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What is the hash value in the blockchain?

Time : 26/07/2021 Author : vtuid3 Click : + -
        The hash value in the blockchain is a process of converting an input string of arbitrary length into a password and outputting it fixedly. The hash value is not a "password", and the original data cannot be retrieved by decrypting the hash. It is a one-way encryption function. In the blockchain, each block has the hash value of the previous block. When any data in the current block is changed, the hash value of the block will be changed, which will affect the previous block because it has the address of the previous block. For example, if there are only two blocks, one is the current block and the other is the parent block. The current block will have the address of the parent block. If you need to change the data in the current block, you also need to change the parent block.
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