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Blockchain application strengthens network trust construction

Time : 30/05/2022 Author : 5qpius Click : + -
        The vigorous development of "Internet +" brings great convenience, but also inevitably brings about a series of problems. How to improve the traceability of network behavior and how to improve the ability of collecting, preserving and examining electronic evidence are practical problems faced by procuratorial organs, investigation organs and examination organs. On August 16, onchain and Fada jointly launched on the basis of Microsoft trusted cloud technology and open platform, and the world's first large-scale commercial electronic deposit blockchain alliance "legal chain" was established. Based on the "legal chain", the blockchain technology will be "deeply integrated" with the electronic contract of Fada. The digital fingerprint information of the electronic contract, such as the signing time, the signing subject, and the hash value of the document, will be broadcast to the respective nodes of all members of the "legal chain". Once all the information is stored, no party can tamper with it, which fully meets the requirements of the judicial storage of electronic evidence.
        Based on the characteristics of blockchain technology centralization, tamper proof and zero data loss, driven by the "legal chain", the trust in the network environment that used to rely on the system for a long time will be gradually changed to rely on technology, and the "system trust" of the Internet will be strengthened by the "technology trust". In recent years, cloud computing, wireless communication, new digital platforms, big data and other technology applications have achieved unprecedented development. In the process of these new Internet things gradually becoming mature, the accompanying legal risks will inevitably appear. The use of "legal chain" lies in effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of more enterprises in the online environment. "Blockchain technology is considered to be the core technology with the most potential to trigger the fifth round of disruptive revolution after steam engine, power, information and Internet technologies.
        ”Han Feng, tutor of i-center of Tsinghua University, said that with the continuous popularization of the domestic Internet, China's Internet industry has reached an unprecedented scale. The implementation of blockchain technology is not only a prerequisite for ensuring the sustainable development of the Internet industry, but also a good solution to the problems faced by the current Internet development process. "Legal chain" is an open blockchain alliance with multi-party participation. In the future, after editing electronic documents through office365, users can enter the relevant operation interface of Fada and easily complete the signing and sending of contracts. With the support of the underlying blockchain technology provided by onchain, the digital fingerprint information of each electronic contract is synchronously stored in the national authoritative electronic data judicial identification center.
        In the above process, Microsoft azure operated by 21vianet will provide the members of the "legal chain" with available elastic computing resources, and use office365 services to improve the user experience of the "legal chain". "The establishment of the & lsquo; legal chain & rsquo; will fill the gap that there is no large-scale commercial use of the global blockchain, and will create a new storage mode for electronic files." Huang Xiang, founder and CEO of Fada, said that at present, the average daily signing volume of electronic contracts on the platform of Fada continues to grow on the basis of the current 100000. Based on the huge electronic file base, the blockchain technology will be associated with a large number of electronic certificates and quickly put into commercial use, thus forming the world's largest commercial blockchain alliance.
        "Blockchain technology and online electronic deposit service have a strong degree of integration. The establishment of the & lsquo; legal chain & rsquo; has an obvious role in promoting the avoidance of legal risks and the establishment of an orderly network environment." Said Li Jun, chief architect of onchain. As the first professional blockchain technology service provider in China, onchain has provided blockchain technology consulting and customized blockchain private chain solutions for several banks, government departments and financial institutions. The cooperation with Fada this time marks the formal landing of blockchain applications in the field of electronic deposit certificates and an important breakthrough in the whole blockchain industry.
        Li Jun emphasized, "building ecology is the only way for the commercial use of blockchain technology. We have the experience of building ecology from 0 to 1 in the domestic benchmark community project. The future of small ant ecology will be more community-based and open. We will introduce the experience of building small ant ecology into the legal chain ecology. We also foresee and even can see the great value of the legal chain ecology.". Ms. Shi Yangyan, general manager of Microsoft's Greater China application and service division, said: "as an important platform for Microsoft to reshape productivity and business processes, office365 has brought flexible and efficient cloud office experience to more than 1 million users in more than 7000 large enterprises in China.".
        Shi Yangyan believes that "the establishment of & lsquo; legal chain & rsquo; will provide our common enterprise users with complete electronic signature and certificate storage solutions, and use advanced services and platforms to solve multiple pain points such as complex enterprise processes, commercial risk control, and key document version management. At the same time, the open office development platform also welcomes more third-party partners to join in, so as to create a win-win cloud productivity platform.". Disclaimer: the purpose of the reprint of this article by finance and economics is to convey more information and does not represent the views and positions of this website. The contents of this article are for reference only and do not constitute investment suggestions. Investors operate accordingly and bear their own risks.
        From July 6 to 8, the 8th China International Civil and military electronic information technology exhibition, sponsored by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., China radar industry association and Jiangsu Association for peaceful use of military industry, was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. More than 500 exhibitors from domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises participated in the exhibition. With the theme of "innovation driven and integrated development", the exhibition opened exhibition areas such as radar technology and equipment, radar application system, UAV technology innovation and application system, military and civil electronics and informatization. (Zhu Aihong and Shen Zhengrong). Decentralization is the core blockchain, an important concept in the field of bitcoin, and its essence is a decentralized database.
        The technology was first developed by the founder of bitcoin with the "workload proof chain (people can compete for bookkeeping rights. One page of account book is a block. After the bookkeeper sends the record results to each node of the system, each node of the whole system has a real account page. The chain between account pages is thus formed, forming a distributed bookkeeping and decentralized blockchain system." The application of blockchain technology in the financial industry has great potential. Yesterday, the blockchain concept stocks changed one after another, and the overall sector rose by 3.7%. Hang Seng electronics realized the trading limit, and the gains of yingshisheng, xinyada and Feitian integrity also exceeded 5%, reaching 8.24%, 7.94% and 5.73% respectively. In addition, Shiji information, Runhe software, Weishitong, China Ping An, HNA investment, xinguodu, radio and television express, Hengbao shares, beixinyuan and Haili Meida also increased by more than 2%.
        China's financial sector is also paying attention to this issue. Beijing has established a number of blockchain technology alliances, and Arshan financial technology company, which is specialized in promoting the financial application of blockchain technology, has been established. It has set up an internet financial security industrial park to promote the financial technology industry. "Blockchain technology, as the underlying technology of future financial technology, has a strong strategic significance. In future finance, every donation is a package in the operation of the project. During the delivery process, every postal node will be stamped with a postmark, and each postmark can be publicly queried. In the past, the public can choose to donate, but they do not fully know when the donation will be given to the recipient. In the public welfare projects supported by blockchain technology After the completion of the project, you can view the "love transfer record", see the donation of the project and how to allocate and distribute the charity funds.
        From the outside, there are not many different blockchain public welfare projects, but the background operation is different. Before, public donations were entered into the account of the public welfare project. After the project was implemented, the. In the numerous mobile credit nodes, the anti tamper technology of blockchain technology can improve the risk control ability of Inclusive Finance. If the blockchain technology is combined with internet financial transactions, the traffic management department can see three data. The first data is the data that P2P websites are required to disclose themselves. The second data is the data captured from the web page through big data analysis and displayed on the Internet. The third data is the data reported through the regulatory surface and regulatory system of the blockchain.
        These three data. In essence, the blockchain is a distributed, public, transparent and trusted account book. In fact, there are many possible potential applications of blockchain technology in the military field. Information work performance incentive. The important information of the blockchain is registered and managed. The current recording method is usually paper or electronic media. This traditional method has defects such as difficult security, difficult transfer and handover, and lack of effective supervision. Therefore, if small and medium-sized enterprises themselves take the initiative to provide information and data originally enclosed in the enterprise and the Internet through the blockchain technology, and even link with the relevant system data of the regulatory authority, transparency can be increased, and investors and financial institutions can have sufficient confidence in them.
        At the same time, small and medium-sized enterprises have built a platform to expand their business base by providing their own information. The implementation of the "new third board + H" mode opens a new chapter for the opening up of the capital market and brings opportunities for improving the management level and ability of the new third board market. The cooperation between HKEx and stock transfer can refer to the Shanghai Hong Kong stock connect and Shenzhen Hong Kong stock connect. It is expected that the first batch of qualified third board enterprises will be listed in June and July this year.
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