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Xuchang's "14th five year" supply chain development plan: promote state-owned enterprises to set up supply chain financial service companies

Time : 07/12/2021 Author : no6iaj Click : + -
        On July 27, the people's Government of Xuchang City issued the "14th five year plan" for the development of modern supply chain in Xuchang City, which clearly stated that by 2025, a modern supply chain system driven by innovation, strong coordination, smooth circulation, supporting upgrading, safety and controllability will be basically built, and will be deeply integrated into the supply chain and procurement chain of leading enterprises at home and abroad. 1. The comprehensive competitiveness of the supply chain has been significantly enhanced. We will foster and form four hundred billion level and several ten billion level industrial supply chains of equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials and new generation information technology, and cultivate more than 10 key supply chain enterprises with industrial or regional influence. 2. The innovation and development capacity of the supply chain has been significantly enhanced.
        The city's digital supply chain innovation and application level is in the forefront of the province, and more than 5 provincial leading industrial supply chain platforms are cultivated. Modern supply chain finance has become the main channel of enterprise financing, and the scale of supply chain financing has been greatly increased. The green level of the supply chain has been significantly improved, and the production system, circulation system and consumption system of green low-carbon circular development have been initially formed. 3. The basic support capacity of the supply chain has been significantly enhanced. The hub system with the construction of "Zhengzhou modern international logistics (Xuchang) sub center" as the core and multi node support is more perfect, and the modern logistics operation system of "channel + hub + network" is basically completed. The total transportation volume of social logistics in the whole city reached 150 million tons, the total social logistics volume of the whole city exceeded trillion yuan, and the total social logistics cost accounted for less than 13% of GDP.
        Cultivate 5 provincial-level supply chain comprehensive service demonstration enterprises and build an important supply chain service outsourcing base in China. 4. The public service capacity of the supply chain has been significantly enhanced. The supply chain pilot demonstration has achieved remarkable results, and strive to create a number of national supply chain innovation and application demonstration enterprises. The reform of "running at most once" and "releasing management and serving efficiency" in the supply chain field has been continuously deepened, and a unified and cross departmental public service platform for the city's supply chain has been built. The innovation of supply chain digital governance mode has taken the lead in the province. We will implement the leapfrog development project of strategic emerging industries, implement the "chain leader" system of industrial chains and the "double leader system" of industrial alliance presidents, cultivate and introduce 10 leading enterprises with core technology support and 10 high-level innovation platforms, roll out 100 major supply chain projects every year, and create four hundred billion level emerging industry supply chains.
        Define the annual cultivation objectives and tasks, draw the industrial "chain spectrum", give play to the leading role of "chain owners" such as Xuji group, Pingmei Longji and Xiji Xunda, focus on breaking new technologies and developing new products, improve the integration ability of industrial supply chain, strengthen the action of strengthening chain extension and chain supplement, actively introduce and cultivate leading backbone enterprises and upstream and downstream associated supporting enterprises, and promote more industrial products, technical equipment Materials and devices have entered the domestic big cycle and the domestic and international double cycle. Guide banking financial institutions to strengthen cooperation with core enterprises in the supply chain and jointly develop modern supply chain financial services such as accounts receivable financing, inventory financing and prepayment financing. Support core supply chain enterprises to initiate or participate in private banks, insurance companies, enterprise group finance companies, small loan companies, pawn companies, commercial factoring companies and other institutions, promote state-owned enterprises to establish supply chain financial service companies, and create a win-win industrial environment for large, medium, small and micro enterprises.
        We will guide financial institutions in the banking industry to connect with relevant systems of core enterprises and government departments, vigorously develop a supply chain financial service model based on financial technology, and facilitate small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain supply chain financial services. Relying on Xuchang comprehensive insurance zone, try to introduce international supply chain financial service institutions with rich industry experience, encourage commercial banks, insurance companies and core enterprises in the supply chain to establish supply chain financial service platforms, actively and steadily carry out supply chain financial business, and ensure the flow of funds to the real economy. Support the use of existing government investment funds to establish supply chain finance sub funds, encourage state-owned enterprises and social capital to initiate the establishment of investment funds in the field of supply chain finance, support core enterprises in the supply chain to merge and restructure in the industrial chain, enhance asset liquidity, and provide financial support for upstream and downstream small and medium-sized enterprises of core enterprises in the supply chain.
        The supply chain is an organizational form that takes customer demand as the guide, takes improving quality and efficiency as the goal, and takes integrating resources as the means to achieve efficient coordination in the whole process of product design, procurement, production, sales and service. It has the characteristics of innovation, coordination, fairness, openness and green. The outline of the national "14th five year plan" proposes to "improve the modernization level of the industrial chain supply chain, adhere to the combination of economy and security, complement the short board, forge the long board, and form an industrial chain supply chain with stronger innovation, higher added value, and more security and reliability". It will be a national strategy to comprehensively improve the modernization level of the supply chain. Building a modern supply chain is an important way to implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and achieve high-quality development. It is conducive to accelerating the development of the modern industrial system, promoting the optimization and upgrading of the economic system, improving the international competitiveness of the city's industries, and shaping the city's new advantages in international cooperation and competition.
        This plan is formulated to implement the planning documents such as the "14th five year plan" for modern supply chain development of Henan Province, the "14th five year plan" for modern circulation system development of Henan Province, the "14th five year plan" for national economic and social development of Xuchang City and the "2035 long-term goal outline", and comprehensively promote the innovative development of modern supply chain in our city. During the "13th five year plan" period, our city thoroughly implemented the implementation opinions of the general office of the people's Government of Henan Province on actively promoting the innovation and application of the supply chain (yzb [2018] No. 75), focusing on the standardization, intelligence, coordination and greening of the supply chain, and taking the unified standard system, unified logistics services, unified procurement management, unified information collection and unified system platform as the main means to vigorously promote the supply chain organization The innovation of business model and government governance has achieved remarkable results.
        The competitiveness of supply chain enterprises has been continuously enhanced. In the face of the changes in the global factor endowment pattern and the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic and foreign markets, the enterprises in our city actively organized to participate in the construction of the supply chain, and the comprehensive performance continued to improve. Xuji group, Huanghe group, Xiji Xunda and other leading and backbone enterprises have made efforts to integrate their advantages in capital, technology and market, actively strengthen the chain, supplement the chain and strengthen the chain, complement the weak points, strengthen the support ability of key links, key fields and key products, and further consolidate the "chain master" position. A large number of enterprises have been deeply engaged in the weak links and subdivisions of the supply chain, constantly improving their R & D and innovation capabilities, achieving high profits and high growth. Eight enterprises, including xujue electric, Tongxin transmission, Dayang paper and Huanyu glass, have been selected into the list of national specialized and new "small giant" enterprises.
        The main body of the logistics supply chain market has taken shape. There are 21 logistics industrial parks, more than 1600 logistics enterprises and 82 Enterprises above designated scale. Wanli Group, Zoomlion instant delivery and other modern circulation enterprises have vigorously promoted multimodal transport and efficient distribution, helping the supply chain logistics cost to keep falling. The functions of the supply chain platform were accelerated. The supply chain platform trend of our city is becoming more and more obvious. The intelligent cloud technology (Xuchang) industrial Internet platform has been built, and the total number of industrial Internet platforms has reached 3. We have developed and built a public service platform for "enterprises going to the cloud", and the number of "enterprises going to the cloud" has exceeded 6000, ranking the third in the province. Supply chain reform and innovation continued to deepen.
        Conscientiously implemented the implementation opinions on actively promoting supply chain innovation and application, and won the national supply chain innovation and application pilot city. Relying on the "Henan cold chain" platform, our city has carried out the traceability management of cold chain food, made positive progress in the pilot tasks of agricultural product supply chain, logistics standardization, cold chain distribution, and was selected as the provincial logistics standardization demonstration city, intelligent pilot city, and provincial urban and rural efficient distribution pilot city. The development of supply chain finance has achieved remarkable results, with direct financing increasing from 9.6 billion yuan in 2015 to 23 billion yuan in 2020. The reform of "releasing management and serving efficiency" continued to deepen. The city's 2105 government affairs service items achieved "one run at most", with a realization rate of more than 96%.
        The business environment evaluation ranks first in the province. The supply chain network is constantly optimized. The supporting capacity of infrastructure has been continuously enhanced, and a fast three-dimensional transportation system integrating high-speed rail, railway, expressway and national and provincial trunk lines has been built. The Zhengzhou Wanzhou and Zhengzhou Hefei high-speed rail have been completed and opened to traffic. The Zhengzhou Xuzhou railway will soon be completed, and the urban areas above the County will achieve full coverage of 5g network. We vigorously promoted the construction of the three-level logistics system of counties, townships and villages, formed a number of large, medium and small logistics parks and professional logistics centers, and the coverage rate of postal express Township outlets was 100%. It was successfully approved as a Sino German SME Cooperation Zone and became a member city of the Sino German industrial cities alliance. A major breakthrough has been made in the application for the construction of the opening-up platform. The bonded logistics center (type b) has been closed and operated. The China Europe (Xuzheng Ou) international express train has been launched and operated. The first national level market procurement trade mode pilot in the province has been approved. The national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base (distribution products) has been recognized again. The first cross-border live broadcast base of aliexpress has landed in Xuchang.
        The total import and export value was 13.5 billion yuan, and the cross-border e-commerce transaction volume was 2.46 billion US dollars, ranking the second in the province. However, the overall development of industrial supply chain in our city is still in the initial stage, and there is still a big gap between our city and advanced regions in terms of development concept, platform facilities, innovation level, safety management, public services, etc. There are shortcomings in transportation infrastructure and insufficient professional logistics and transportation equipment. At present, the main external channels are north-south channels, lacking East-West channels. At the same time, the current transport equipment is too many but not precise, and professional transport vehicles such as cold chain transport vehicles are still insufficient. There is a lack of large leading backbone enterprises, and the core competitiveness of enterprises is weak.
        Among the top 100 enterprises in the province, 30 are from Zhengzhou, 14 from Luoyang, 8 from Jiaozuo, 7 from Nanyang, Anyang and Jiyuan, 5 from Xinxiang, 4 from Puyang and Sanmenxia, and only 3 from Xuchang. At the same time, the proportion of R & D investment of enterprises is relatively low, and they generally lack technologies and products with independent property rights, can not withstand the impact of factors and market changes, have weak independent innovation ability, have low level of upstream, middle and downstream cooperation, and lack supply chain thinking of outsourcing non core business. The industrial chain and the supply chain lack coordination and cooperation, and the added value needs to be improved. The degree of supply chain digitization is low, the homogeneous competition is stronger than the chain cooperation, the localization and matching rate of the upstream raw material supply and downstream consumer goods manufacturing is not high, and the overall competitiveness is insufficient.
        In particular, during the epidemic period, the risk of phased supply interruption of key raw materials and components such as high-end chips and power batteries in our city increased. There is a lack of supply chain service enterprises and public service platforms with global network layout and high-end service level. Information sharing and connection are not smooth, and the application of industrial standards is low. The governance mode of cross department coordination and multi-level government linkage has not yet been established. The supply chain innovation talents and technical talents are insufficient, and the relevant support policies need to be further improved. 1. The profound evolution of the international situation poses a challenge to the security and stability of the supply chain. In the world today, the changes in the past century and the epidemic situation in the 21st century are intertwined. Unilateralism, protectionism and isolationism are on the rise, which have a serious impact on enterprise production and trade circulation. It is difficult to completely alleviate the problem of poor supply chain in the short term.
        Our city is in the critical stage of transformation and upgrading from the low end of the industrial chain to the middle and high end. Some core technologies, key raw materials, parts and components, and high-end equipment are mainly imported. There are problems such as weak control of key links and difficult to realize technology substitution in the short term. Enhancing the safety and stability of Xuchang supply chain has become the key work of industrial development. 2. Major national and provincial strategies bring development opportunities for the development of modern supply chain. In the new era, the implementation of major strategies such as promoting high-quality development in the central region, comprehensively implementing rural revitalization, the national urban-rural integration development pilot zone, and the expansion and speed-up of Zhengzhou metropolitan area have shown the great potential and bright prospects for Xuchang's development.
        Modern supply chain can effectively connect production, circulation, consumption and other links, and realize resource integration, process reengineering and business collaboration of various industries and industries. Our city has obvious advantages in industrial base, regional transportation and open platform. It is urgent to rely on the development of modern supply chain to promote the reorganization, integration, multiplication and amplification of our existing advantages and play a greater role in "building the core plate of Zhengzhou bianxu". 3. Industrial transformation and layout adjustment put forward urgent requirements for the development of modern supply chain. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating the reconstruction of the industrial supply chain system. The trend of leading enterprises, industrial transformation and upgrading, and industrial chain development is more obvious.
        Modern supply chain is the core element of building industrial chain, and plays an important role in promoting resource integration, supply and demand matching, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. As a whole, the manufacturing industry of our city is still at the front end of the industrial chain and the low end of the value chain, facing the risk of "slow progress, retreat and no entry into and exit from the bureau". It is urgent to put the construction of modern supply chain in a more prominent position, forge the long version of the supply chain, fill up the short board of the supply chain, plan the layout of the supply chain, enhance the toughness and comprehensive competitiveness of industrial development, and promote the industry of our city to enter the middle and high-end and become a key link. 4. A new round of scientific and technological revolution provides power and support for the development of modern supply chain. With the accelerated evolution of a new round of scientific and technological revolution led by digitization, networking, intelligence and greening, the factor allocation mode and production mode are constantly changing.
        The application of information technology such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, blockchain and artificial intelligence is becoming more and more mature, which makes it possible for enterprises to truly realize the "four flows in one" of logistics, business flow, capital flow and information flow. Promote the deep integration of new generation information technology and supply chain, promote the optimization and upgrading of supply chain management mode, organization mode and development mode through technological innovation, and provide technical support for achieving rapid response and accurate matching in R & D design, production organization, market sales and other links, and improving the overall operation efficiency of the supply chain and enterprise quality benefits. Guided by the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, we will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the previous plenary sessions of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, fully implement the arrangements and arrangements of the 11th provincial Party Congress and the 8th municipal Party Congress, fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, serve and integrate into the new development pattern, take digital intelligence, platform, standardization and greening as the direction, and take the deep coupling of supply chain and industrial chain, innovation chain, factor chain and system chain as the key, By improving the network, building platforms and unblocking finance, we will comprehensively promote the innovation of industrial organization mode, technology, business model and government governance mode, vigorously promote the modernization of supply chain in key industries, build a modern supply chain system that is innovation driven, efficient, coordinated and safe and controllable, and provide strong support for the construction of pilot areas for urban and rural integration and common prosperity and the "five strong cities", We will comprehensively open up a new situation for socialist modernization in Xuchang.
        1. Market led and government driven. Give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in the construction of the supply chain, and promote the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, large and medium-sized enterprises to connect and support each other, and facilitate innovation and development; Break the division of departments and regions, strengthen the communication and cooperation among government departments, give better play to the leading role of the government in ensuring security, meeting the bottom line, strengthening the foundation, actively organizing and coordinating and mobilizing the forces of all parties, form a policy synergy, and effectively promote the stability and competitiveness of the supply chain. 2. Overall planning and scientific layout. According to the requirements of the city's "multi planning and integration" and the development planning of key industries, the layout of the modern supply chain system and infrastructure construction will be comprehensively planned.
        Comprehensive consideration shall be given to matching the layout of key facilities with the scale of industrial development. According to the total economic development of the city, we will coordinate the construction of supply chain systems in urban and rural areas and at home and abroad, scientifically arrange logistics outlets, integrate the elements of stock resources, build an efficient and convenient supply chain service network system, promote the construction of intelligent supply chain system and logistics service facilities network system, and promote the healthy development of modern intelligent supply chain. 3. Innovation, empowerment, openness and sharing. Deeply implement the innovation driven strategy and promote the supply of
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