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Bitcoin hit the latest bitcoin concept stock pool of $340000

Time : 04/12/2021 Author : cwxtsa Click : + -
        Bitstamp platform shows that bitcoin has hit the integer mark of $34000 for the first time in its history, and the latest quotation is $34057. The active votes of A-share digital currency include: zhidu shares, Xinchen technology, Feitian integrity, Sifang Jingchuang, Hailian Jinhui, Yuyin shares, etc. The front faucet is the wisdom share of the three link board. According to the historical stock characteristics, it is often high to open and low to go. See if zhidu shares can lead the digital currency sector to break out of the tight encirclement, reach a new high and walk out of a wave of main rising waves. In August, 20, the interactive platform disclosed that the company has added a scenario development and construction project for blockchain infrastructure, application platform and central bank digital currency (DC / EP), and has completed the project filing.
        In September 19, the company said on the interactive platform that it had technology reserves in blockchain and was applying it in related product research and development, and that the technology could be used for digital currency. Strategic cooperation with Bubi network in the field of blockchain technology, mainly in identity authentication and private key protection; At the tokenfest international blockchain exhibition held in Boston, the United States, the new generation of digital currency cold wallet hardware product jubiterblade was released to the world, and it holds digital currency related patents & mdash& mdash; A key derivation method and apparatus suitable for digital currency; In the same month of October 20, it is proposed to invest in the establishment of Feitian digital, focusing on domestic digital currency related fields.
        The company organized a team to conduct research, hoping to make use of the application opportunities of blockchain technology in the field of information security and identity recognition (a link of digital currency transactions) to improve the security and efficiency of the company's products. It has a comprehensive R & D and delivery capability from the underlying platform of the blockchain to application solutions, has the ability to integrate the blockchain + token economy and innovate applications, and has accumulated rich R & D and operation experience in the field of crypto digital assets such as digital currency and application-based tokens; The dual offline digital currency payment patent applied by the company is a secure payment method of digital currency based on blockchain, NFC and encrypted communication technology when both parties are offline.
        On the night of October 28, 19, it was disclosed that based on its technical reserves in operating system security enhancement and hardware security, the company has carried out blockchain related businesses such as digital wallet and hardware level data authentication. Increase R & D investment in the blockchain field, continue to follow up the relevant mainstream blockchain platforms with their open-source community versions, innovate and implement applications by virtue of the company's business advantages in the field of trade financing, actively carry out research on consensus algorithms, encryption algorithms and cross chain technologies, and consolidate the foundation for development in the blockchain field through the construction of blockchain teams and the launch of the independently developed baas platform; In September 18, the application of Forfaiting Business Based on blockchain technology was launched, and the first chain business between a large state-owned bank and a joint-stock bank was completed; At the same time, the research and development of the supply chain platform based on the blockchain technology has also made great progress.
        It is a service provider that applies big data, blockchain and other technologies to provide industry-specific cloud integrated solutions for Digital China for governments and enterprises such as smart food security, smart archives and smart justice; In 18 years, the blockchain innovation center was established to make every effort to build a leading brand of "Xinfa chain" in Shanghai and even in China; In March of the same year, it signed a memorandum of understanding with Honeywell to implement the application of blockchain technology in the quality and safety traceability of agricultural products and the development and promotion of biochip in the rapid inspection equipment for agricultural residues; In November 18, he was elected as the chairman unit of the traceability alliance of important products (regional chains) in the Yangtze River Delta; In April 19, the company submitted an application for blockchain filing to the Ministry of industry and information technology. The food safety traceability cloud platform built by the company based on the blockchain has been applied.
        In September 19, Wuhan Donghu science and Technology Finance Research Institute Co., Ltd. invested and participated in the research of digital currency payment and settlement system; In October 19, it cooperated with Zhongnan finance and Economics Institute and Wuhan Donghu science and technology strategic cooperation. All parties will carry out project cooperation in 15 fields such as financial simulation, digital credit, digital currency and Internet finance. On November 1, 19, it was disclosed that the company's blockchain wallet solution was technically related to digital currency and was part of the company's technical reserve research. It was disclosed in September 19 that the company has carried out DC / EP related technical research related to payment business. If relevant departments issue relevant technical guidelines, the company will further promote the research and development of relevant products and technologies according to the specific requirements of the technical guidelines; The company has set up a digital currency research group to continuously invest in the innovation and application of RMB digitization and offline merchant payment scenarios. The terminal device N86 developed by the digital currency research group not only supports bank card and two-dimensional code payment, but also supports the acceptance of digital currency after the promotion of digital currency in the future.
        The company has a layout of RCC (limited area communication) products, which has a high gross profit rate. In October 19, the company said on the interactive platform that RCC technology can support the application of digital currency in a specific environment. It was disclosed on November 1, 19 that the company has accumulated relevant technologies in cross-border settlement and payment of digital currency, but has not yet applied them. The company conducts research on some crypto technologies related to digital currency and participates in some research work on blockchain. The basic technology owned by the company can provide services and security support for the trust required by blockchain. The company invested 60 million yuan in Yibang shares with its own funds. Yibang shares is the world's third largest producer of digital currency mining machines. As the basic computing equipment of the digital blockchain system, the core products of Yibang shares apply the blockchain technology to the fields of digital currency and so on.
        In April, it was disclosed on the interactive platform that the digital watermark technology can be used for the anti-counterfeiting of digital currency. Based on the digital watermark technology, the company has cooperated with Tsinghua University and China National banknote printing and Minting Corporation on the anti-counterfeiting of banknotes. In the future, it will actively pay attention to the development of digital currency. Participated in Beijing Ciyun Tangquan financial service technology (holding 0.357%). The company is a professional company applying independent blockchain technology to serve the financial field, and is a blockchain based RMB digital management and digital currency account service provider; Ciyun tangpiao can provide convenience and support for capital flow and financial management between suppliers and enterprises, and between enterprises; Based on the A / R and a / P in the industrial chain, and based on the blockchain technology and the real supply chain scenario, realize the segmentation and transfer of digital assets; Magnetic cloud bill clip business: the database platform for acceptance bills. It is a bill platform for customers to meet the needs of fund parties, Bill parties, intermediaries and other parties through bill resources.
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