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Bull Market Morning Post: Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges strictly control blockchain speculation and release new specifications for 5g R & D

Time : 01/09/2021 Author : ew256l Click : + -
        On January 15, the real estate sector made a collective effort in the afternoon, and the consumption and financial sectors also showed strong performance, leading the Shanghai and Shenzhen indexes to close higher. As of the closing, the Shanghai composite index was at 3436.59 points, up 0.77%; The Shenzhen composite index closed at 11386.91 points, up 0.70%; The growth enterprise market index closed at 1729.60, down 0.17%. On the market, the real estate sector surged by 3.7%, China Merchants Shekou, Greenland holdings, etc. rose by the limit, Vanke A surged by 8.39%, and Poly Real estate rose by 6.5%, setting a new record. Brokerage stocks rose sharply in the late afternoon, and the plate rose by more than 2.5%. In other sectors, land circulation, wine making, leasing and purchasing rights, blockchain and other sectors all increased by more than 2%.
        First, from the perspective of liquidity, the central bank's open market operation has recently returned to the net investment pattern, and the purpose of protecting market liquidity is very clear; Second, from the perspective of market sentiment, since 2018, the Shanghai stock index has seen a large amount of money. The balance of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets and two financial institutions was reported to be 1050.652 billion yuan yesterday, increasing again month on month. Since 2018, the investment enthusiasm of financiers has increased significantly.; Third, from the technical point of view, the previous day's pullback was based on the 11 consecutive positives of the Shanghai stock index, and the largest pullback position was near the 10 day moving average. The previous day's large-scale pullback has exceeded the peak on January 8, and the deviation between volume and price of the Shanghai index has been initially resolved.
        At present, the 20 day moving average is accelerating, and there is no possibility of deep correction. However, Yuanda investment consultants also believe that although the Shanghai index has been on the 5-day average at the Qiaowei station, the amplitude of the K-line daily average has been significantly increased in the last two trading days. The K-line daily average has changed from unilateral upward to leveling, which indicates that the main funds have been greatly divided, and it is likely to evolve into a trend of shock and momentum in the short term. However, more optimistic institutions believe that from the perspective of the trend on the 16th, driven by securities dealers, real estate and other sectors, a medium positive line has been drawn again. The emergence of this medium positive line further verifies that the market is still in a strong stage at present, and the profits of the two markets have increased instead of falling. The market's new high trend will still appear. It is expected that the market will continue to operate at a high level today.
        In terms of operation, the vast majority of institutions still propose to reduce their positions, especially those who increase or build positions around the new year's day. They should properly settle their bags. Short term market differentiation is still inevitable, and investors should not blindly follow up. In addition, in the short term, the spring market is still optimistic. For example, Everbright Securities believes that the current spring market is still disturbed and should not be too "impatient" in the short term; However, the driving factors remain unchanged, and the liquidity and policies during the economic window period are still the key to determine the spring market. Affected by the tightening of regulatory policies again, the market may be more volatile in the short term, but the market has not reached the end, so it is appropriate to proceed slowly. In terms of allocation, consumer industries such as food and beverage, home appliances, medicine, catering and tourism, and retail department stores are more certain to benefit from the recovery of inflation.
        Guangfa strategy draws an analysis conclusion from the "spring agitation" market in the past decade, and believes that the final leading industry is often the beneficiary industry that fits the main line of certainty at that time. The discussion on inflation in the market is heating up rapidly, (1) the crude oil price rises rapidly in the short term; (2) For CPI food items, the prices of vegetables and fresh fruits rise in cold weather, and the negative drag of pig prices on CPI continues to converge; (3) The prices of some consumer goods such as Baijiu and beer increased. 1. Recently, the market has been speculating on the concept of "blockchain". The stock prices of relevant companies have risen continuously, involving 10 companies such as easy to see shares in the Shanghai stock market. Some stocks have been exposed to speculation risk. The relevant regulatory departments of Shanghai Stock Exchange attached great importance to this, and organized analysis, research and judgment at the first time.
        According to the overall judgment of Shanghai Stock Exchange, the "blockchain" technology is still in the development stage, and it is difficult to form a stable business. There are obvious signs of concept speculation. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange also said on January 16 that recently, some listed companies released information related to the concept of blockchain through announcements and interactive ease, and the share prices of some companies increased significantly. The two regulatory departments adopted classified regulatory measures such as suspension inquiry, suspension cooling and clarification. 2. According to the news of Xinhua News Agency on January 16, some media recently reported that Lanzhou city has "loosened" the housing purchase restriction measures, Hefei city has cancelled the housing price restriction measures, and Chengdu and other places have "relaxed" the regulation and control of the policy of borrowing talents to settle down. In this regard, a relevant person in charge of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development said on January 16 that the deregulation of Lanzhou and other places is a misunderstanding, and China's adherence to the real estate regulation target is unwavering.
        3.5G technology R & D test phase III specification conference was held on January 16. In the third stage, the specifications closely follow the 3GPP standards, based on China's 5g needs and taking into account global development, take the lead in formulating a complete specification system, and define the main test objectives, contents and index requirements. It is expected that by the end of 2018, the main links of the 5g industrial chain will basically reach the pre commercial level. ZTE (000063), Zhongji xuchuang (300308), Cambridge Technology (603083), Mingpu optical magnetic (002902) and other 5g concept stocks can be paid attention to in advance. 4. The Silk Road headquarters of Alibaba group was unveiled in Xi'an on January 16. Cainiao network also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xi'an.
        Cainiao plans to invest 1 billion yuan in Xi'an Jinghe new city to build a high-tech driven logistics hub, and artificial intelligence facilities including fully automated assembly lines, AGV robots and mechanical arms will be introduced. The organization believes that in all aspects of intelligent logistics, AGV transmission has the advantages of simple implementation, flexible path, no space occupation and good mobility, and is widely used in flexible manufacturing systems and three-dimensional warehouses. Anxin Securities believes that the current domestic market scale of AGV is about 1.2 billion yuan. According to the replacement trend of forklift truck, the potential market space of AGV is at least 32 billion yuan per year. Among the listed companies, nori (603611) and Dongjie intelligent (300486) are engaged in AGV related businesses.
        5. On January 16, the 2018 national defense science, technology and industry work conference was held in Beijing. Proposed at the meeting. We will accelerate the construction of a national defense science and technology industrial system with deep military civilian integration, integrated strategic capabilities, and effective support for world-class military construction. We will make every effort to promote the in-depth development of military civilian integration and take the lead in making breakthroughs. Among the listed companies, jinaobo (002917) is mainly engaged in civil explosive equipment, and Beijing Aerospace Science and industry military civilian integration technology achievement transformation venture capital fund (limited partnership) ranks among the top ten shareholders of the company; The polar information (300324) is expressed on the interactive platform, which is a mixture of military civilian integration and military industrial reform. 6. Recently, the annual report of iron and steel companies has been intensively disclosed. Among the 34 listed iron and steel companies, 14 have issued annual performance forecasts, and most of them have significantly improved their performance.
        The agency believes that although the steel price has been reduced to a certain extent in the near future, the supply and demand of steel will still maintain a tight balance under the dual driving force of the sustained stable domestic demand and the domestic export driven by the overseas economic recovery. In the near future, we can pay attention to the performance of Shaoguan Steel Songshan (000717), Baosteel Co., Ltd. (600019), Fangda special steel (600507) and Sangang Minguang (002110). 7. According to the latest report, BAIC new energy's A-share listing process has entered the substantive startup stage. Relevant personnel of the company said that the results are expected to be released in the first half of this year. If the backdoor is successful, BAIC new energy will become the first stock of new energy vehicles in China. Among the listed companies, GuoXuan high tech (002074) supplies BAIC new energy with three-element batteries in batches; Prader, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongfang Seiko (002611), recently signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with BAIC group and Ningde times. Under the same conditions, BAIC group will give priority to Prader as a battery supplier.
        On January 17, the new stock was Bank of Chengdu (780838), with an issuing price of 6.99 yuan and an upper limit of 108000 shares. It is an urban commercial bank headquartered in Chengdu. On the international market, the US stock market closed down on Tuesday, and the three major stock indexes in the session all hit record highs. The Dow broke the 26000 point mark for the first time, and the S & P 500 index broke the 2800 point mark for the first time. The Dow fell 0.04% to 25792.86; The S & P 500 index fell 0.35% to 2776.42; The NASDAQ index fell 0.52% to 7223.69. Gold prices in New York rose 0.2% to close at US $1337.10/oz; Oil prices in New York fell 0.9% to close at US $63.73/barrel.
        Jinfei Kaida: it plans to distribute cash dividends of RMB 0.8-1.0 (tax included) to all shareholders for every 10 shares, and at the same time, transfer 7 shares to all shareholders for every 10 shares with capital reserve. Tianfu energy: Xinjiang Tianfu Tianyuan gas, a subsidiary of the company, intends to acquire 65% of the equity of Xinjiang Lihua Luyuan new energy Co., Ltd. for 95 million yuan. Shanshan Co., Ltd.: Shanshan energy, the holding subsidiary of the company, plans to invest in the construction of a 100000 ton high energy density lithium ion battery cathode material development, production and sales base project in Changsha high tech Industrial Development Zone. Watson biological: the 9-valent HPV vaccine independently developed and applied for clinical research by Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of the company, received the approval for drug clinical trials issued by the State Food and Drug Administration on January 15, 2018.
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