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Super popular major of studying in Ireland: Interpretation of data science major of Dublin University

Time : 25/11/2021 Author : ucizph Click : + -
        Nowadays, influenced by the big data environment, our life is related to data. No matter shopping or studying, we can not do without data information. Data science has become one of the most competitive majors for studying abroad!. According to the 2022usnews100bestjobs evaluation, datascientist ranked 6th, up 3 places from last year's ranking, and achieved 8 points in job prospects, job growth, salary and other indicators. Ireland is known as the "Silicon Valley of Europe", with a large number of technology giants. In addition, the development of industries such as biopharmaceutical and financial services in Ireland cannot be separated from a large number of data analysis work. In the future, various industries in Ireland need to seek diversified data analysis talents.
        According to Irish job search website jobs Ie data shows that the starting salary of graduates of data science posts is about 35k-40k euros, ranking in the forefront of stem graduates. Universities in Ireland also pay close attention to the research in the field of big data. The University of Dublin and the other four national universities proposed to establish the insight Center for data analytics in Ireland. In 2013, it was established with a contribution of 75 million euros from the Science Foundation Ireland. It is one of the largest data analysis centers in Europe, bringing together researchers from major universities. Insight seeks to obtain value from big data and provide innovative technical solutions for the industry and society.
        The MSc in data and computing science is designed for students with a highly quantitative background who want to work in data analysis or computing science related fields. This course includes scientific calculation, mathematical modeling and data analysis. This course enables students to solve complex scientific problems and analyze large data sets using a range of theoretical tools from deterministic mathematical modeling to Bayesian analysis. Intensive course modules will help students develop practical programming and data analysis skills. Past graduate employers include Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Citibank, Deloitte, Accenture, paddypower, sap, etc.
        Since US President Barack Obama announced the precision medicine plan and released the white paper of "precision medicine" in 2015, precision medicine has rapidly become the focus of medical attention. As the largest population country in China, precision medicine has broad application prospects in the prevention and treatment of various malignant and chronic diseases and in the field of eugenics. The course is jointly taught by clinical and scientific experts from UCD, experienced bioinformatics experts and computer scientists, statisticians and public health experts, and precision medical industry leaders. Using courses such as bioinformatics, machine learning, biostatistics and genomics data science, the master's program aims to provide students with interdisciplinary skills and cultivate students' ability to process and analyze large data sets.
        Academic requirements: This course is for applicants with medical, biological or chemical background, including bachelor's degree in biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, neuroscience, physiology, pharmacology and pharmaceutical chemistry. Data science and analysis are affecting all fields - education, health care, energy and environment, banking, transportation, etc., and the public policy sector is no exception. This course is jointly taught by the school of sociology and the school of computer science. It provides students with a series of social science, computing, information, statistics and visual analysis skills to analyze large or complex data from human interaction. Students will receive training in sociological analysis, as well as core coding and programming skills, so that they can use advanced technology to meet real-world challenges and make informed decisions.
        Students can also choose to complete the internship as part of their study. With the rapid development of the Internet and social media, e-government has become an important way for government agencies to achieve management communication with their own institutions, enterprises and the public and private. It also provides new opportunities for studying the political system and management system. At the same time, the development of data analysis methods for digital text, audio and video provides the necessary technical means to take advantage of this new opportunity. MScPolitics& Datascience will provide students with necessary sociological theories and practical data processing and analysis methods to cope with the development of digital transformation in the political field.
        Academic requirements: the course is open to students with two kinds of backgrounds, i.e. computer science or related technology / political science or related social science. Language requirements: the total IELTS score shall not be less than 6.5, and the individual score shall not be less than 6.0 or equivalent. It can match the 7 / 10 week language class. The graduates of this program have not only the background of political science and social science, but also solid data processing and analysis ability, and can be competent for the work of different employment departments. In addition, the graduates can continue to study and choose to study for a doctorate in social science or data analysis. Fintech (the integration of finance, data and Technology) is changing the financial services industry.
        The rise of emerging technologies such as big data analysis, blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence, cloud computing and cryptocurrency is changing the way businesses operate. With its excellent academic reputation, employer reputation, internationalization degree and other performances, the finance major of smoffield Business School of Dublin University ranks 35th in the world in the 2022qs discipline ranking. This master's program can help students master the necessary professional knowledge and ability to meet the urgent demand of the global market for data science experts, especially in the financial services industry. Business analysis is a new interdisciplinary, which uses analysis tools to study big data information, build a bridge between data analysis and business management, and guide business decisions.
        This course provides students with such contents as data science, management science and operations research, so that graduates can use models and algorithms to conduct data mining and business analysis in the era of big data, help solve complex problems and decisions, and improve strategic management ability and operational efficiency. With its excellent academic reputation, employer reputation and internationalization, the business analysis major of smoffield Business School of Dublin University ranks 27th in the world in the 2022qs discipline ranking, and Ireland ranks first. Smoffield business school is also the only business school in Ireland to provide Bloomberg terminal equipment, providing students with comprehensive and timely financial information, and also an important information source for querying industry and product data.
        Academic requirements: it is suitable for graduates of engineering, computer science and mathematics, and applicants interested in solving business problems with mathematics or computers. This course is also suitable for business graduates with management information system (MIS) courses.
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