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Devita: a digital medical platform based on blockchain technology and Web3 ecology

Time : 05/12/2021 Author : i86kvq Click : + -
        Digital tools are being extended to the medical industry to become a key part of its services and promote the development of the whole society. More and more people are inclined to lower cost digital solutions instead of traditional telephone consultation or appointment, registration or face-to-face consultation. Especially under the influence of covid-19, this high-level digital demand was amplified and became the mainstream trend in the next long time. Considering the special positioning of medical organizations, the popularity and use of digital tools are significantly lower than many other industries. At present, the existing digital medical system has challenges such as low efficiency and insufficient personal health information management, and the trust crisis caused by data leakage is increasingly serious.
        In order to help people increase their interaction in medical care in more and better ways, Devita has specially established an advanced cross chain medical platform, which allows people to obtain high-quality, auditable and reliable health data through it and trade these data in the form of monetization. Devita is the world's first complete online medical ecosystem based on blockchain technology and Web3 ecology. Its wide application scenarios can create irresistible continuity for the medical industry, and it is expected to become a new participant in the era, and then carry out more favorable subversive reforms in this field. Devita is a medical cross chain data sovereignty DAPP specially developed for Web3 ecosystem. It aims to give users / individuals the ability to fully control their own health data, and provide customers with high-quality insurance products and value-added and profit opportunities.
        The project is headquartered in South Korea. The product and technology part of the project is jointly developed with geregesystems. The original "decentralized health data system" can connect medical insurance companies, suppliers and relevant stakeholders to generate practical cooperation, improve the access, quality and coverage of medical services, and have great potential to solve the severe situation faced by the industry at this stage. It is reported that Devita has reached a strategic partnership with bodiinsurance group, a Mongolian head insurance provider, which is the first use case of Devita blockchain solution in the healthcare industry.
        The real and effective health data is saved on Devita and provided to the company for evaluation, prediction or report generation after obtaining the license, so as to design a more flexible new insurance product portfolio to meet the needs. The DAPP of Devita is a vertical medical product with complete functions. It allows transparent and safe health data management, and stores data copies in multiple places on the chain without a third-party administrator, eliminating the need for intermediate managers and reducing management costs. After simplifying the process, Devita established a personal centered digital medical business model, focusing on personal health information, data access, infrastructure and other directions to make changes for the industry.
        The mobile medical device provides remote access and telemedicine services. It is equipped with encrypted messenger and two core functions of voice chat and video call. In addition to instant messaging, call and virtual conference, it is used for registration and remote health consultation and clinical examination of world-famous medical and health professionals. All personal health data, including CT and MRI scanning, X-ray, physical examination and other records, are fully distributed in accordance with the global privacy and medical data protection regulations (gdpr and HIPPA), allowing users to cross-border use of health data management (storage and distribution) services. Adopting the underlying logic of NFT, a set of independent and unique decentralized identification one-id is developed, which can provide users with complete data sovereignty.
        It will automatically KYC the address in the decentralized wallet selected by the user and serve as a hash key for accessing the user data encrypted on the chain. The non transferable form allows users to have their own identity in a real sense. The cross chain function of the platform gives the one-id solution to complete the identity intercommunication on different chains. Stable digital health infrastructure, the input data is encrypted with rsa-sha256, and only the user has absolute sovereignty over it. You can access, share and trade through the market. Because it is stored on the decentralized chain, the scalability can retain a large amount of user data and can not be tampered with. It can eliminate the errors of clinicians, hackers' attacks and the inability to update information in time encountered by traditional medical care, and ensure the authenticity of data.
        The health data market based on Web3 will return the ownership to the individual in the medical direction for the first time. It follows the new economic distribution principle to give users the ability to monetize their anonymous data to the institutions looking for health data (such as insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, research institutions, etc.), so that the digital medical economic system can radiate new vitality. This section will be launched later after the launch of DAPP for community governance. The decentralized community with governance plate after upgrading provides a good hotbed for the Dao construction of Devita. The cross chain hybrid mechanism brings massive storage and high computing of the system, which is sufficient to meet the commercial network level requirements in the medical field. Devita tries to formulate a new blockchain governance model through good incentives, community autonomy and community governance to guide the development direction of digital medicine.
        In order to establish communication between global and different blockchains, Devita first adopts the low-level storage model of disc (distributed immutable block storage) when exchanging data, allowing miners to obtain work rewards when working, and supporting anyone to join the node operation to jointly maintain the network operation. At the same time, the model first broadcasts at the nearest node when sending a request, which will be a way to effectively save data and speed up transaction processing. When using and downloading data, the added IPFs transmission protocol plays its role. It automatically restores the data by dividing the data, and is compatible with different terminals under different network modes, presenting a feasible prospect for the burst of the big data economy of Devita.
        At present, the network has realized interaction with polygon, swarm, xdai cross chain bridge and web3.js. In terms of architecture, golang API, worker, open SSL and other technologies are used. Based on the above technical advantages, Devita can usher in a leap towards personalization, WAP, application services, big data economy and cross platform payment in the Web3 era. The digital medical and health records established by Devita for individuals can retain all information including disease prevention, health protection, health promotion, etc. in addition to the above-mentioned characteristics of data sharing and privacy protection, the access of IOT technology can provide all aspects of the body data to professional medical teams and insurance companies at any time, and create a three-dimensional three-dimensional data model from monitoring, prevention, treatment Care and other aspects of the whole life cycle of medical services, and provide valuable insurance products to reduce the user's worry about medical expenses.
        Drugs, devices and other products of relevant medical parts can be introduced into the Devita system to provide a channel for tracing the source. At this point, the comprehensive digital medical service system has been completed, which can fully act on the actual collection of residents' health data, realize the public synchronization of medical institutions and personal information, and change people's views on online medical services. Jointly founded, the team has attracted professionals from global finance, blockchain and other industries, accumulated many successful entrepreneurial cases and rich practical experience, and has excellent capabilities in technology development, capital operation, investment consulting, cross-border transactions and so on. Most of the core members of the team have graduated from first-class universities such as Derry University and University of Colorado in the United States. Many of them have won the Olympic competition awards and have the organizational background of outstanding talent development.
        The core members of the team are as follows:. The native token of Devita health care ecosystem is $life, which has the functions of incentive, governance and mortgage, and plays a role in promoting users' use of telemedicine services, health data market and one-id decentralized medical database. The total number of tokens issued is 10 billion, of which 0.187% will be used for public sale, 14.513% for community governance, 10% for ecological support, and 15.7% for system rewards. The specific distribution method is as follows:., Open life / usdt and lifex / usdt trading pairs, and the current quotation is US $0.17.
        According to the official news, $life is currently negotiating the listing plan with four large platforms. In view of its low price at this stage, it is a good time to take advantage of the opportunity to absorb investment. After it is fully launched, its momentum is absolutely strong. 7、 Project progress. After strict review by the digital asset financial intelligence department committee, Devita has fully complied with the crypto asset regulations of South Korea. It has completed the first step listing plan of the token economy and the IEO part of flybit. It will soon release its important partners with traditional institutions and other blockchain projects at the end of March. During the implementation of emerging business and economic models, risks such as unknown loopholes or failure of functions to achieve convergence may occur during operation.
        When it is really put into medical practice, whether the users, insurance companies, medical providers, etc. involved can interact effectively, and whether medical data, insurance products and actual treatment can be fully covered, whether the digital medical care ecosystem launched by $life can have a positive impact on the industry remains to be proved by time. However, considering the strength background, technical achievements, operation examples and other factors mentioned above, it is obvious that Devita is a perfect example. For the first time, it uses the pioneer integration network to solve the cumbersome medical process and improve people's medical environment. The introduction of $life economic system is also a thorough acceleration of personal capital flow. In the long run, it can definitely bring great innovation and subversion to the medical industry.
        With the combination of blockchain technology and future Web3, Devita has formed an irreplaceable appeal in the digital medical industry, meeting all the preconditions for the landing of complex application scenarios. In addition to helping solve some urgent problems in the healthcare industry, its pioneer function can also be used in the fields of claim adjudication and bill management, insurance notarization and clinical data exchange, and other data interoperability. With the continuous improvement of people's interest in high-level digital participation, the global adoption rate of Devita is bound to increase, which will help digital technology release stronger momentum in various fields.
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