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Prospect of digital currency and blockchain, white paper on application services

Time : 26/07/2021 Author : 7i2v9e Click : + -
        Blockchain has become an important direction for the construction of Digital China and the deep integration of science and technology. Its application has been extended to many fields such as digital finance, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, and digital asset trading. It is of great significance for exploring new modes and formats of the sharing economy, reconstructing the industrial ecology of the digital economy, and improving the government governance and public service level of the smart city. At the beginning of 2021, we sorted out nine outlooks for the blockchain industry from all sorts of clues. We believe that these nine outlooks can help readers find some certainty among the uncertainties. Risks of encrypted data: exhaustive attack, database collision attack, length expansion attack, backdoor attack and quantum attack; Safety risk during data transmission; Smart contract security risk, etc.
        Blockchain technology ensures that digital identity is not stolen; Blockchain digital identity tamper proof; Blockchain ensures decentralized or weakly centralized trusted digital identity, which can promote data protection; Blockchain technology ensures the traceability of digital identity. Cryptographic algorithm security, P2P encryption, smart contract coding security, etc; Multi party (authoritative) authentication of uplink data to ensure the accuracy of initial data information; The formulation and implementation of relevant standards ensure the security of blockchain digital identity. The digital currency Research Institute of the people's Bank of China said that the digital RMB will be first tested in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu, xiong'an new area and the future Winter Olympics, indicating that the research and development pilot work of digital RMB has entered the actual application test stage.
        With the development of digital RMB research and development, digital RMB is expected to be applied in more cities in 2021, including the first cross-border payment and settlement test of digital RMB, so as to meet the use needs of foreign athletes and coaches in the future Winter Olympics. In the technical field of the public chain, there has been a widely discussed "Impossible Triangle" of technology, that is, "scalability", "security" and "decentralization" can not have both. In 2021, we expect that the public chain technology will achieve a breakthrough in scalability and interoperability, and the overall performance of the public chain will be greatly improved. In the second half of 2020, defi ushered in an explosion, leading the development of the cryptocurrency market.
        With the improvement of the value of lock up and the richness of playing methods, the market may continue to pay attention to defi insurance to better protect the security of investors' encrypted digital assets. With the evolution of blockchain technology and the deepening of industrial application, the formulation of relevant technologies and industrial standards will be further accelerated. In 2021, more group, local and even national blockchain standards will be issued. In the next two years, regions that have issued three-year plans do not need to formulate special development plans for blockchain, and the frequency of blockchain policies may be reduced. In the absence of sustained policies, the attention of the blockchain industry may also be reduced to a certain extent.
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