of goods and services from the National Reserve in an emergency without congressional approval.
        The White House declined to comment. Since the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the United States has continuously added military support to Ukraine. According to the website of business insider, since the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the United States has provided Ukraine with about $10 billion in military support. Russian satellite news agency reported on the 18th that recently, dozens of former US government officials wrote to Biden requesting the US government to continue military support for Ukraine. In response, Springman, a US political analyst and former diplomat, said that this "arch fire" act not only violated the UN Charter, but also did not conform to US laws; This kind of behavior is extremely unprofessional and dangerous. It shows the "terrible connection" between the military, arms dealers and the United States government.
        Springman also said that although some US arms dealers have made a lot of money from US military support to Ukraine, the economies of the United States and Europe have been adversely affected by their anti Russian strategy; The sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe on Russia have had the opposite effect, pushing up domestic food and energy prices and increasing inflation. The final result may be the economic collapse of the United States and European countries. Recently, Chinese ambassador to the United States Qin Gang gave a joint interview with the mainstream media in Washington. The associated press, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, the new Yorker, etc. took turns to sharply ask Ambassador Qin: the situation in the Taiwan Strait has suddenly escalated. Will China's reunification process be accelerated? How does China respond to the "yes"? Some Sino US cooperation has been suspended. When will it be restarted& hellip;& hellip;。
        1. Wall Street Journal: after Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, some US China cooperation was suspended. What do you think the US side can do to restart bilateral cooperation?. Qin Gang: the US should not be surprised that China is taking countermeasures. This is because we have repeatedly warned the US side that if Pelosi goes ahead, it will have serious consequences for bilateral exchanges and cooperation. She still went, so we will do what we say. We have suspended dialogue, communication and cooperation in some areas, including the China US climate change talks. Now the United States says that China's suspension of climate change talks is punishing the world. The question is, can the United States represent the world?. 2. AP: the United States said that it would send warships through the Taiwan Strait, which is a measure they regularly carry out in the region.
        Is this provocation? What is China's response to this?. Qin Gang: the US side has gone too far in this area! Since 2012, the United States has made nearly 100 voyages in the Taiwan Strait, which has exacerbated the tension and contributed to the arrogance of the "" forces. We have noticed that the US military has recently said that it will conduct military exercises or navigation again. Here, I call on my American colleagues to exercise restraint and not to escalate the tension. If the US side takes any action that damages China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Chinese side will respond. Qin Gang: I have been the ambassador to the United States for one year. I feel that I am in the "threat phobia" of the United States towards China. Indeed, as you said, China has been misunderstood and misjudged as a challenge or even a threat from the United States.
        China US relations, such an important group of bilateral relations, are now driven by the fear of the United States toward China, rather than by the common interests and responsibilities of the two countries. But what I want to say is that China is not a threat, not a challenge. China's development is to enable the people to live a better life. We have no intention of replacing or destroying the United States. We just want the people to live a happy life. We need a peaceful and cooperative external environment, especially our relations with the United States, so as to better focus on domestic construction. Unfortunately, our intentions have been misunderstood. I hope that the US side can get rid of its "threat phobia" and not blame China for all its problems. China and the United States are different. No one can change the other.
        Differences are not an excuse for groundless accusations, nor can they justify those crazy and unreasonable words and deeds. We should not allow differences to occupy the center of the stage of China US relations, nor should differences define China US relations. If China US relations are handled out of fear of China, it will cause tension in the relations between the two countries and lead Sino US relations to the wrong track and to the dangerous direction of conflict and confrontation. 4. "Defense No. 1": according to the director of the US Federal Bureau of investigation, all 50 US states have espionage cases involving Chinese people. Can we do business with China? What should China do to convince more Americans that China is not a threat? They also saw that in Hong Kong, China abolished or forcibly ended its democratic system and imposed the mainland's system and will.
        Qin Gang: This is a typical "Chinese phobia". Can you believe that China has carried out espionage activities in all 50 states of the United States? Is there any evidence? Normal exchanges should not be mistaken for espionage. Intimidating the Chinese people and the Chinese community and making Americans dare not do business or conduct cultural exchanges with China are all driven by ideological prejudice. The riots in Hong Kong were not caused by the issue of "one country, two systems". The real reason was that some forces manipulated the concept of "one country, two systems" under the pretext of human rights and democracy to undermine Hong Kong's stability and prosperity. The turmoil in Hong Kong is a struggle between separatism and anti - separatism. With the support of external forces, some forces have created chaos in Hong Kong and caused trouble to China.
        They want "two systems" instead of "one country". Some people have prepared British and American flags in Hong Kong, clamoring for "two countries, two systems", demanding "Hong Kong Independence" or the return to British colonial rule. Under such circumstances, the Chinese central government must safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, and safeguard Hong Kong's long-term stability and prosperity. Since the wave of Legislative Council amendments in 2019, there have been serious violence, destruction of public property, arson, obstruction of traffic, attacks on police and civilians in Hong Kong. The damage and danger caused are far greater than the incident of "rushing into the Capitol Hill" on January 6, 2021. This has nothing to do with democracy and is definitely not the "beautiful scenery" as Pelosi said.
        Their actions are absolutely criminal and violent. The United States is investigating and settling the incident of "rushing into Capitol Hill". Similarly, Hong Kong can not tolerate such violent crimes. The central government has resolutely implemented the national security law of Hong Kong, improved the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and implemented the principle of "patriots ruling Hong Kong". Hong Kong has realized a major change from chaos to governance, and the "one country, two systems" has returned to the right track. This change proves that "one country" is the premise and basis for implementing "two systems", and "two systems" are subordinate to and derived from "one country". 5. New Yorker: President Xi once said that the Taiwan issue cannot be passed down from generation to generation. Does China have a timetable for reunification? Has the events of the past year or two, the state of us China relations or the wider world situation accelerated this timetable?.
        Qin Gang: I don't know what the specific timetable is. But I know that we have the desire and prospects for achieving peaceful reunification. This is the wish of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people. The white paper we published a few days ago wrote that the Taiwan issue arose from the weakness and chaos of the nation and will be resolved with the rejuvenation of the nation. That's the future, but I don't know what the timetable is. I think some people are too nervous about this, and there are many guesses, which are totally groundless. Qin Gang: this assumption does not exist. First of all, Taiwan is a part of China. The Taiwan issue is purely China's internal affair, and no interference by any external force is allowed. Second, we are willing to continue to strive for peaceful reunification with the utmost sincerity and effort.
        Only when the "separatist forces" and external forces interfere and cause Taiwan to split from China, will non peaceful means be adopted. In any case, this is purely an internal affair of China. The overwhelming majority of countries in the international community support and accept the one China principle. On the issue of Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, more than 170 countries and international organizations around the world expressed their stand of adhering to the one China principle, accounting for 80% of the global population. China abides by international law and the basic norms of international relations. Why should other countries criticize or isolate China because of its internal affairs?. 6. Axios website: you said that the Chinese people overwhelmingly have a strong desire for reunification. Do you accept the result of the opinion poll, that is, the Taiwan people overwhelmingly do not want to be reunified by the mainland, although the Chinese side intends to change this situation.
        What do you think of this?. Qin Gang: I want to emphasize that no matter how different the political systems of the mainland and Taiwan are, the historical fact that both sides of the Strait belong to one China has never changed and will not change. The fact that both sides of the Strait are Chinese has never changed and will not change. Of course, we also fully understand that Taiwan has been separated from the motherland for decades, fully understand the differences in political and social systems between Taiwan and the mainland, and fully understand the feelings of the Chinese compatriots on the Taiwan Island. Therefore, we have formulated the basic principle of "one country, two systems". This is the most inclusive plan. We fully respect the differences in systems, the reality and the feelings of the people on both sides of the Strait. This reflects democracy and is a great innovation in the world.
        On the Taiwan issue, we have maintained sufficient patience and goodwill for peaceful reunification. After reunification, Taiwan's current political system can be maintained. "Two systems" is democracy in itself. Axios website: then is it Beijing that decides "two systems" or Taiwan that decides? As far as Hong Kong is concerned, Beijing clearly defines "two systems". Qin Gang: the solution to Taiwan's future system will be through equal consultations between the people on both sides of the Strait. This is a democratic process. On the basis of the one China principle, the interests and concerns of the Taiwan people will be fully considered and taken care of. When we talk about "one country, two systems", please don't forget that "one country" is the basis and premise. It is not allowed to use "two systems" to negate the basis and premise of "one country".
        Without "one country", how can there be "two systems"?. Qin Gang: in the past few years, the US side has sold a lot of weapons to Taiwan in violation of the three Sino US joint communiques, especially the "August 17 Communique" signed on August 17, 1982. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the "August 17 Communique". Now some people are not interested in history and law, which is why they have come to this stage. Let me read the original text of the communique. "The US government declares that it does not seek to implement a long-term policy of arms sales to Taiwan. The performance and quantity of arms it sells to Taiwan will not exceed the level of supply in recent years after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. It is prepared to gradually reduce its arms sales to Taiwan and lead to a final settlement after a period of time.
        ”。 After 40 years, has the US solved this problem? No, We have not seen the US side fulfill its commitments. Instead, we have seen that the US side continues to sell weapons to Taiwan in more quantities and with more advanced functions. All these are written in black and white in international documents, but the US side has regressed from its own commitments. Of course, we should strongly oppose US arms sales to Taiwan. This is because the US side is changing the status quo, creating tension and obstructing our efforts to achieve peaceful reunification. Statement: the securities times strives to keep the information true and accurate. The contents mentioned in the article are for reference only and do not constitute substantive investment suggestions. Therefore, the operational risk shall be borne by itself. In the morning trading on August 19, the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery sector rose collectively, with the industry index rising by 3.91%, the highest increase in this month. Tianma technology rose by the limit, and Wen's shares, Dongrui shares and Xiangjia shares led the rise, rising by 9.6%, 6.57% and 6.33% respectively.
        This morning, the two sides issued another announcement. However, after a substantial adjustment, the share price plunged by more than 50%. Today, with a piece of bad news, Songdu shares opened at the early limit, and more than 500 million were evaporated in half a day. Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Office of centralized drug and medical consumables procurement released the third batch of centralized drug and medical consumables procurement documents for public medical institutions in Zhejiang Province (Draft for comments). The specific procurement varieties have not been announced. In A-share, many companies have laid out the field of digital RMB hard wallets. Desheng technology is a Minsheng card (i.e. social security third-generation card) card maker and card making equipment provider of Beijing postal savings bank. The company previously said that the technical function of digital money is still in the test and verification stage.
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