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The first "blockchain" virtual currency fraud case in Shanxi Province was solved and 72 people were arrested

Time : 31/08/2021 Author : cf0nml Click : + -
        "Blockchain", "virtual currency", "currency speculation" & hellip& hellip; These professional words that sound "tall and high" have been frequently circulated in some wechat groups and live broadcast platforms recently. Taking advantage of the psychology of ordinary investors who do not understand new concepts but follow the trend of investment, the lawless elements use the purchase and sale of virtual currency as a pretext to wantonly circle money and cheat. Recently, Yingze police cracked the province's first "blockchain" virtual currency fraud case, arrested and detained 72 gang members at one stroke, and destroyed four dens in Shanghai, Henan and other places. On December 25, the Municipal Public Security Bureau reported the case. In August this year, Mr. Qiao added a stranger who recommended stocks on wechat, and the other party sent him some stock recommendation messages from time to time.
        At first, he just looked at it casually and ignored it. Not long after, Mr. Qiao noticed that the net friend "aired the list" in the circle of friends every day. Out of curiosity, he checked the stock market and didn't expect that the stock recommended by the other party was very accurate, so he began to talk with him intentionally or unintentionally. Netizens said that the market was analyzed by a "famous teacher" and the stock was also recommended by him. After repeated efforts by Mr. Qiao, the other party pulled him into a stock exchange group. This wechat group has hundreds of members, and a person who calls himself a teacher publishes investment and financial management knowledge every day. A few days later, the "teacher" said in the group that the stock market had been poor recently and would not release the news of recommending stocks in a short time.
        Seeing this message, the group burst into a boiling pot, and netizens expressed their reluctance to part with it, hoping that the "teacher" would continue to start the class. At this time, the "teacher" said that he was contacting "cloud coin", which is a special investment product and a popular "blockchain" virtual currency. Mr. Qiao heard about "blockchain" and was immediately curious, so he continued to regularly enter the live room of "teacher" to listen to lessons. Over time, Mr. Qiao found that this "teacher" was really "God" and predicted the rise and fall of some virtual currencies very accurately. Soon, some people in the group asked "teachers" to bring orders to "fry money" and often "expose" the profits of their own operation of virtual currency.
        Although there are risks in investment, Mr. Qiao thinks that high risk means high return. He was moved and took the initiative to contact the "teacher" to bring the bill. Then, under the guidance of the customer service personnel recommended by the other party, he registered and opened an account on the website of "cloud currency platform". After a period of wait and see, in mid October, Mr. Qiao made up his mind to put 300000 yuan into the "cloud currency platform" at one time. He never expected that just one day later, the invested virtual currency would encounter "forced liquidation", and 300000 yuan would be lost instantly. Mr. Qiao thought this was simply incredible. He immediately contacted the "teachers" and customer service personnel in the group, but no reply was received. Hundreds of netizens in the wechat group also "evaporated".
        At this time, he realized that these group friends were childminders and he had been deceived. On October 29, after reporting the case to Yingze police, Mr. Qiao took photos of the case filing notice and sent it to the customer service personnel of "cloud coin platform". The other party immediately returned more than 110000 yuan to him on the condition of withdrawing the case. Knowing this, the police suspected that there was a network Telecom fraud group behind the "cloud currency platform" and stepped up investigation. According to investigation, more than 60000 yuan of Mr. Qiao's funds were transferred to a network technology company in Beijing. The police quickly went to investigate and learned that the company was a formal software development company. In June this year, they signed a software sales agreement with a man named "Qian Hui" on the "blockchain cloud currency virtual currency trading platform".
        Further investigation showed that the platform did not store any virtual currency, nor did it access the third-party trading platform according to the requirements of the agreement, and the funds transfer accounts were personal accounts. The police investigation around "Qian Hui" found that the name was fictitious, but the track of activities involved Shanghai, Henan and other places. After further investigation, the main suspects Zhang and Xin entered the sight of the police. On December 17, the police force of the special case group divided multiple channels and deployed control in Henan, Shanghai and other places. At the same time, they captured 72 gang members including Zhang and Xin, and seized 289 mobile phones and more than 80 computers. According to investigation, in June of this year, Xin Xiaolei, a 29 year old Henan native, bought the software of "blockchain virtual currency cloud currency trading platform" together with his fellow townsman Zhang Yihui, and set up a company with a model.
        After that, the two hired Zhang and Wu to set up a fund review department, a speech flow department and a live broadcast department, and recruited a large number of employees. They lured the victims to add wechat and enter the wechat group under the pretext of "free recommendation of preferred shares", and then used the name of some new concepts such as "blockchain" and "virtual currency" to deceive them. It is understood that the funds transferred to the platform account by the victim will be transferred and cashed by the gang members at the first time, and only the numbers displayed on the platform will be exchanged. The suspect set up "false leverage" in the background to increase the risk of decline until "forced liquidation", which made many victims mistakenly believe that they were affected by the market and caused losses.
        The police have now found that there were more than 300 victims in this case, and the amount involved was more than 30 million yuan. On December 21, all 72 fraud suspects were criminally detained and escorted back. According to the case handling police, blockchain is the underlying technology and infrastructure of virtual currency, and virtual currencies such as bitcoin are a manifestation and application of blockchain technology. At present, China explicitly prohibits any virtual currency transaction, and no trading platform is allowed to engage in the exchange business between legal currency and token or virtual currency. (Xinxin, Taiyuan Evening News).
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