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Top 100 Chinese blockchain enterprises in 2018: Yunxiang, Arshan finance and netheart technology ranked the top three

Time : 23/07/2022 Author : x4eopg Click : + -
        On the afternoon of January 22, at the "first China blockchain Industry Economic Development Annual Conference" held by Tsinghua University, Liu Quan, vice chairman of China blockchain ecological alliance and President of CCID blockchain Research Institute, released the "2018 top 100 Chinese blockchain enterprises list". CCID blockchain Research Institute, chain tower think tank and China cloud system industry innovation alliance are the joint publishing institutions of the list. As the only supporting media on the list, inter chain pulse participated in this event. President Liu Quan introduced that China blockchain ecological alliance and CCID blockchain Research Institute removed many blockchain enterprises from tens of thousands of blockchain enterprises across the country, and then inspected their comprehensive competitiveness in terms of team building, technological innovation, product competitiveness and business operation. Finally, 100 excellent blockchain enterprises were selected.
        According to the list, Hangzhou Yunxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing ALSHAN finance and Shenzhen netheart Technology Co., Ltd. comprehensively occupied the top three positions in the top 100. As for the distribution of the top 100 cities, Beijing is in the absolute leading position with 36 enterprises; Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hangzhou followed closely, with 18, 16 and 8 enterprises in the second echelon. From the perspective of the regional distribution of the top 100 list, the eastern region has 90% of the enterprises in the top 100 list. The key cities rely on the inherent advantages of economy, science and technology, education and talents to provide strong support for the development of blockchain enterprises. The number of enterprises in the central and western regions is small, only 11%, and the backward situation is serious.
        It is worth noting that from the registration time of the blockchain top 100 list, the peak appeared in 2016, with 29 enterprises; Another 28 enterprises were registered before 2016, which means that more than half of the enterprises accumulated more than 2 years. The total number of enterprises registered in 2017 and 2018 was 43. The industries distributed by the top 100 enterprises are concentrated in four directions: underlying technology, finance, finance, supply chain and traceability. The total proportion of the four directions is close to 60%. As a technology, the proportion of R & D personnel in the top 100 enterprises is generally high. 73% of enterprise R & D teams account for more than 50%; Among the top 100 enterprises, 83% have applied for blockchain related patents, of which 17 plus enterprises have applied for more than 20 blockchain patents.
        President Liu Quan believes that many government departments, enterprises and institutions do not understand or even misunderstand the blockchain. The top 100 list released by CCID blockchain Research Institute and the joint release agency can let the outside world know which enterprises really do blockchain and have blockchain technology, which is reliable. Reduce the screening cost of blockchain enterprises. In addition to the top 100 list, CCID blockchain Research Institute has also launched a series of service products that can help the blockchain clean up, including the blockchain city development index launched in December last year, the monthly public chain technology evaluation index and the top 10 list of "people", "applications", "technologies" and "service institutions" jointly released with the pulse of the chain.
        According to Liu Quan, these indexes and lists have no commercial factors and are only evaluated by professionals.
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