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Feiyi thought | is the cross-border NFT of automobile brands just a marketing gimmick?

Time : 25/11/2021 Author : h0yqpj Click : + -
        Recently, Bentley, a top luxury car brand, announced its entry into the NFT market on social media, and plans to release Limited Edition (208) NFT works in September this year. According to Bentley officials, the launch of NFT is the first step to more widely embrace and integrate the Web3.0 experience for all customers in the world. In the future, it will also explore other digital platforms, including NFC (non homogeneous chip), online games, meta universe applications, and the use of blockchain technology. Bentley series NFT will be cast on polygon, which is an Ethereum extension platform that will introduce millions of people into Web3. Polygon has recently achieved carbon neutral status and promised to achieve carbon negative value by the end of 2022.
        Therefore, all Bentley NFTs will be completely carbon neutral. Bentley promises to achieve end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030, and all Bentley cars will be fully electrified in the same year. However, Bentley officials did not disclose the details of the collection. The photos at the top of the relevant pages show the decoration of the Bentley engine cover, which contrasts with the hot sky. This may indicate the style of the collection to a certain extent. In fact, since the first half of 2022, many luxury brands and well-known brands have made headlines around NFT, and automobile brands can be called "swarming in". Public records show that at least 30 automobile brands are conducting automobile NFT experiments in some form, including Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo, Nissan, Audi and other luxury automobile brands.
        Therefore, let's first take a look at how these automobile brands play NFT across borders. The most common way is to take the art route of digital peripheral. Car enterprises can obtain additional income through auction, and then promote the brand style and height through auction events. For example, in August last year, an exclusive design sketch by Peter Varga, Porsche Design Director, was auctioned as a digital object on the US superrare platform at a final transaction price of $90000. What makes this painting special is that it is both a digital asset and a physical asset. Porsche donated all the proceeds to vivaconagua, a non-profit organization.
        As early as 2021, Rolls Royce, which has the most luxurious gene, released the animated video NFT that coincides with the new ghostblack, and entered the virtual digital world. Rolls Royce collaborated with Mason London, an artist and illustrator from London, to forge the NFT series with the new "ghost black badge". The whole significance of the blackbridge is that it runs counter to the old-fashioned sense of luxury and tries to capture young audiences in a more modern way. It has proved to be more popular than Rolls Royce hoped. Mercedes Benz naturally will not be absent. In January 2022, Mercedes Benz cooperated with art2people and commissioned five NFT artists to create NFT collections inspired by Mercedes Benz G-class model series.
        These five artists include Charlotte Taylor, Anthony authi & eacute Roger Kilimanjaro, baugasm and Antoni tudisco. Mercedes Benz is very active in adopting emerging technologies. It has also cooperated with the blockchain company circulor to try to track the cobalt emissions of the Mercedes Benz supply chain. Lykan uses the only surviving stunt car used in the movie furious 7. When the car was sold, the interior was still damaged, the paint and windows were scratched, the rear air inlet was missing, the front grille was damaged, and there was no rear-view mirror. Therefore, it was obviously used in the film.
        The NFT sold together with the history of the speed and passion series of films is the exclusive image and 3D video of the lykan hypersport stunt car, with a price of $525000. Speaking of this, we have to talk about the most ferocious case of automobile NFT in 2022, which is also the most spectacular and classic NFT case so far. An artist named shl0ms organized a team of 100 people to blow up a Lamborghini Huracan. The artist team shot a video of the rotation of the car when it was blown up with 4K resolution, and created 999 NFTs, of which 888 highly detailed videos from various parts of the Lamborghini will be auctioned through NFT, and the other 111 pieces will be retained.
        If the auction is successfully conducted at the price of 0.5-1 Ethereum (about US $26 / 165 yuan), the total transaction volume will be between us $1.12 million and US $2.24 million (about US $7.07 million and US $14.14 million). The artist said that he "hates Lamborghini", which is also a protest against the quick get rich culture of cryptocurrency. Therefore, he spent money to promote the explosion performance art, and also received investment from others. He bought a second-hand Lamborghini Huracan for less than US $250000 (the domestic sales price of the new car is as high as 2.54-3.9 million yuan), formed a team of 100 people, and hired an explosive engineer with a federal license to cooperate (he said this was the most challenging explosion he has ever had), which was successfully completed.
        The event occurred in February 2022, and in late January, Lamborghini officially announced the release of its first NFT & mdash& mdash; The Digital Collection Series "memory of time and space" was launched in cooperation with Swiss artist Fabian oefner and Sotheby's in New York. The picture shows a Lamborghini splitting into thousands of small fragments when it runs out of space like a rocket. It sounds very artistic. It is not as explosive as shl0ms, but the marketing effect is also very good. This collection of Lamborghini can only be accessed and viewed with the carbon fiber "spacekey" sold by Lamborghini.
        These rare "space keys" are made of carbon fiber composite materials sent by Lamborghini to the international space station in 2019. Holders can watch 5 limited edition NFTs. Many automobile brands have entered NFT in this way. For example, French automobile manufacturer Alpine cooperated with NFT super sports car designer nfast to create the alpine GTA concept car; Mingjue automobile India launched 1111 token collections on its own car building platform ngagen; McLaren, a famous sports car manufacturer, has also announced plans to cast its F1 car into a virtual version of NFT. Another common way of cross-border NFT is for car enterprises to create momentum for new cars by releasing NFT collections, buying cars to send NFT digital collections, or buying NFT digital collections to give physical cars as a gimmick to improve brand visibility.
        The Roewe brand official from SAIC announced that Roewe's first digital art collection, Roewe yuancosmos, completed the NFT first shooting of China's automobile industry in Shanghai National auction house. Roewe's art collection, Roewe yuancosmos, was jointly created by Roewe and the well-known domestic designer Jubie. It was finally auctioned by the famous artist Ye Shengqin after the 1980s at a price of 1 million yuan. Ye Shengqin will also own a real car of Roewe tmall "Yuan customized", As the first owner of Roewe yuancosmos, she also enjoys the "advanced customization plus" service for free, and serves as the tasting officer of SAIC Roewe yuancosmos in the territory of SAIC Roewe yuancosmos. When automobile brands enter NFT, they do not always shine. Chevrolet has just experienced a Waterloo.
        This is Chevrolet's first NFT. What it auctions is not only a visible but untouchable NFT, but also a genuine "Corvette Z06" sports car. Chevrolet invited NFT artist Nick sullo to create a mint green "Corvette Z06" sports car painting. The picture has a strong "cyberpunk" flavor. This NFT will be equipped with a matching color line "Corvette Z06". Corvette is the highest end sports car series of Chevrolet brand under general motors of the United States. In order to increase the rarity of this NFT, Chevrolet decided not to produce other "2023 Corvette Z06" of the same color system.
        In other words, the collector who took this NFT will have a unique Chevrolet sports car in the world. The starting price of this auction was 206eth (about US $235000). However, the final result was an embarrassing failure to sell all parts, which can also be called a Waterloo for automobile NFT. Another way for automobile brands to enter NFT is to establish NFT community. The brand creates or shares NFT digital collections with users and fans, provides personalized incentives and benefits, creates a sense of belonging and cohesion of the group, and enhances the loyalty of users and fans to the brand. In April this year, Hyundai Motor Company announced that it would become the first automobile manufacturer to establish a global NFT community.
        In addition, it also announced its cooperation with the popular NFT character metakongz, and released 30 pieces of metakongz limited NFT collectibles on April 20, which were sold out soon after the release. In May, Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. took advantage of the trend to launch a new digital collection, that is, 10000 Ethereum digital collections "meteor" series were released through the official NFT website. This is the first exclusive metamobility collection launched by Hyundai, which marks the official opening of the modern automobile metamobility universe. Similar to the NFT marketing purpose of most automobile brands, Hyundai Motor entered metauniverse to a large extent to maintain the future sales growth and attract the younger generation of consumer groups. However, the leading step of Hyundai motor is to build a community based on metauniverse and become the first automobile manufacturer to create a community oriented NFT market.
        On these platforms, community members can communicate at any time, and the brand side will also hold official activities. Fans can participate in community activities by publishing second creation works and obtain some brand benefits. Similar to the establishment of NFT community, the establishment of NFT with membership forms a valuable community and allows fans to share benefits in the development of the community. NFT membership requires users or participants to hold the membership of a specific NFT, and users can access specific services, benefits, rewards, etc. Ferrari is one of the first luxury car manufacturers to announce plans to create NFT members. Although Ferrari has not actually released NFT, they have cooperated with velasnetwork AG.
        Ferrari NFT can become a super exclusive member to provide special activities and experiences. Unlike most existing members, NFT members can easily be sold to another person. If such Ferrari Club Membership becomes a hot asset, early "investors" may quickly get dividends in the secondary market. Another car brand with this operation is Audi. In August last year, Audi launched the NFT art work fantasy high speed, which was cooperated with artist Cheng ran. It was cast and released in the form of NFT art blind box through xnftprotocol, and finally presented to the top 100 new Audi a8l60tfsie owners.
        Among the independent automobile enterprises, besides Roewe, Zhiji automobile, also from SAIC, cooperated with the artist Fei Yining and released the digital image work totem forest last year. At the end of last year, Geely Automobile also released the NFT digital collection through the wechat small program "haoche Jishi", with a limited number of 50 copies. Geely employees can participate in the lottery of the small program. Chang'an Auchan automobile and Tencent magic core also jointly launched a digital collection, which was officially launched on Tencent ecology at 0:00 on January 29, 2022. It was drawn from all groups, with a global limit of 666 pieces. Xiaopeng automobile also launched its own NFT products & mdash& mdash; Xiaopeng p7nft tmall digital collection, which will be launched to pengyou as part of Xiaopeng P7's 100000 complete vehicle off-line commemoration, is limited to 100000 copies worldwide.
        In addition, BYD, great wall, ideal one and other automobile brands are all involved in NFT. The whole automobile industry seems to have laid out NFT in an all-round way, chasing after each other, as if afraid of losing the platform ticket of the next era. Most of the media think that automobile brands engage in NFT purely for marketing gimmicks. Then, what is the purpose and value of automobile brands involved in NFT?. First of all, NFT is an emerging thing with high popularity at present. All major brands naturally want to seize this opportunity. High end automobile brands are extremely sensitive to hot spots and will quickly follow the wave of "NFT" marketing. They will use NFT as a gimmick to launch a series of fresh and interesting activities and projects.
        Of course, there are deeper reasons. According to the new media research center of Tsinghua University, enterprises need new virtual marketing scenarios, and the metauniverse is the ultimate virtual marketing scenario. Users have changed from passive consumption to direct participation in product production and design. This new user interaction mode is just what enterprises need. Some auto brands have begun to use NFT to build a valuable community of Web3 and let fans share the benefits in the community development. Community based NFT makes the channels that the brand touches sink, which helps it link younger user groups, and form stronger user stickiness to achieve greater sales.
        With the support of blockchain technology, NFT can confirm the rights of any kind of digital goods such as digital art and tickets. After a digital commodity is encrypted by NFT means, it has its own "digital certificate". This unique identifier is also permanently stored on the blockchain, which is unique and indivisible, and cannot be copied or tampered with at will. In February 2022, Alfa Romeo announced that its new SUV (Alfa Romeo tonale) would be equipped with digital NFT certificates. NFT certificates can provide additional data and credibility about the value of a particular vehicle. If the owner chooses to join, NFT will record the vehicle data, including whether it has been repaired.
        If it goes further, it may also be used to prove that a car was originally owned by someone. Imagine buying a car that will eventually become a celebrity at some point & mdash& mdash; You will be able to prove this with certainty & mdash& mdash; This will greatly increase the market value of your car. The next development of automobile NFT will largely depend on the manufacturer's ability to provide more practical benefits to users, including service technology and after-sales experience. The use of NFT technology is an effective and reasonable form for users or product improvement. In the future, the development of automobiles will be more intelligent. Data management is an indispensable link for every automobile enterprise.
        As the bottom layer of the meta universe logic, a more meaningful existence of NFT is how to combine data with user operations, rather than just launching co branded collections with creators and selling them to consumers like leeks. For example, Apollo green, CEO and co-founder of gamefi game incubator qglobe, believes that car NFT can be like a "pink note" as a car safety inspection report from an authority, which is particularly useful for second-time sales of old cars. The characteristics of high-end luxury cars, through the rarity characteristics of NFT, will further
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