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The first national blockchain information service enterprise in Nanping City falls in Jianyang

Time : 12/06/2022 Author : yuo612 Click : + -
        A few days ago, the state Internet Information Office officially released the names and filing numbers of the ninth batch of 348 domestic blockchain information services. The Jianzhan BSN blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability system of Jianyang district enterprise Zhongshi Internet (Nanping) Network Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the record, becoming the first blockchain technology enterprise in Nanping. Nowadays, the clarion call for the revival and development of Jianzhan cultural industry is louder and louder. Zhongshi Internet (Nanping) Network Technology Co., Ltd. seizes the "isolated product" characteristics of Jianzhan, and uses the third-party service platform of blockchain technology to build the "Jianzhan cloud" Jianzhan anti-counterfeiting traceability system, better protect the interests of Jianzhan consumers and help the healthy development of Jianzhan industrial market.
        This time, the company also exhibited the "Jianzhan cloud" anti-counterfeiting traceability system at the fifth digital China Construction Summit. In front of the booth, people lined up to experience "scanning code and checking lamps". At present, the system has provided authenticity assurance services for 104 Jianzhan enterprises and more than 500000 Jianzhan products, responded to more than 880000 consumer inspections, and completed work collection confirmation services for more than 800 consumers.
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