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Countdown 2 days! In 2021, NGK Singapore blockchain summit will be with you!

Time : 20/07/2022 Author : 5srgo0 Click : + -
        At 14:00 on January 31, NGK will hold the "2021 NGK Singapore blockchain summit" in Singapore, and will start synchronous live broadcasting in the world. It is understood that this summit will bring together more than 20 top blockchain experts and scholars from around the world to discuss the development trend of blockchain technology innovation, defi and NGK industrial application with Mr. ctostephanlitan, Ms. vptdaphnepatel and Mr. tdcliftongley of Lingshi technology team. Three round table discussions will be held around the three themes of "the future prospects of the blockchain industry", "the impact of the blockchain on the world economy" and "changing consumption habits of the future blockchain".
        As we all know, since its birth, NGK public chain has been paid attention to by the capital market, and its top-level technology has been recognized by various entities. The birth of the NGK public chain has brought great hope for the real industry to move towards the digital economy, and further promoted the rapid development of the blockchain 3.0 era. It can be said that the NGK public chain is the top representative of the blockchain 3.0 era. Therefore, the convening of this summit will have an important impact on the overall development of the blockchain market. Many blockchain experts and scholars believe that the convening of this summit will help users from all over the world to put their eyes on the blockchain market and enhance the attention of the blockchain market; It is conducive to discovering the disadvantages and advantages of blockchain, thus promoting the overall development of blockchain technology; It is also conducive to the large-scale application of blockchain technology, thus accelerating the global process of entering the digital economy system.
        In addition, another focus of this summit is the field of defi. As we all know, in 2020, the field of defi is very hot. It has set off the boom of the blockchain market again and again, attracting a batch of capital inflows. At the same time, it has made great contributions to the development of the blockchain market. What will the development of the defi field be in 2021? How will the technology improve? Will it land in more fields in the future? Is it conducive to the overall development of the blockchain market? These issues will also be answered at the summit. So far, there are only three days left before the 2021ngk Singapore blockchain summit. The blockchain market is extremely hot. Many ecological builders and institutions are looking forward to the summit.
        The major communities of NGK are also boiling. I hope to learn about the future development and trend of NGK from this summit. Then, next, let's look forward to the 2021 NGK Singapore blockchain summit! See you on January 31!.
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