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Netease, Alibaba and Baidu "compete" for the blockchain, who will go further?

Time : 07/09/2021 Author : t078na Click : + -
        Blockchain may be the hottest concept since 2018. In 2017, after experiencing the ups and downs of 180000 to 2 million in the coin sea, and then becoming 120000 in the ashes, you will find that this technology is not strange when you re-examine the blockchain. Big companies are indeed entering. Baidu took out Baidu laitzu dog. Later, Netease became popular overnight, and attracted many imitators, such as Ma Kebao, which was just launched and exited. Although they are all blockchain products, the data layer, network layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, contract layer and application layer of each product will find that they have essential differences. Netease planet and Alibaba majibao have adopted the registration invitation mechanism, and users can generate "rewards" every day when they log in.
        Baidu laizi dog can be received for free at the beginning, but after March, laizi dog will also be given away when buying Baidu insurance products. 1. On the surface, Baidu's laitzdog is a pet development game, but in fact it is a promotion system of Baidu. In the words of Baidu finance insiders interviewed by the media, "laitzdog is just an operation activity of Baidu finance". Laitzu dogs and points cannot be used to exchange for any rights. 2. Alibaba's Ma Kebao is a Taoke task distribution system tested by Ali's mother. Taoke can earn points by using or promoting Alibaba products. We can't exchange any products at present. However, its official said that in the future, it will open up the rights and interests of Alibaba, such as exchanging Taobao and tmall coupons, high commission privileges, and so on.
        To put it another way, Keppel is actually Ali's point system. 3. The way for Netease planet to obtain "black diamonds" is to use Netease department and other external cooperation products to complete tasks, such as listening to Netease cloud music, Netease cloud classroom, Netease koala sea purchase and strict selection of these products. The use of "black diamonds" can also be exchanged for real products inside the product & mdash& mdash; However, the exchange function has not been opened yet. In the later stage, it is possible to exchange Netease koala or strict selection and other Netease products. How far the product can go depends on the scenario application and incentive mechanism. To see what the core of a blockchain product is, you must peel the data layer, network layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, contract layer and application layer layer by layer to find out what drugs are sold in it.
        In fact, the data layer, network layer, consensus layer and contract layer are mostly concentrated at the technical level, while the incentive layer and application layer are related to the human nature and product level, and the essence can be seen here. Although the products of several companies are similar to the integral system and are applied separately, the core essence is different. In terms of incentive mechanism, Netease planet goes further than Baidu and Alibaba, and can at least exchange Netease products and some external products. Baidu needs to buy insurance products of Baidu finance to obtain laitzdog. Ali prefers online earning mode. Netease is that as long as you use Netease and other external cooperation products and pay time and labor, you can get black diamonds in "mining".
        These black diamonds can be used to exchange various rights and interests in the future. This logic of "mining" is different from the traditional relationship between companies and users & mdash& mdash; To provide products or services for users, Netease planet and users belong to the community of interests. The planet value is jointly created and shared by users. This is an innovative production relationship and new mode. The back end of Netease planet is actually an ecosystem composed of blockchain technology, which can help users better and more safely manage behavior data (such as personal credit data, browsing traces, shopping, entertainment, travel, etc.) through blockchain encryption storage technology. In the past, when users used Internet products, they often did not get any rights and interests, but only had the use function.
        However, if you use the product now, every behavior of the user using the product will become quantifiable. In the future, all behaviors can be digitized, and each behavior data can generate corresponding value & mdash& mdash; It will be recorded on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with or erased. From these two dimensions, the current incentive mechanism and application scenarios of Netease planet are richer than those of its peers. As for how far Netease planet can go in the future, it depends on how well the scene application and scene combination can do. In the Netease planet auction activity just ended at the end of March, all the information of the auction was recorded on the planet blockchain, and all the records were searchable and traceable.
        On April 11, Netease planet launched an information reading task, which is the first information scenario application using blockchain technology in China. This allows us to see a corner of Netease's "planet model". The core of "planet mode" is precisely "community of interests" and "blockchain + scenario application". In the past, enterprises often wanted to earn money from users, and users tried every possible means to pay less and not pay to enterprises. But just like the problem exposed by Facebook, when you don't want to pay, users themselves become products. And blockchain technology may change all this. Look at the blockchain of "planet mode", users and enterprises are a "community of interests". When users use products, they will gain wealth and create value for enterprises.
        How big can this "community of interests" roll? And has a great relationship with the expansion of "blockchain + scenario application". The future development of Netease planet is determined by "blockchain + scenario application". As a manufacturer of a series of products including games, e-commerce, music and information, almost all products of Netease can be combined with the blockchain to form a credit autonomous "Netease planet". Why is it called "Planet, in a sense, actually hopes to help people build a credit autonomous, open and transparent network society through blockchain technology through technical means. 1. In the future, Netease planet can record users' behaviors in games, e-commerce, education, finance, information and other products on the blockchain in a unified manner, help users find out their every behavior, and avoid abnormal behavior due to account theft.
        2. As a big game manufacturer, Netease will even allow Netease planet and Netease games to build a blockchain based props trading platform in the future. Users can exchange "black diamonds" for game props in the game. 3. Among Netease's social products and news information products, it can help users protect copyright through the blockchain, and help users upload photos and text to the blockchain for copyright verification. 4. In the future, when Netease planet cooperates with cooperative enterprises and provides products and services to users, it can distribute rights and interests on the blockchain in a unified way, and users can obtain them on demand through their own behavior. In this way, not only can different account systems be opened without intermediary participation, but also the embarrassment of distributing useless rights and interests can be avoided.
        5. If other enterprises cooperate with Netease planet, they can share the "black diamond" of Netease planet and connect their own product system with the black diamond, so that users can also obtain the "black diamond" when using products. Finally, "black diamond" has become a bridge between enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and users, users and products. If you have to understand this problem clearly, you can consider "Netease planet" as an Android system. On Netease's "blockchain", other partners are all applications. It is precisely because of the existence of the "operating system" that the difficulty of the blockchain from concept to application is constantly decreasing, and the imagination space of the blockchain technology application field is also infinitely enlarged.
        As for today's Chinese Internet enterprises, when will they compete for the bottom chain? At present, it is difficult to talk about this problem, which is closely related to the reaction speed and ecological expansion ability of enterprises. However, a revolution of blockchain changing the Internet has begun slowly.
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