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How to do blockchain NFT

Time : 18/07/2021 Author : jx3rd8 Click : + -
        NFT is a concept that exists relative to the homogenized token. Homogeneous tokens, namely ft (functional token), are tokens that can be replaced with each other and can be split at will. For example, the bitcoin in your hand is essentially the same as the bitcoin in my hand. This is the homogenized token, while NFT is unique and inseparable, such as cryptocat and token based digital tickets. Due to its unique characteristics, NFT provides a way to mark the original digital assets (that is, the assets exist in the digital world or originate from the digital world), and the ownership exists in the centralized service or centralized database.
        External. For example, if we invest game props, digital artwork, tickets, etc. into NFT through the blockchain, these assets are unique and cannot be copied.
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