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How to write a good paper? What is the experience of writing an MBA thesis?

Time : 19/10/2021 Author : uwi5jd Click : + -
        Every graduate student must write an MBA thesis, which is not only a necessary link to obtain a degree certificate, but also an important process of MBA education. Some people are facing the task of writing MBA theses for the first time. They do not know what process they generally go through and what problems they may encounter. Therefore, it is inevitable to appear a little confused and have no idea. So what is the experience of writing an MBA thesis? The following will share the author's personal experience, so that everyone can have a comprehensive understanding of the whole process for reference. As the saying goes, if you want to write a good paper, you need a good tutor. I chose Mr. Zhang Ruiwen. He was our first class teacher in 2010. He was a very good teacher.
        No slides, no textbooks, no bags, no water glasses, and a person enters the class in a very natural way. In the whole class, I saw him clearly write on the blackboard with chalk, and his loud voice made the students feel embarrassed to sleep. I think that such a good teacher will definitely lead me to write my thesis with clear thinking. On the selection of the content of the opening report, I started to write the investigation and evaluation of the project loan, which is my main work. However, it was sent to Mr. Zhang many times. Mr. Zhang said that my thinking was not clear and my perspective was wrong. I could not tell whether it was from the perspective of enterprise financial management or bank loan management? That is, we can not grasp the problem from the perspective of banking practitioners.
        Finally, I took the initiative to contact the teachers at the school, and talked with Mr. Zhang for nearly two hours. I described my work and the motivation for writing the paper one by one. Mr. Zhang suggested to grasp the problem from the perspective of bank loan risk and solve the problem by using the relevant theories learned in MBA. Soon, the opening report of the paper came out, that is, the research ideas were sorted out. After the ideas are sorted out, the data collection and collation are also logical, and the experience of MBA thesis writing is realized. After the opening report was submitted in December 2011. 1. Enter the campus network of the University of science and technology, collect several excellent papers on the risk control of bank loans, and carefully study these excellent papers during the Spring Festival to find out writing ideas.
        For the papers that are considered to be good, we should study them for many times and absorb the essence. The main paper I refer to is Zhang Weiguo's doctoral dissertation on comprehensive risk management of bank loan projects. 2. Carefully collect the documents, systems and methods related to project loan risk control and operation within the agricultural development bank system, sort out and summarize the methods, and summarize the loan risk control process of the agricultural development bank. 3. For the past three years, the problems found in the internal audit inspection of the Agricultural Development Bank were collected and sorted out, and summarized according to the risk control process, and the existing problems were summarized in the form of papers. After collecting and sorting out the materials of the paper, I started to write the first draft of the first part of the paper.
        It mainly includes: overview of risk control theory, bank risk control process, current situation and existing problems of Agricultural Development Bank of C City. 4. In view of the listed problems, carefully analyze the causes of the problems. In the analysis, we need to use the learned theories to analyze systematically. This is a difficult process. Basically, the paper needs at least five or six revisions. Start writing the first draft of the paper, according to the requirements of the general topic research: Theoretical Overview & rarr; Status quo & rarr; Existing problems & rarr; Cause Analysis & rarr; Countermeasures and suggestions. On the basis of the third step, one third of the paper can be completed. In the process of countermeasures and suggestions, we should pay attention to the combination of theory and practice.
        At this time, it is necessary to sort out the theories learned during the MBA study. At that time, the study was not important. When writing the paper, you can strengthen the mastery and application of these theories. My thesis can use the theories of risk control, project management, economic analysis, marketing, financial management, human resources management, strategic management and organizational behavior. Generally, economic analysis, human resources, game theory and organizational behavior can be used in economic papers. After the first draft is basically formed, it should be sent to the tutor in time, so that the tutor can guide the framework and form of the paper. After the approval of the tutor, the second draft can be revised. The second draft mainly summarizes the theory in its own language, compares the current situation with the actual situation, summarizes the existing problems in an orderly manner, refines the cause analysis, and the countermeasures and suggestions should correspond to the problems.
        It is estimated to be completed one month before the formal submission of the paper. During this period, the correctness of the applied theory and the pertinence of the countermeasures were revised and improved again. In the third draft, pay attention to the format requirements of the paper, improve the whole framework, and connect the scattered chapters in the early stage to form a real article. Then, the finalized paper will be sent to the tutor again to solicit the tutor's comments or suggestions. The fourth draft is to pay attention to the review of the papers, and establish that the papers should first pass the review of the society, preferably China knowledge network, which is relatively strict and can successfully pass the review test of the school. If the retrieval rate of HowNet is high, the thesis must be revised again, and the feedback information shall be used to express the MBA thesis writing experience in your own language.
        After the social check, you can submit your paper and then enter the stage of blind evaluation. It doesn't matter to wait for the comments given by two blind evaluation experts. It's important to upload the revised version according to the comments given by the experts. This is the Fifth Draft, which must be carefully and timely revised in strict accordance with the comments given by the experts. 3. Accept the questions of the three teachers with an open mind, and then answer the questions patiently. Even if you can't answer the questions on the spot, you should be open-minded to ask the teachers for advice in the future. The teachers will give some pertinent revision opinions and accept them with an open mind. Revise the paper for the sixth time, and do not finish the work until the teacher agrees. As for the validity analysis of the two essays, it is necessary to make a comparison between the two essays as a whole.
        If the point of view of the paper is clear and the direction is the same as that of the previous writing, then answer the questions first. Because the analysis of the validity of the argument is flexible and the materials must be brand-new, it can be placed later. The structure is reasonable. Whether it is an analysis of the effectiveness of the argument or an analysis of the text, we should first grasp the number of words in each paragraph and the proportion of the whole article. We must reasonably arrange the structure of the test paper as a whole, and don't write too many words or write too much. Only when you are in a stable mood can you write like a God. How do you do not feel nervous or anxious in the examination room? One word: practice. Now start practicing. The more you write, the more you can deal with the real exam without confusion.
        Timing. The time allocation of the two compositions must be well known, which is also the key to grasp and coordinate the whole set of papers on the overall macro level. Some students may write a composition first. If the time taken in front of them is too long, it will affect the speed of problem-solving later, and even affect their mood, resulting in mistakes in the questions they should be able to write. Some students put their writing at the end, thinking that there was enough time and carelessness. They wrote slowly there and finally found that there was not enough time, which was not allowed. It is suggested that you should follow the format and font requirements of the school at the beginning. If you don't, it will be very painful to modify. The main reason is that all the drawings and tables are changed. You will suffer. Although you still need to modify them in the end, it will be easier if you do it first.
        I personally feel that writing an MBA thesis is like soaking in pickles. It takes a long time to get results. It is also a very hard physical and mental work. It is a huge test and exercise for both the body and spirit. It is a repeated and long-term task. Do not expect to complete it in a week or two. It is impossible. Therefore, the writing plan must be carefully arranged and strictly implemented according to the plan. In any case, the expected progress must be completed, and the sooner the better. The whole paper must be completed in advance and over completed (it must be more than 8000 words, which is necessary because the duplicate check will delete a lot of words, especially if you are copying and pasting online materials). When you finally complete the whole paper, At that moment, you will feel reborn.
        If you don't finish it ahead of time, you should wait for the final paper to be handed in. Don't sleep, don't work, don't live. This is certain, and it will bring a series of troubles and restlessness. Therefore, pickled pickled paper writing must be done well in advance and liberated in advance. The outline is already very good, but you will find that the original outline and structure are not so good, and you need to make fine-tuning or major adjustment according to your data. At this time, you must think carefully before making a decision. At the same time, communicate with your tutor to avoid repeated adjustments. What to write in each part and where to write in each part should be determined in advance. However, once the decision is made, go along one way, or you will find more trouble repeatedly. After all, all the contents are related and logical.
        It would be better to wait until all the papers are finished before making adjustments. The first draft must not be refined. It is required to be large and fast. As long as the general content is good, the refinement must be carried out under the guidance of the tutor. The official account of the enterprise training network is a learning hub for colleges and universities. At present, our main courses are: on-the-job master. Doctor. Post doctoral program. Peking University / Tsinghua University / Shanghai Jiaotong University / Renmin University of China / Shanghai Fudan University / Zhejiang University (President's EMBA study, financial private placement, real estate, PPP, construction, supply chain, characteristic town, psychology, rich second generation, great health, blockchain, CFO / CMO / CHO, Chinese Studies female Internet, etc.), EMBA / MBA / DBA degree courses of domestic and international universities: EMBA of Lyon, France Beijing University of science and technology and Texas Arlington business school jointly organized the U.S. - China utaemba, the master of Chinese and foreign finance of the National People's Congress, the master of Finance and energy of Duran University of Social Sciences, the MBA / DBA of European University in Switzerland, the MBA / DBA of UMT University in the United States, the master of ISG business school in France, the University of Sofia in the United States, the Normandy School of management in France, the European Business School in the Netherlands, the Open University of Hong Kong, the City University of Asia and other institutions, including the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Australia Switzerland, the Philippines and other countries.
        Postdoctoral: Postdoctoral of Hamerton School of business, Cambridge University, and postdoctoral of Harvard University. I am a postdoctoral student at Stanford University. A postdoctoral / visiting scholar of California State University in the United States, to create a high-end learning and resource integration platform for middle and senior managers of enterprises. Return to Sohu to see more.
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