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Blockchain coding,Aerospace Science and Industry: a new mode of cloud marketing enabled by blockchain Technology

Time : 18/07/2021 Author : qb9gky Click : + -
        People's daily, Beijing, December 2 (Zhao Zhuqing) the reporter learned from China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. that the company's cloud marketing platform uses blockchain technology to establish a safe, reliable, scalable, regulatory and high-performance marketing environment. According to the person in charge of Aerospace Science and industry, the realization of cloud marketing business model mainly relies on blockchain technology. As a new distributed ledger technology, blockchain has many characteristics such as disintermediation, distrust and tamper resistance. It can break through the information islands among organizations, ensure the authenticity of product information, transactions, commissions and other data, and solve the problems of trust building in the marketing incentive system and difficult realization of marketing incentives.
        First, using the blockchain smart contract technology, the completion of the transaction automatically triggers the smart contract to calculate the royalty amount, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the data, and protecting the interests of marketing personnel from infringement. Secondly, the underlying data function of the blockchain can perform unified verification on messages and transaction information, achieve the consistency of the ledger of each distribution node, establish a consensus mechanism, and provide a variety of mainstream cryptographic algorithms to ensure information security. In addition, blockchain technology can also be used for user management and operation and maintenance management. The user generates a certificate and a user code on the blockchain, and locates the royalty payment object on the chain through the user code and makes instant settlement. At the same time, the operation and maintenance system can monitor the operation status of each node in the blockchain network, configure and deploy the blockchain network, and give an early warning of abnormal conditions.
        It is understood that since the cloud marketing platform of Aerospace Science and industry was officially launched in August last year, it has organically combined the products, prices, channels, demands, costs, services and other marketing elements of enterprises to help manufacturing enterprises "clear inventory, increase profits, promote employee income growth", and realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprise marketing mode. As an important part of China Aerospace Science and industry group's process of building a national industrial Internet, cloud marketing will gradually play an important role in promoting enterprise transformation and upgrading and achieving high-quality development.
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