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Hesu software: a "chain" that closely integrates blockchain technology with commercial applications

Time : 11/11/2021 Author : 2t9ulp Click : + -
        The first half of the year has come to an end. Looking at the world's economic situation, the most noteworthy thing this year is undoubtedly the market situation of bitcoin. Attracted by the waves of dividends, bitcoin seems to be open. Not only does the price rise all the way up to $3000, but even some other types of cryptocurrencies are surging without any sound. In addition, blockchain, as an underlying accounting and consensus system born with the emergence of bitcoin, has also begun to be concerned by people of insight and has been widely spread. Blockchain is an important concept of bitcoin and also the underlying technology of bitcoin. Its technical essence is derived from the encryption algorithm of bitcoin. It is a decentralized database. It is a system composed of complex public keys and private keys. We call it a distributed network-based accounting system.
        In the field of bitcoin, the concept of blockchain is the ledger concept of bitcoin. This ledger cannot be changed. It subverts people's accounting system and ledger system, and also solves the credit problems in transactions. When bitcoin has maintained a stable operation for many years without any centralized organization and management, and no problems have occurred, many people have noticed the importance of this underlying technology. Therefore, bitcoin can be regarded as the first application of the blockchain, but it is not the only one. Blockchain can be used in bitcoin, and can also be applied in more fields beyond the bitcoin industry. At present, smart contracts based on blockchain technology can be used to automatically process various processes in various industries.
        The underlying blockchain technology of bitcoin is no longer just an account book that records all transactions in the network. It has expanded into a technology widely used in various industries. Therefore, no matter from the technical level or the application field, its influence range is very wide, and it has gradually become a technical form that keeps pace with big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and so on. It is precisely because the development of blockchain technology has brought a new technology architecture mode and business development mode that various government agencies and enterprise giants have invested in this field and started to use the new blockchain technology to continuously strengthen themselves. As an innovative enterprise specializing in the research, development and application of blockchain technology, Shanghai Hesu Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hesu software") has been adhering to its own technical advantages since its launch, deploying and developing professional blockchain applications, so as to build a smart contract and decentralized application platform for many enterprises.
        As a distributed network accounting system, the blockchain has six characteristics: decentralization, openness and transparency, non tampering, non forgery, distributed storage and smart contract. These characteristics also lead the progress and development of blockchain technology. Based on these characteristics, Hedu software has developed its own peer-to-peer trading system and super ledger by making use of the in-depth understanding of the underlying technologies such as blockchain encryption algorithm, network security, distribution and point-to-point by the professional technical team, which helps enterprises solve various problems in transactions and bookkeeping, Constantly help enterprises to develop blockchain applications in different scenarios, and promote the popularization and development of blockchain in various industries.
        The point-to-point transaction system and accounting method adopted by Hesu is a reliable, shared, non tamperable, and time ordered accounting method, which is supported by a unified consensus mechanism, in which multiple nodes participate in the maintenance of transaction data and complete the traditional reconciliation and clearing while verifying the data records. In practical application, this system not only ensures the high transparency of the whole operation process, but also effectively ensures the real-time synchronization of data and the non tamperability of account books, which plays a positive role in the sustainable development of enterprises. The biggest problem of the Internet in the age of big data is that it cannot solve the trust problem. As a chain of value transmission, all economic activities can take place on the blockchain, and its open and reliable characteristics also enable it to solve all trust problems. Therefore, it will also be an important chain for strengthening enterprise trust in the future and the only way for economic development.
        In addition, at the application level, blockchain technology has not only played an outstanding role in digital encryption, data storage and authentication, financial transactions, election voting and other fields, but also its security, reliability, openness, transparency and automation will better promote the popularization and innovation of the Internet of things and the sharing economy, and add vitality to China's economic development. It can also be seen from this that although bitcoin brings the blockchain into the public's view, apart from bitcoin, there are more development opportunities for the blockchain in the future. Especially in commercial development, blockchain technology has broad development and application scenarios. In the future, with the increasing demand of enterprises for blockchain technology, as a pioneer enterprise in the field of blockchain R & D, Hesu will continue to innovate products and combine blockchain technology with artificial intelligence and Internet of things, so as to promote its decentralized, trustworthy and tamper proof characteristics in more industries.
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