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The Winter Olympic Games blockchain shows its skills in the industry: the foam period of the industry has passed

Time : 12/06/2022 Author : guf46k Click : + -
        One of the highlights of the Winter Olympics is the "science and technology Olympics". Many high-tech products "show their skills" in the Winter Olympics, including blockchain technology. Its technical advantages are decentralization, openness and transparency, non tampering, data sharing, etc. based on this, the blockchain technology has been applied to many links of the Winter Olympics, providing strong support for food safety protection, green power supply, copyright protection and government services of the Winter Olympics. At present, the blockchain technology is moving from the "Foam Burst trough period" to the "steadily climbing recovery period", which is conducive to the introduction of good policies and the landing of multiple scenarios. However, it will take some time for the industrialization of the technology. "Blockchain is a continuously built database and a continuous bearing platform. There is still a cycle between its construction and its final effect.
        ”Xia Qi, Professor of University of Electronic Science and technology, President of Jiaozi blockchain Research Institute, founder and CEO of Xunji technology, told the daily economic news. For large-scale sports events, foodborne stimulants are the focus of food safety control. Once athletes are positive in the doping test, they will miss their medals. A more special point of the 2022 Winter Olympics is that it is a global sports event held against the background of the normalization of the COVID-19 epidemic. Therefore, food safety protection also faces the challenge of novel coronavirus prevention and control. How to guarantee food safety? Food supply chain supervision is a key link. Xu Jin of the national food safety risk assessment center said: "take pork as an example. After going through breeding, slaughtering, segmentation and freezing, it enters the general warehouse and is placed on the table. Every link may be contaminated by microorganisms.
        ”In addition, the supply chain of imported food will be relatively longer. In the long food supply chain, how to efficiently and accurately supervise has become a major problem. Once problems are found, how to quickly find out which link has gone wrong is also extremely critical. The technical features of blockchain technology, such as decentralization, non tampering, openness and transparency, and data sharing, just solve these problems. The Winter Olympics established a food safety traceability system based on blockchain technology. It is understood that this system can anchor the physical and digital identities of food, ensure that the labels and traceability information cannot be forged and tampered with, and realize the whole process temperature monitoring, so that the source and destination of food and raw materials "from farmland to table" can be traced.
        On October 26 last year, the Winter Olympics Green Power traceability application system based on the main node of the State Grid Changan chain was officially put into operation in the Winter Olympics power supply service center of Shougang Park State Grid Corporation. It is understood that the system integrates the green power module of the Beijing Winter Olympic power operation support command platform. Relying on the independent and controllable certificate storage capability of Chang'an chain, it realizes the reliable traceability of the whole chain of green power production, transmission, transaction and consumption of the Winter Olympic Games, and provides data support for 100% green power supply. When it comes to blockchain technology, most of the reasons for its initial popularity are from the concepts of mining and currency speculation. It is very hot, but there is also a big foam. These are the necessary stages for the early development of technical concepts such as blockchain.
        Yang Ge of Xinghan capital once said that the blockchain technology will enter a period of steady climb and recovery. According to the IT consulting firm Gartner's "China ICT technology maturity curve 2021 China ICT technology maturity curve", China's blockchain technology as a whole is about to complete the transition from the "Foam Burst trough period" to the "steady climbing recovery period", and the next stage will enter the production maturity period, which is expected to be mature and effectively applied in a wider range of scenarios. People in the industry also agree with this view. Xia Qi recently expressed The reporter of the daily economic news said that in the early stage, the whole blockchain industry was more hyping this concept. Later, with the standardized governance of the country and the gradual maturity of the industry, it gradually returned to the technology itself and enabled the industry with technology.
        "It's almost time to climb steadily. At present, it should be just beginning.". Xia Qi believes that in the current application of blockchain technology, the government industry takes the lead, and the scene and technology are well integrated. "The government, relying on its advantages in infrastructure, will promote the implementation with greater intensity and scope. Then the government related fields, including new smart city construction, government governance, justice, intellectual property protection, etc., may produce rapid results." Xia Qi said. From the perspective of policy support, it can be seen that the state has attached great importance to blockchain technology in recent years. In 2019, the blockchain was raised to the national strategic level. In 2020, the national development and Reform Commission included the "blockchain" in the scope of new infrastructure for the first time. In 2021, the blockchain was included in the national five-year plan for the first time.
        How long will it take for large-scale industrial application? Zhang Shuai believes that it may take another ten years. "In essence, the development of blockchain technology is still at the stage of perfection, and it needs to be protected and avoided. The biggest difficulty is how to achieve the goal of eliminating the false and preserving the true and getting rid of the false and turning the real." He said.
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