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Blockchain: the trend of the Internet

Time : 21/08/2021 Author : c0prue Click : + -
        At present, the extremely popular industry belongs to the blockchain industry. All kinds of blockchain news on the Internet are overwhelming. All industries know that blockchain technology is the trend of the times and want to do a big job and occupy a place in the blockchain industry. What is a blockchain? It is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. Generally speaking, the blockchain is a decentralized and fully transparent ledger without secrets. Through the encryption algorithm and the design concept of distributed systems, it forms a database and computing engine that cannot be tampered with. When it comes to blockchain technology, everyone should think that it can only be applied in the field of digital currency.
        But this is not the case. The application fields of blockchain are all around us and are closely related to our modern life. We may not feel its existence, but it has a profound impact on our life, all around us. It is not so simple to understand the blockchain technology and to develop and occupy a place in the blockchain industry. The current well-known mobile social app quark chain letter can be said to be a very well-developed and powerful product. It currently has more than 10 million users and continues to grow with more than 200000 people every day. Quark blockchain is a landing social product based on the quark blockchain public chain under the Singapore Chain Trust International Foundation. It is based on the social field and supported by blockchain technology.
        Cangzhou Technology Network Co., Ltd. is the settled enterprise of Chongqing blockchain industry. The founder is the early bitcoin provider of Li Xiaolai, the richest man of bitcoin. Blockchain is a real blockchain technology product. It hopes that through the incentive mechanism, the vast number of users can join in the blockchain, understand the blockchain, and make social networking generate value. The goal of Cangzhou technology is not only to make the chain letter a social app, but also to build the chain letter into a complete ecosystem, an ecosystem that allows all users to have a consensus.
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